Voynov Kicking Ass + Parse Sucking = Parse On Roster?

Today Rich Hammond has all but officially announced the final roster cut as being bestowed sanctimoniously upon Slava Voynov. We get the following quote from Terry Murray:

“I can’t speak for management. That’s probably a conversation we need to sit down and have, but I would say the chances are not very likely that we would keep him around. With Drew back now, and the players that we have in place from last year, the chances are maybe not quite in his favor, but he has certainly made an incredible impression on us throughout the training camp. We love the way he has come along in his development. He’s right on the threshold of stepping over and making his debut as an NHL regular defenseman. … I don’t want to rule it out, because he deserves a lot. He’s been a great kid and I love the way he’s playing. So we just need to make sure we’re making the right decision for his proper development.’’

Let’s then refresh our memories a bit, oh, say, 7 days ago?

Terry Murray has expressed continued displeasure with Parse’s play…

Murray: … There’s a little more compassion, I guess, with what I’m looking at, but at the same time, after a couple games I need more. I need more work. I need more skating. I need to see him moving his feet, just to show that, `Yeah, it’s starting to come, I’m starting to get my confidence, I want to handle the puck, I want to do the right things,’ and solidify this position on this line. He’s reluctant to grab ahold of it right now…

So let’s do some math. Voynov has kicked ass in camp. We’ve all seen it, even Murray admits it. The kid is flying high right now, amidst long standing (though potentially bullshit) rumors that he may bolt for the KHL if the Kings choose to send him packing to Manchester. We also get the note today that Voynov has been given a low number, 26, something that even Alec Martinez wasn’t allowed until this camp, after spending almost all of last season with the Kings. Voynov was primed and ready to fill Doughty’s void had he not signed a contract before the start of the season. He has spent 3 full years in the AHL, improved in each of them, won accolades, is heads and tails better than Davis Drewiske and probably better, if not assuredly going to be better, than Alec Martinez. Slava Voynov is the top 5 pick Thomas Hickey was supposed to be.

Scott Parse on the other hand, sucks. He has shown flashes of ineptitude and consistent beams of boredom in every minute he has skated in preseason action. Murray has called him out. The fans are pretty much done with him. The only thing keeping him around are a feigned sense of pity and an unrealized fear that he will score 30 goals as soon as he leaves the Kings.

Logic kind of forces a decision one way. The Kings may defy it towards another.

Now of course, like we saw with Andrei Loktionov days ago, there is a numbers game at play. Martinez hasn’t done anything to deserve losing his spot and the Kings’ other five defensemen are going nowhere fast. Drewiske fills the role of “guy who can step in when you need him but also have no qualms sitting for weeks or months at time” admirably well. Unless he goes, Voynov would be the 7/8 defensemen, equating to very little ice time so long as the top 6 stalwarts remain healthy. So on this note, we can mildly understand Slava simply being squeezed out, like that one pimple on your face that puts it over the top and drives you towards masochism. You can bear one or two, but you wake up one day and there is another one, laughing at you. While you don’t want to scar your skin by excising the pus forcibly, you just can’t fucking take it anymore and your fingers are compelled righteously as pincers.

I think that is a very apt metaphor. To increase its aptness, let’s now consider that there is also a skin tag the size of a marble sticking out from between your eyes. What’s more important? Popping a zit, or removing that awful eyesore of a skin tag, the thing that makes people on the street look at you wonder “is he fucking blind or does he not own a mirror?” Someone may even come up to you at work and say “OK Jim, we’ve put up with it long enough. We didn’t want to say anything, but its getting ridiculous, get that disgusting Scott Parse off your face. We are done feeling sorry for you, it’s starting to affect morale.”

My answer?

Cut off the skin tag.

