Sport Illustrated Article On The Mike Richards Trade

A couple of days late bringing you this article but, hey, Vegas happened.

On June 23rd, one day before the NHL draft and eight days before the start of free agency, Ron Hextall phoned Terry Murray with great news:

“We got Richards!” Hextall, the Los Angeles Kings’ assistant general manager, told Murray, the team’s coach.

“Terrific,” Murray thought to himself. He knew his team had been interested in obtaining Brad Richards from the Dallas Stars, but had read the reports that the coveted center wouldn’t waive his no-trade clause and wanted instead to test the open market. Murray wondered how Hextall and GM Dean Lombardi pulled off the trade.

“And after about a minute, minute and a half, I said, ‘Hold it, who are we talking about here? Are we talking about the same Richards?'” Murray says.

Click on the link Sports Illustrated Mike Richards Article for more.

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  1. So apparently Holmgren contacted the kings?.. very interesting!

  2. Where was I when Mike Richards was traded: Currently, I live in TX, but I’m from CA and have been a Kings fan all my life…I was back in CA and it was 2 days before my wedding. I was driving with my two brothers to go pick up their tuxedo’s and run a couple more wedding-related errands when I get a text from my buddy, “MIKE RICHARDS IS A KING!” …Naturally, I didn’t believe him, and thought, “Why the hell would Philly trade their captain?” …Mike Richards was one of my favorite “non-Kings players” so despite my disbelief, my heart began to race. Since it is awful, and illegal, to browse the internet while driving, I pulled into a Walgreens parking lot, and confirmed what my friend had said…Mike Richards had been traded to the LA Kings. The next couple minutes were spent screaming, “Mike EFFIN Richards baby, woo! F ya! etc etc etc”
    Then I realized that it was going to be tough for all of the guests at my wedding to give me a better gift than this one. (At my wedding, I whispered “Mike Richards” sensually in the ears of each hockey fan while giving the greeting hugs)


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