Since the first day Surly & I started this site, I have longed for a Manchester Monarchs writer. The requirements were (1) die-hard Monarchs and Kings fan, (2) Monarchs season ticket holder or able to watch nearly every game, (3) a C – or better grade in Puck Prose (we have low standards) and (4) a commitment to you to bring Monarchs news only an eyewitness can deliver.

I have had the fishing lines out there, waiting, patiently looking for the right person.

I am happy to say we got him and, coincidentally, he found us.

He bleeds Kings’ and Monarchs’ colors, is a Monarchs season ticket holder, can put words together to form sentences and is a maniac – a flat-out, unmitigated fanatic. In short, he fits.

In honor of the Monarchs motto “Welcome to the Jungle”, our new writer will be known as Jungle Dave. He will update us 2 to 4 times per month (or more) on everything Monarchs hockey – the games, our prospects, who looks good and all the buzz in Manchester about puck as the Monarchs prepare for their own season to contend for the Calder Cup.

We’re excited to have Jungle Dave join our motley crew. Are you?