Keep around Drewiske for as long as possible. Moreau and Hunter are redundant, so let’s rotate them in and out of the lineup. Voynov won’t be a 7th defensemen for long, and since he has shown that he is incredibly capable of playing at both ends of the ice, give him the NHL action he needs to solidify himself as ready to take over the spot that Mitchell or Scuderi leaves behind next year (assuming either Mitchell isn’t resigned or Scuderi is traded – I guess Greene getting traded is a possibility at some point as well, but I see that as less likely). Eventually one or two of Martinez, Voynov, Hickey or Muzzin are going to have to move on to another team. With Hickey uninspiring and Muzzin currently injured, letting Slava idle away in the minors is just a crappy idea, particularly when his roster spot is being given to Scott “Coors Light” Parse.

Then again, nothing is official yet. Things can still change. Voynov is also practically guaranteed to get in some NHL games at some point this season even if he is sent down in the immediacy. Remember Martinez last year? Muzzin started with the Kings, went down, then later Alec came up and never looked back. So there is always that. I just worry that with Murray’s double-sided comments on Slava today, that the kid will leave with some serious blue balls. We all know that there is a saturation of blueness to the balls that once reached, reverses desire for release to desire for spite. Don’t be a tease, Kings. Nobody likes a tease.

What say you?

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  1. Dean is too scared losing any assets (good or not) after what happened to sturm. Prolly why dd44 is still around too.

  2. Why contradict yourself so much in one article? You essentially said it yourself. It’s not Parse vs. Voynov. It’s Voynov vs. the Kings 6 starting defensemen, or in reality the Kings 3 puck moving defensemen (Doughty, Johnson & Martinez). Write an article on Voynov vs. Martinez and you’re on to something.
    If Martinez stays with the Kings it’s best to have Voynov getting PP QB minutes in Manchester. Which is alot different than being left to “idle away”.

    • Because this article is piggybacking off Hammond’s supposition That its voynov versus parse for the last roster spot. That’s the premise I began with. Does Voynov really need more time in Manchester? Dude is ready and travelling with the Kings and being in locker room before and after games and practicing Come game days isn’t going to unmake him or deteriorate his play in a month. Parse is a total waste of a roster spot and There is validity in Voynov staying, even as the 8th man. Perhaps I didn’t make That point clear enough… got caught up in my facial disease analogy.

      • Well, I don’t know what sort of experience a 8th dman gets in the NHL. Would he be doing more than fetching Dewey’s doughnuts? I mean, that’s a heck of a workout, but not alot of game day experience.

        • Besides the obligatory lol, what more experience is he gonna get in Manchester that he doesn’t already have? At best, in my head, that keeps him on an even keel. With the Kings he at least gets to see first hand the rigors of playing/traveling/practicing with an NHL team. He will get into a game at some point. Just because you don’t want to lose Whiskey to waivers doesn’t mean you have to play Drewiske over Voynov. Keep Whiskey on the back burner, insurance policy. Play Voynov as the 7th guy. Murray has kept Whiskey in a suit and tie for over a month before, what’s the big deal about doing it again. Reward the kid. I am willing to bet that Voynov would rather sit on the sidelines with the Kings for a while than be the top guy in Manchester.

    • Also, I thought about going into Martinez versus Voynov more, but I like Martinez and think he deserves his roster spot. It may be a numbers game, but that shouldn’t dictate everything.

  3. So, the Parse-Drewiske-Voynov situation compared to a collection of post-war glamor photos of Muscovites. Excellent.

    Could the determining factor be waivers and not simply giving away players. Should DL decide to plug a hole mid-season whats better, giving up another prospect or Drewiske?

    I sure there are five or six teams with their eye on Davis. If Parse, at lease get a pick

  4. … Parse hasn’t been impressive in preseason games, OH NOES.

    Preseason games.

    • Well as far as I’m concerned Parse has only impressed me in about 5 games ever. I’ve seen mild flashes of skill but never once did i like his overall game.

