Still Think I Am Crazy? I Am…But, Zach Freaking Parise.

Where will Zach Parise be by March 5?

Burnside: Far, far away from Newark. If the Devils aren’t firmly ensconced in a playoff spot, team president and GM Lou Lamoriello will have little option but to deal Parise, who does not have a no-movement/no-trade clause. Our guess? How about playing the wing with Mike Richards in Los Angeles?

Custance: The safe answer is New Jersey, and the Devils should do whatever it takes to get Parise signed to a long-term deal. But I’ll go out on a limb and say he’s in Los Angeles on March 5. If the Kings are truly going to challenge for a Stanley Cup this season, they still need one more elite goal scorer for their talented centers, especially if Simon Gagne can’t stay healthy. GM Dean Lombardi has stocked his system with enough young depth and talent that he can afford to be aggressive at the trade deadline, even after raiding the system to deal for Mike Richards. And landing Parise would be a dramatic improvement over the move to add Dustin Penner last season.

LeBrun: Still in Jersey. The Devils will be contending for a playoff spot, so even if they can’t sign him to an extension by then, they have to keep him for the stretch drive. If the Devils fall out of playoff contention and haven’t been able to sign him to an extension, they must look at the trade market. Then, you can list a long line of suitors. Among them, in our opinion, would be Los Angeles. The Kings really covet Parise, and if they can’t get him this March, they’ll try again July 1 if Parise hasn’t signed in New Jersey.

Also, check out the video once you click on the link. Listen to Barry Melrose on the L.A. Kings. It starts at the 2:35 minute mark.

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  1. Holy shit if we can land Parise at the deadline…fuggettaboutit…may not be this season but 2012-2013, shit it’s gonna be ON!!!

  2. The answer is a resounding “yes”.

    I still think you’re crazy.

  3. Well, they know something about us – even back there.

    Unfortunately Brent Burns trade was astute – as was Handzus
    signing. We very much need to kick to shit out of SJ – they are the 80’s Calgary of our time.

  4. I sure hope so it would be damn great news for kings fans but at what cost

  5. Yeah we gotta do everything to try to get Parise. This team would be pretty complete, he is the missing piece.

  6. Again. Trade deadline. Devils are sellers and in a rebuilding mode, what with Brodeur’s imminent retirement and all. They’ll need a goalie. Bernier is the perfect heir to the mantle of their talented French Canadian goalie thing. Good marketing for them too. Parse will supplement their cheap, rebuilding winger needs. Maybe add a lower draft pick. Parise is ours come March!

    • Its a thought but it may take a little more then what you suggest.

      (Hope I am wrong) but I question if Parse will hold much value after a few weeks.

      Bernier, well, unless a multi-year contract is in the mix he is too high a price for a rental.

      Anyway I doubt we’ll see Parise in LA. That be too sweet.and would force Vancouver and San Jose to add a brown strip to their uniforms.

    • I say give’em nothing for a rental. No depth like having 2, #1’s. Bernier isn’t going anywhere for at least a year (if at all). Not even for Parise. Dean prizes goalie depth above anything else, and that’s the one position that has no question marks in case of injury.

      Even if Quick became a #2 with us, he would be the best #2 in the league, just like Bernier is now. Trade that depth once we win something, not before.

  7. Trade deadline BS:

    Ilya Kovalchuk to the Kings. Nope.

    Brad Richards to the Kings. Nope.

    Zach Parise to the Kings. Sense a pattern?

  8. Parise isn’t gonna be a King. I thought the Kings can’t even afford the extra 200,000 they gave DD, and will fall apart. How are they gonna give him 8 million? That’s more than Kopi, and DD.

    Who does he think he is?

  9. Off-topic but i can’t help it.

    Kings beat Rangers in overtime. Richards, goal and an assist. Kopi, goal and an assist.

    O throb! O spurt!

  10. Slow your roll everyone. These are the same people that said the Kings are a lock to sign Ilya Kovalchuk too.

  11. Plus, the Kings only have $1.6M in cap space this year. Parise’s cap hit is $6M. We would have to move someone with at least a $4.4M cap hit.

    • Cap space is “banked” though the season. If the Kings keep their current space until the deadline, they will have enough room to trade for anyone.

      You only have to pay for the remaining cap space/days of any player traded for.

      • Even if we clear a little space and get Parise at a prorated price, he will still cost a #1 draft pick, and a 2nd just to rent him. I say forget it, even for just a #1.


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