How many people can really sit down and watch a hockey game at 10am on a Friday? The unemployed and the self employed, I would guess. To those of you who will enjoy the game live, consider me jealous. Myself, I will be watching the game later on in the day, so don’t expect to hear a peep out of me until that time comes, but feel free to do all your hootin’ and hollerin’ here, I will just refrain from looking at the site (or any other) throughout the day. It’s going to be tough, but hey, we suffer for our team in more ways than one.

You all know most of the details on the game, European opener in Sweden against the Rangers, technically a home game (why do I feel like I’m still getting charged for 41 games?) yada yada. I only care that finally some chips are on the table. I have nothing to say about the Rangers except that it must be a high honor to pay Sean Avery a bundle of money to do nothing. It’s not often that people in the Big Apple and Dallas have so much in common.

We heard this morning that my supposedly insane ranting against Scott Parse being in the top 6 to start the season isn’t so insane after all. Penner won’t make it, so he’s off to the same non-factor start this year as he was last year when he came to Kings. My boy Brad Richardson (the only Richie on this team) will play alongside Mikey/Riks/Riches/whatever it was that Brown called him, on the second line, while Gagne will play with Kopitar and Williams. Parse will get the look on the third line with Stoll and Hunter. Part of me likes this move, because those top two lines look pretty nice. However the downside is that this Stoll line will probably still be the top checking unit and I’m still waiting to see if Parse can play defense. I guess regardless of where he landed it was going to be in a fire fresh from the frying pan.

Defensive pairings look like they’ll be same as last season and Quick will start in goal. Now despite all my ravings about Parse, Johnny Q will be the guy I am scrutinizing on my DVR tomorrow. He has not looked too sharp in preseason and since neither has the defensive structure, he needs to be better than just good.

I have to admit, my excitement is tempered by the fact that I can’t watch this game live. It’s a big bummer and I am more than a little resentful against the NHL for seeing to this Euro-craze. Selfish? Absolutely. I would prefer they play these overseas games just after or before either the Christmas break or All Star break. That makes more sense to me, selfishly and otherwise.

Anyways, I probably don’t sound revved up enough, what with being bitter and all. Maybe I just need to get all my negativity out of the way now in anticipation of the explosion of Kings hockey exultation to come as soon as I get home from work. Or perhaps it’s practice for what I fear Terry Murray is going to put me through. Fuck it, and fuck yeah!

Are you pumped? This is a community, so help me out here. I’ll get you started.


Go Kings Go!