      • … Well, Parse was arguably the most efficient two-way forward the Kings had during the season before last, and I don’t see where he doesn’t deserve the opportunity to prove that the numbers he put up were a total fluke or not. I couldn’t care less about his lack of flash or whatever, as long as he can get the job done.

        Aside from the fact that preseason games are completely meaningless, it’s no surprise to see any player go into a five or six game slump. Hell, Smyth had about a forty game slump at the end of last season and still was being talked about in positive tones by a few people.

        • Most effective two way forward? I know he put up some decent numbers but i never saw his defensive game as being anything beyond minimally acceptable. As for flash, that’s just a term and I didn’t mean it in the sense of show and tell razzle dazzle, I meant flash as in a quick second of, a spot of talent, a dash of exceptional play here and there. I just have never seen the work ethic, hustle or two way game you talk about. I’ve seen a guy that can take advantage of some scoring opportunities here and there, not someone who can create his own on a regular basis or provide anything else of much value when he isn’t scoring, which on a Terry Murray team is going to be often, regardless of your skill level.

        • “… Well, Parse was arguably the most efficient two-way forward the Kings had during the season before last, and I don’t see where he doesn’t deserve the opportunity to prove that the numbers he put up were a total fluke or not.”

          Isn’t that what training camp and preseason games are all about? Granted he had his hip surgery but since then he’s had time to recover and he says he’s 100%. It’s not his 1st training camp so he knows what’s expected of him. Shouldn’t he then be playing his ass off? Skating up and down like a maniac to “prove” that his numbers weren’t a fluke? Taking the preseason games to make his mark and prove his worth and value?

          But that’s the real issue. Why hasn’t he? What’s his problem? If he’s the real deal shouldn’t he take the training camp and preseason games to let his playing speak for itself? Imo the guy shouldn’t come into camp with a chip on his shoulder saying he belongs on this squad and no one’s gonna take that away. But quite honestly the guy’s been stinking up the joint and that’s been painfully obvious. So why should the coaches give him a shot when other guys in the lineup are clearly playing better?

          • Taking the preseason games to make his mark and prove his worth and value?

            … Preseason games are nothing more than glorified scrimmages, in my mind; and after almost 30 years of watching players absolutely dominate in the preseason and suck once the bell rings, in hockey and in baseball, I have seen nothing that will make me change my mind on it, I’m afraid. If you attach significance to them, we can agree to disagree.

            If there’s any time for Parse (or Voynov) to make his mark, it will be in the regular season or in the playoffs. Parse has played a little over 60 games in his career, and has posted pretty good numbers. If he can’t cut it when the regular season starts, he’ll be replaced. I don’t think it will take too long, either – about 5-10 games of poor play will seal his fate.

          • That’s true, it wouldn’t take long for poor regular season play to send him packing for good, but as far as preseason (which to me also means training camp as a whole) being just glorified scrimmages, in a sense you are right, but they do certainly matter in terms of earning that spot on the team, those 5-10 games, in the first place.

          • they do certainly matter in terms of earning that spot on the team, those 5-10 games, in the first place.

            … You don’t think that head coaches know exactly who they will play in each role on the hockey club before the preseason games even start? I do.

          • If they do that’s the fault of the coaches. Of course most of the positions are set, I mean hell if you go into camp with too many spots up for grabs your are fucked to begin with, but a spot like the 3rd line RW? A spot that Simmonds left and Moreau and Hunter and Parse and numerous rookies were out to get, or the bottom six right wing spot? Those spots were up for grabs, and in a sense, still are… Do you know who is going to be the go to guy to Stoll’s right? I don’t. Smart money is on Hunter, but it could be Moreau and it could be Parse. The roster isn’t set that soon. You think Muzzin had that #6 spot all locked down before pre season last year? Bullshit he did.

          • Smart money is on Hunter, but it could be Moreau

            … Oh dear God, I hope not on either. I REALLY hope not.

            You think Muzzin had that #6 spot all locked down before pre season last year? Bullshit he did.

