October S&S And V.I.P Ticket Giveaway Contest: 10/25 Game v. New Jersey Devils

Are you excited!? Ready to enter Staples Center at the pinnacle of delirium? Ready for the puck to drop? Prepared to jump on the ice yourself and throw a hit that will get you 5 games and a $100,000.00 fine? If not, get there! L.A. Kings hockey is finally here & so is our ticket giveaway we told you about a few months ago.

As you know, Surly and Scribe joined up with VIP Tickets in Los Angeles to bring you this contest. VIP has graciously agreed to give away tickets to our readers each month through December. Since October is a short month for home games, there will be one giveaway in October but 3 giveaways in November. 2 out of the 3 giveaways in November will be lower level seats. Right now, you are playing for the Tuesday, October 25 game against the New Jersey Devils. That’s right. Future L.A. King Zach Parise and none other than Ilya Koval$uck. Ready?

1. “WHAT AM I PLAYING FOR AGAIN?”: Two upper level tickets to the Tuesday, October 25 game against the New Jersey Devils @ Staples Center.

2. “WHAT ARE THE RULES?”: Only one entry per person. Must be 18 or over to play. Your entry will be posted in the comment section below. This article will have a sticky attached to it so it will remain at the top of the page through October 20. We will pick the winner on that date. You must be able to attend the game. Once we pick the winner on October 20, we will announce it on the site (we will use your screen name only, not your real name). The winner must then email me with their full name as it appears on their California Driver’s License. I will confirm receipt of that email. I will inform VIP of the winner’s name. The winner will need to bring a valid California Driver’s license and the name needs to match what was given to me to claim the tickets on game day. VIP Tickets is located within minutes of Staples Center. Your full name will always be kept confidential. Only VIP and us will have it.

3. “WHAT IS YOUR EMAIL, SCRIBE?”: lakingsnews@gmail.com.

4. “WILL YOU ALSO BUY ME A BEER IF I WIN?”: Maybe, if you’re over 21 and I dig your vibe. If not, Surly may buy you a beer.

5. “WHAT IF SOME A-HOLE SENDS AN EMAIL CLAIMING TO BE ME?”: Our readers wouldn’t do something like that. However, if that happens, I have a sure-fire away of finding out who is lying and who is telling the truth. I won’t tell you how but know it is 100%. There is also another way to protect yourself. Before you post your entry, make sure you have completed the comment contact information. It asks for your screen name, your email and a url. If you don’t have a url, no big deal. But, include your email address. That doesn’t get published to anyone. Only we see that, so that is another way to avoid someone from claiming your entry as their own.

6. “OK…HOW DO I WIN?”: You are going to write a poem. Any style or no style at all. It doesn’t have to rhyme. Plenty of great poetry doesn’t. It can be as funny, crazy, witty, or as dry as you want. It can be as long or short as you want but be smart about it – you are competing against other poems. The topic is simply L.A. Kings hockey, anything L.A. Kings related. Past or present players, coaches, your fellow fans, your section in the arena, our rivals, past seasons, the organ-eye-zation in general, even prospective poetry about the L.A. Kings’ future. The only limitation is your imagination which, I hope, means there is no limitation. If you want to work in something about yourself, us, or anything else, have at it. The rating may be G to R. If you prefer to take a classic poem in the public domain and modify it to fit the LA Kings, that is cool too although originality may score bigger points.

7. “HOW WILL YOU JUDGE IT?” Surly and I have a very specific score card that we use to judge every word of the poem on its meter, rhyme and figures of speech. It’s highly technical and I won’t post it here. It would just confuse you.

8. “ARE YOU SERIOUS?”: No. I am kidding. There are no specific parameters. It will just be our subjective favorite.

9. “REALLY, A POEM?” Yes. A poem. Don’t be silly. This is easy. Have fun with it.

The winner will also get an honorable position on a page we will create at the top of the site. That page will have all the winners for each of the contests throughout the season.

Ready? Get started. Post your poem below and go nuts!

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  1. My dad and I wrote this together. Hope you like it.

    Dear L.A. Kings, I’ve been a fan, for nearly my whole life,
    I’ve celebrated the good years, few, and cried through the years of strife.

    I was there for Flett and Joyal, Eddie Shack, and “Frenchy” Lemieaux.
    I cheered for the Triple Crown Line: Marcel, Taylor, and Simmer too!

    In the stands for Manchester’s “Miracle,” and for “The Great One” in Silver & Black.
    At Staples for “The Stunner” and all those years that real talent we lacked.

    You came close against The Canadians, and who knows you might’ve won,
    Had Marty’s stick been legal, or if he had just grabbed a different one.

    Every October I get so excited, with my expectations way up so high.
    But in April I hang up my Jersey, and wait for the summer to slowly go by.

    Then in ’03, without really thinking, I moved North with my family in hand,
    And found that I was now living, in Shark infested land.

    My beloved Kings were flailing, and I was treading for my life,
    How could I be so callous, to my son, and my loving wife?

    It really hasn’t been pleasant, surrounded by “Guppies” with fins,
    I’m a diehard L.A. Kings fan, who wants to feel the thrill of the win!

    And so in this year, 2011, you’ve loosened the purse strings and bolstered the team.
    I believe that you’re now a contender, and I really don’t think it’s a dream.

    So take the ice, and play your hearts out, and to the league let it be known
    The years of frustration are finally over, you are bringing The Stanley Cup Home!

  2. Love the new give away contest idea!! Sadly, I can not participate this time, since I know I will be unable to attend that night, but I look forward to reading some awesome LA Kings based poetry!

  3. what?


    ooohh yeah that’s what i THOUGHT BABY!!

    BOOYAH!!! Jack J in overtime!!

    weeww heewww!!! LET THE FUN BEGIN!!

  4. Entry!!

    “Kopitar to Brown
    Brown up the boards to Doughty
    Looks, shoots, and he scores”

    And I’m spent… see you guys on the 25th!! ;D

  5. Roses are red,
    Violets are blue,
    I feed the Ducks bread,
    And the Kings rule.

    I am not sure how I passed High School English.

    I hope the rest of your readers do better than me.

  6. Damn that first one is a tough one to beat I have my work cut out for me

  7. So Michael Berkowitz, who are you taking to the game on October 25th? Start making plans……

  8. Purple and black were on the attack.
    Got to the playoffs, were on the right track.

    Purple is out, so now we look like Raiders!
    Bring home the cup, thumb our nose at the haters!

    GO KINGS!!!!!!!!


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