You Like Us? You Really Like Us?

Every month or so, I check the site’s stats to make sure people are still visiting. I nearly spat the Stone Ruination all over my keyboard when I noticed that the month of September broke all the stat records and posted well over 100,000 visitors to the site, 40,000 + of which were first time visitors. Jesus. Surly & I are die-hard, obsessed, borderline insane L.A. Kings’ fans and I always figured we appealed and related to that crowd pretty well – kindred blood is thicker than any other. Who knew there were so many of us out there. Thank you, from Surly & I to all of you who visit, read and comment. This is your place as much as it is ours.

Very shortly, we are also tweaking the look of the site. Nothing dramatic. It’s a small upgrade but it will make the site, fonts and general layout more aesthetically pleasing. Surly & I don’t like clutter. Simple and clean is always best. Think jeans, L.A. Kings’ shirt, sneakers & a cap. That’s how we roll. We recently found a new look we both dig that is a step above what we have. If you visit the site and notice a little construction here and  there, pardon the dust. It’s just us knocking down some walls.

Love you all.


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  1. Make sure the mobile version looks good too.

    • It shouldn’t look any different than it does now. Do you like the one now? I think it’s very easy to read and comment.

      • Have to agree The layout is straight forward, fonts easy to read and pleasingly uncluttered.

      • Agreed… current mobile site is possibly even better than the regular site! Love the intro page with the “scroll over,” though before the scroll instruction was inserted I was quite confused!

  2. This site is the real deal. Tell it like it is style blended with some excellent reader comments and topped with some good ol’ Duck hatred. What’s not to like?

  3. I admit, You didn’t have an extra 60,000 that was me hitting refresh because I was trying to figure out how to use the word “We” properly. LOL

    I still don’t know.

  4. All the very best to you guys. You’ve earned it and here’s to more people finding out about how good this place is.

  5. Don’t mess up the fonts too much

  6. As long as you don’t f. around with the lion-head on your logo.

  7. You guys are great writers and are fucking funny

  8. I’ve had this site bookmarked for awhile but really started visiting this summer.

    I really enjoy the different perspectives you guys have and like reading well written articles by die hard fans.

  9. Good thing you didn’t actually spit up that Ruination. Wasting any amount of Nectar-from-the-God’s is an unforgivable sin and you would have lost three daily visits from this viewer (four when I’ve had Thai food).

  10. You guys are my home page. But i noticed u have an app for iphone and blackberry. No android? Keep up the great work. Love it. LOVE IT

    • We are working with a very talented dude to built an App. That is coming soon. Technically, we don’t have an App for the iphone and blackberry yet. That is a work in progress. We have shown iphone users however how to add us to their home page so we are one click away.

  11. Of course I like you!!!!
    You guys do a bang-up job and it is fun to read not only what you write but all the other comments from everyone else.


  12. It’s the dirty words. That’s what brings us to this site.

    You wanna see this place turn into a fucking desert?

    Just put Rich Hammond in charge. Two days of his watch-your-language schoolmarm-ism and you won’t have enough posters left to play a hand of Canasta.

  13. I stumbled upon this site last month and have been checking it every day since. I was stuck reading Rich Hammond every day hitting refresh over and over again thinking it was the only place I could read anything about the Kings. Thank God I found you guys! Seeing as I’m trapped up here in Sharks hell surrounded by Thornton jersey wearing morons, this gives me a taste of what it would be like if I lived amongst quality human beings like yourselves. Needless to say the playoffs last year were my nightmare. I hid in my house with my wife and kids for almost a week. Anyways, keep the good stuff coming, we appreciate your hard work, especially the transplanted fans like myself.

  14. Off Topic: Is our two regular season games against NY and Buffalo going to be on Olympic size ice?

    Ok, maybe I’ll keep part of my thoughts on topic….you guys are the greatest. But the two of you already knew that.

  15. We love you guys…keep up the good work!

  16. WHOAAaa

    sunglasses needed

  17. Format is overall better, but I think the article title fonts SUCK. I’m also not a fan in general of serif fonts for article bodies as far as readability goes, but not that big a thing.

    • Title fonts are being changed tomorrow. We are narrowing it down to a few.

    • PLEASE don’t use Georgia font or anything else with a serif overkill.

      1. That font is mandated in our work emails. It would be a shame to have S&S remind me of work.
      2. It makes mobile reading painful.
      3. It’s pretentious. And that defeats the purpose of this site. The whole point here is that we are the straight-dealing, real hockey-watching, nacho eating, beer drinking, duck-hunting, live/eat/breathe Kings fans. Please don’t turn our sacred Purple&Gold/Silver&Black/Black&White outlet into an emblem of the “it’s sooooo L.A.” that the rest of the NHL already gives us crap for. There are other Kings blogs like that which I can already avoid.

  18. Patience my brothers. Working out the kinks. :)

  19. While we’re at it, can we get rid of that fucking “I Love L.A.” song – it cries out: “We’re bitches”, “We suck”, “Ride us”, “Bend us over at will”, “Please let us win some regular-season games”, and “we belong in division with Van, SJ and Ana – not with Buff., NJ, Bos., Chi., Phi. etc.” Should actually be played at Ducks games – the kid’s movie team. And, I imagine, basketball games.

    • THIS ^^

      Well said, Feralcat.

    • Hey don’t rag on Randy Newman mofo. The Briggs suck, but Newman rules. I’ll assume you were talking about ‘this is LA’ not ‘I love LA’

      • No, I’m talking about what you think I’m talking about. I haven’t troubled myself with the Briggs, as I have been able to ignore them. As for your man, I hardly care what it is he rules or from what throne – I am simply asking for a courtesy flush.

        • Suggest something better than an iconic song about our city.

          • Fair enough. Like “Ode to L.A.” much better. Ronnie Spector (by herself, and via infamous association) puts this over as iconic. And not so smug/complacent as the other – after all, we are not prosperous, shiny, funkless bourgie-paradise VAN, or “I got mine now generate my electricity somewhere else” Malibu, but rather something quite a bit nastier.

            Bear in mind, I think of El Coyote as iconic, and not just for bad food (not so bad when eaten as intended – trashed), but as the site of Sharon Tate’s Last Meal. That’s iconic!

            Our song should celebrate what’s wrong with us – without that, we wouldn’t even recognize ourselves in the mirror. I know, the line about the “bum over there” tries, but its like watching “Down and Out in Beverly Hills”, which is the perky mood of the whole thing. And Chicago “too rough” – true – for movie types.

  20. Nothing wrong with Hammonds blog. I know some of you have a problem with his format, but I equally surf many sites, and love anything Kings I can get my hands on. This site has brought me hours of fun, but so has Hammonds blog, and I’m thankful that I can have it both ways, whenever I want.

    Thanks guys.

  21. Boys, I like the new format. Nice little upgrade, but retaining the girl next door look/feel is smart and appreciated. Too much glamor/foo-foo is bad….

    Font= much more us! Thanks for making the change..

  22. I started coming to this site about a year ago (after my friends and I dined with Bobby on the Kings cruise) and I’ve been hooked ever since. Your straightforward, no bullshit, unapologetic passion is contagious. You’re my first stop for all things Kings and I adore you guys. Keep up the good work!!


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