            … Maybe not, but who else would have made the best candidate? Muzzin led the Soo Greyhounds in scoring the year before, and Martinez was up with the big club for a hot minute the year before and didn’t play well. I’d say it was more Muzzin’s job to lose rather than it was to win.

          • Just totally disagree with your assessment of Muzzin. He blew everyone’s socks off and won that job hands down. It was Hickey’s job to lose from the start.

            As for Hunter, why don’t you like him and who do you want to see there? Parse? He looks very uncomfortable on the right side.

          • I agree they basically are glorified scrimmages. Scrimmages with refs. There’s some hitting but it’s not like a reg season game. And yes there’s no guarantee that the player will perform well in the regular season.

            I just can’t spot other teams in the West those 5-10 games with him in the lineup. Because that’s how I see him, as a handicap.

  5. Can we just trade away Johnson……..Please!!!!! Fuck Me…….Could anyone other than Parse be worse as a defenseman…..Voynov is ready, period. Jack is still trying and FAILING to develope his defensive game. Johnson for Booth straight up……Now you can Waive Parse, Keep Penner on the treadmill, or he’s playin’ in Westgarth’s spot……

    FYI…….Martinez has shown more development in becoming a solid 5 to 3 D-man in less than a season, Than Jack Fuck Me Johnson has in 4 seasons. AND…..he finished College…..IN College ……That means He’s SMART……That’s why he made it here, quietly rising through the ranks of the Hickey’s, Teuberts, Muzzin’s & Voynov’s….. SOLID, Smart, now Reliable King’s D-man…..No Fancy shit…No Hype…..No College “MF” ( My Ass, hit somebody that matters, Get the puck on net please, Stop trying to take the puck all the way up, and snapping that predictable weak ass telegraphed backhand shot you have yet to ever score in the NHL with)
    Nickname that seems like a cruel joke on all of us that don’t have a man crush on him….Just Straight up Play’s The game Well and will be better all around, and help us WIN.

    Anybody out there that thinks Martinez by season’s end, will not be outshining Jacking us off Johnson………then you must have a secret bowl of dicks under your bed….and every night you try out another one, hoping one day you will have the real Jack in your Ass…..I hope it happens soon, because he’s been Fucking the rest of us disguised as a Defenseman

    • What the fuck does graduating college have to do with being smart, and secondly, what the fuck does being smart have to do with being a smart hockey player?

      But, I would agree that A-Mart is a pretty damn smart D-man.

    • Good shit. I say trade him. put Vito in his place. Jjs minus stats are crap

  6. Parse needs to absolutely go. I agree he’s a waste of a roster spot. Either shit or get off the pot. He’s not shitting. I think anyone who’s watched hockey long enough can tell within several games whether the guy is going to cut it in the NHL.

    When I first saw Parse he was ok nothing spectacular. Imo he just doesn’t have it. An example is John Zeiler. The guy hustled on every shift but talent wise, just didn’t have it to crack the lineup full time.

    Then take Schenn. I remember those couple of games he played and there were some real flashes of brilliance but he was too young then and needed more time to develop. Now the guy is favored to be the NHL Rookie of the Year.

    Loktionov again the guy had some really good moves. You can sense his talent level. Then he comes in and really steps his game up. The guy is ready for the NHL imo but we have too many centers. I was hoping he could center a line with Richardson and Lewis on wing but they want Lewis centering, ok it’s cool.

    Parse the guy is just not getting any better and to me, he just doesn’t have it to be a top liner in the NHL. If they really want to try and develop him send him down and tell him “You gotta put up some numbers here first.” Yes waivers and all that stuff but if he does get claimed is he gonna turn out to be the next Purcell? I will seriously doubt it. Maybe the guy has some compromising photos of TM or DL that he’s threatening to expose.

