Every month or so, I check the site’s stats to make sure people are still visiting. I nearly spat the Stone Ruination all over my keyboard when I noticed that the month of September broke all the stat records and posted well over 100,000 visitors to the site, 40,000 + of which were first time visitors. Jesus. Surly & I are die-hard, obsessed, borderline insane L.A. Kings’ fans and I always figured we appealed and related to that crowd pretty well – kindred blood is thicker than any other. Who knew there were so many of us out there. Thank you, from Surly & I to all of you who visit, read and comment. This is your place as much as it is ours.

Very shortly, we are also tweaking the look of the site. Nothing dramatic. It’s a small upgrade but it will make the site, fonts and general layout more aesthetically pleasing. Surly & I don’t like clutter. Simple and clean is always best. Think jeans, L.A. Kings’ shirt, sneakers & a cap. That’s how we roll. We recently found a new look we both dig that is a step above what we have. If you visit the site and notice a little construction here and  there, pardon the dust. It’s just us knocking down some walls.

Love you all.