  7. If they kept Voynov as the 7th defensman they could play all 7 of them at 70 games each and not have to worry about anybody “riding the bench”…

  8. I liked the article.

    Did AMart start this past season with the team or was it the season before where he got a handful of games in before being sent down? At any rate A Mart plays such a solid two way game that he is as valuable though less offensively productive than Viachislav making him the more reliable option at 4/6 on our roster. He is absolutely replaceable but not as easily as you’d think.

    VV is a great skater with solid O instincts who is hard wired toward being a successful NHL player. His two way game has come a long way and paired with the right partner he could become an All Star in a couple of years. He is NHL ready and has been for the past two seasons imo.

    Both are too valuable to move along. To my way of thinking our problems will solve themselves during this coming season. WM shouldn’t be allowed to play more than 70 games this season leaving 12 games for VV (of course adjusting players to position). Pair that with the flat out fact that injuries happen *and* that resting Scuds/Greene for a handful of games is a good idea as is rotating VV in for any players who struggle which happens to most throughout the year and he is likely to see as many as 40 games.

    Enough to work him through this season without forcing him into the line up. DavisD is at this point the odd man out and should just be sent down. If unclaimed he is ready if needed and if claimed then he gets a job with another team and that is a good thing all the way around.

    You don’t sacrifice VV’s continuing development to keep DavisD on your roster. That is absolute crap and if we see this happen then we will be seeing the continuation of some miserable decision making that seems to happen for some reason once TM gets his hands on the team.

    Muzzin is ready but is going to need half a season down on the farm before he can make his jump. To me he is next seasons concern. We have to make a decision on Hickey this season. His contract is running out and if we don’t see a spot for him then we should be looking to move him. If not now then by the deadline so he is a down the road consideration for me if I were GM. I would be floating rumors about his availability now but would wait to move him until the deadline.

    Next season I let WM move along, he is a great warrior but is going to want/deserve a bump in pay (save injury) and his departure is too valuable to us. Voynov and Muzzin get spots.

    Hammond never seems to get things right to me but then when you consider he is bought and paid for what more should I expect. He is a good guy.

  9. By the way, if Penner keeps playing the way he does (poorly) and Parse steps in and generates some significant offense, I will be glad to eat my words. I just don’t see it happening. I’d sooner put Richardson on Kopi or Richards LW if Penner bites it or continues on this odd string of ‘not feeling well maybe’.

  10. I think Greene is the one to move on. The guy hits like a Mack truck but the guy is slow. I’d like to see Voynov and Greene swap out games this year if that’s possible.

  11. I say if things go against our wishes and Parsley the Garnish stays, we keep a running counter of NHL defensemen who are outscoring Parse.

  12. Both Penner and Parse have proven themselves to be very decent players.. Pens more than Parsley but still.. You guys all seem to be forgetting that these guys have actual NHL experience. Parse has over 70 games of experience under Murray. Murray is well aware of his skill and his ability to handle his defense first responsibilities.

    It would take a lot for a kid coming up to push either of them out. Parse needs to get used to the wing, and he will. Voyonov has the problem of being in very deep defense. He’d be up at EDM, COL, MIN, DAL etc.. it’s rough, but in the long run probably better for him and definitely for the Kings to have him polish up those skills. He’ll get the first call if we lose a d-man.

  13. Another point: if we lose Parse, that means if someone in our top 6 goes down, we can call up Loktionov or Kozun to take the spot temporarily. I’d rather start giving Kozun a look on the right side if need be and I take Loktionov, at any forward position, over Parse every damn day of the week. Keeping Parse as a scratch player or top 6 replacement only denies those two ultimately more talented players potential ice time. Whatsmore, I don’t think Parse is of any use in the bottom 6, which is his only current place to play.

  14. Nobody is more aware of Scott Parse’s lackluster preseason more than Scott Parse. He knows he has to get his game in gear. I thought Hunter’s signing all but assured Parse wasn’t going to make the team. I question how much of Parse’s struggles are the result of his injury. Getting back to 100% and playing without hesitation could take a while.

    • Do the Kings have a while? To get back into form he needs to play, which means someone who isn’t dogging it (for whatever reason, injury or otherwise) isnt playing. Murray said it himself, compassion can only stretch so long.

  15. I see and have always seen Parse as a flashy skillset player who can’t really seem to consistently put it all together. You could argue that he did put it together during 05/06 in the ncaa when he scored 61 pts and that was an exceptional year but he never has done close to the same at any other level.

    If you watch him work out he will blow your mind with his ability to deek and drag but those type of skills rarely come into play at the NHL level, nice to have but hard to use. It isn’t that he can’t be effective but like I said, consistently so? Not in a long time and never at a high level.

    I see him fleshing out as one of the enigmatic frustrating NHL forwards who eclipse as a 20/20 guy once during a 7yr career if given a very long and patient time. In order to do that he needs to go to a team like Fla who is clearly rebuilding and could give him the time and space to develop while playing a one way O first game.

    Wpg Ott or Fla and he could make it but here he needs he needs he needs and we are backed up with people who can give give give. I had him projected to be a 5th rder during his draft (he was taken in the 6th) and so far he has done pretty much as expected. Can play in the NHL but isn’t going to be a top option go to guy and with his skills he will always be seen as one.

  16. As to starting Kozy yes. That is the guy who deserves his shot and I know it is early on but the kid is nails has serious hands and is loyal to the point of pain. He wants to be the best player in the world and nobody will tell him he can’t be. That is what the kid wants and he has some of the skill to get there which is great but not enough to automatically turn him into an elite player.

    What he has that could get him there is all of the drive grit and determination to go along with his skills and that is why I think he has at least an outside shot at becoming a special player. Give him a season or as much time and effort that we have given Parse and I would be willing to bet that Kozy would be significantly more effective.

    The fact that Parse didn’t come to camp on fire and I mean lighting up the place at both ends of the rink tell me that he either isn’t 100%yet or that he is and either way we can do better. Kozy this year and Toffi next and we will be cat bird sitting mo fo’s.

  17. “Sanctimoniously” and “bestowed” capture TM’s tone, precisely. Parse’s play at present is the very definition of “needs time in Man. to get his game back.” That game appeared to showed promise, but the injuries… This is reminding me of baseball, where players get labeled (“utility”, etc.) and prejudice becomes reality. Why should Parse be assured of a spot, and Voynov not be kept?

    This problem is the inevitable result of sustained drafting and the team solidifying. Why not trade for another pick? As the team becomes hard to make – fewer spots open to the young guys – guys given a chance and not proving up should be traded. I am mindful of Teddy Purcell, but: 1) as with drafting, judging talent for trade/FA signing is DL’s job; 2) Some guys will turn out well, but will not be able to, here (this is true of every team). Call trading some of these players for draft picks reinvesting profits into the enterprise for the future.

    Would Winn. or Minn. be willing to trade a fourth-round pick? Can we send Penner with him (I ask too much).

    • I’m thinkging something else – rather than the baseball situation, I think that Mgmt. is asking itself, right now, what to do with Parse – right now. Whether he has any future with the club. That question is now – give him the 5-10 that JT/Jacob speak of? Take a chance on Man?. Did preseason tell us enough? Voynov has a future – a few games will not change that. Parse in Man. is best, but…So, I’m guessing its JT’s 5-10 reg. season games and then risking reassignment.

  18. Greene, ever so lovable, ever so slow. just isn’t necessary on the ice. why give him more opportunities to demonstrate his decline and screw up when Voynov can use that ice time to improve, show his worth and thereby add value to the roster for future moves if nothing else. moving JJ for more wing would be great, but given the current situation the only obvious thing for it is DD+JJ and then 2 old/young pairings with Greene holding the pompoms. Drewiske we hardly knew ye.


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