Jack My Friend Johnson Earns The Kings A 3-2 Overtime Victory

Shhhh…there is a hockey game going on. In Sweden, everything is inverted. They are real quiet at hockey games but rebel-rousers in church.

Anze Kopitar is a cold beer on a hot, warm, cool, cold or rainy day. He is a size D at a no t-shirt contest. He is the cat’s meow and purr. I love Anze Kopitar.

Mike Richards is the better Richards – one goal, one assist and Johnny on the spot throughout the game. Terry Murray is not the only one who appreciates his defensive acumen. The prodigal son also played well and has taken a fine training camp & preseason and carried that over to game one. Keep it up Richie.

Speaking of training camp and preseason, Drew Doughty missed it. Tonight, he played like he missed it. Not great. Not bad. A few mistakes I could have done without and, not for a lack of effort, one step behind the play on the defensive side. Did you freak out a little bit when he didn’t return for a few shifts? I didn’t. Wimp.

Henrik Lundqvist doesn’t suck. I still find myself pausing typing a v after a q.

I have no words on the Rangers’ Ryan Callahan goal. When a netminder gives up a bad angle goal like that, he’s off his game. He’s not focused. Quickie has been off through camp and preseason. It carried over to tonight. Fortunately, he appeared to get better as the game wore on. Not good. Just better.

So, we’ve discovered the secret to unleashing the powerplay – a 4 on 3. Imagine the damage we could do if it was 5 on 1. We may end up in the top 5 in the league. The powerplay problems remain unsolved. Better movement? Yes. Better? No. It’s the same tired half-boards game with the sole goal being to get the puck to the point for a shot and “hope” that it gets through, followed by a “hope” there is a rebound. Did you see Anze Kopitar’s first goal? One timer. Mike Richards’ goal? A lateral pass and tip. Both were on the transition. You didn’t see that on a set play, 5 on 5. It doesn’t exist on the powerplay. Sending the pass laterally and forcing the goalie to move as such is the high percentage play. If our powerplay is going to be efficient, the focus has to shift away from the boards and point and get more to the high percentage areas. There has to be balance. A one-dimensional system won’t work.

I loved our defense, especially in the first period. We eliminated the Rangers’ forecheck by getting to the puck before they did. The short pass followed by the stretch one was worked to perfection in the first and, for the most part, throughout the game.

Unlike my gripes with the powerplay, we were better 5 on 5. The greater skill helps. Richards and Gagne are a big boost – two defensively responsible forwards who want the puck on their stick and have a nose for the net. What impresses me about Gagne is his passing ability. We think of him as a sniper but he can put the puck from his tape to his center or wing’s hard, fast and accurate.

Admit it, when Kopitar scored that goal, you jumped up with a “fuck yeah!”

Shhh…hockey game…

How about Alec Martinez? 24 years old, took a little longer to get here but the puck loves him and it goes where he wants. Of the three, I am not sure who has the best release? Martinez, Doughty or Johnson? It’s close.

Zuccarello should be suspended out of principle for having a funny last name with 10 letters.

1-0 and, in other news, the Ducks got their tail feathers handed to them. There is balance in the world.


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  1. Kings need to be ready tomorrow. Buffalo is a quick team and can finish. Kings need to continue to stay out of the box.

    Go Kings! 1 down, 81 to go before the race for the cup.

  2. I skipped school today to watch this game, it was well worth it. And I did jump up with a FUCK YEAH! when Kopi scored……and so did my dad.

    • Now there’s a good Kings fan. I remember two Olympics ago, I decided watching the games was worth missing not just one class, but an entire semester of that class since several good games fell on the first day of class and if you missed the first day, your seat got forfeited to the waiting list. Even in retrospect, that was a sound decision.

    • You and your father are on my cool list.

  3. Jamie Kompon to the white courtesy phone please, that 4-3 power play goal is a play that can work 5-on-4 as well. Call waiting, its worth a try 5 on 5 too.

    Solid outing by our boys. Definitely see the intensity level pick up, none more evident than in Richards. How wonderful to watch him compete at full volume… Cant wait till the playoffs where he cranks it up to 11. Also really liking him next to Brown.

    Parse wasn’t awful, but Richardson shows why he belongs in the top 6 before Scooter tooter. Part of me dreads getting Penner back solely because of the speed Richie brings that Dustin doesn’t have. It compliments Richards and Brown well, and I really like Gagne with Kopi and Williams.

    Speaking of williams, he really deserved special mention Scribe. He was on fire in the first period and played a pretty damn good game throughout. That pass To Kopi was special, and he once again showed how he is our best playmaker, in my book at least. The terms catalyst and Williams are practically synonymous.

    So glad i can watch live tomorrow morning. I accidentally checked Facebook for two minutes this afternoon and the first thing i see is some twit who posted “JMFJ in overtime!!!”. It’s amazing how quickly the brain processes information it doesn’t want to receive.

    Go Kings Go!

    • I didn’t mention about 30 other things in addition to Williams. The Wife dragged me out to Universal to the Heidi and Frank show. I didn’t know who the fuck they were. After 10 minutes, I downed the remainder of the Absolute on the rocks and told her I would be at the bar next door. If I am going to be forced to kill brain cells, I will do it the traditional way. Bad comedy is like an ugly chick in a bright room while sober.

      • I’m assuming that is Heidi and frank of frosty, Heidi and frank, and awesome radio team. Wouldn’t go see them live, but loved them when they used to be the lead in to Tm Leykis.

  4. Bobby, you jack ass. How enthusiastic would you be by watching 2 Swedish Elite League teams in Staples Center? You sound like Emerick in your blog; totally clueless and out of touch. try think outside of the box for once. NHL has been in Sweden since the -80’s, it’s really not exciting, ok. Just 2 teams playing a hockey game…no vested interest or feelings from the crowd, just another hockey game that means nothing.
    I keep wondering why NHL insist on playing games in Sweden. I thought they wanted to expand the knowledge of NHL. The last place they need to do this in is in …wait for it…Sweden. Pretty weak of you to try to be “Emerick” funny on a subject you obviously have no clue about.

    There…I feel better now.

    • Probably just a natural knee jerk after the over enthusiasm in Germany. Though no one should be surprised… Hockey or no hockey, Germans is loud mutha fuckas and Swedes just be goofy and shit.

    • That’s it? You tried to blow your wad on the monitor and you hit the floor? The place was quiet. Like your bedroom after mom leaves. That’s all I’m saying.

      “OH!! Scribe puts it top shelf where Jorgen keeps the porn!” – love, Doc

      • Ooo, did I touch a nerve? All i’m saying and recognizing is that an NHL game is no more exciting than reading this blog. Sorry dude, didn’t mean to offend your feminine side. Take a “one-a-day” and hug your pillow, then check out this game of the home team calling the Globe Arena its home…then tell me how it measures up to an NHL game here in the states. Amateur :)

        • One of my least favorite things in life is when people get very intense and hostile about something, and in those same hostile breaths accuse others of getting their panties in a twist. Hwever for you, Jorgen, I’ll make an exception. Please though, before you stare at Scribe’s twisted panties, unbunch your own so we can all walk together unencumbered by twisted and probably soiled underwear.

        • Oh, I see. The name Jorgen should have given it away. Didn’t mean to offend your European hockey, man. It just struck me as odd how silent the arena was. I am just used to an arena with a pulse. I initially figured they may be celebrating Yom Kippur in their own way. But, that’s cool. The chicks they showed were hot – the Swedish ones I mean – and who doesn’t love a woman who looks great and doesn’t talk much.

          • No problem, my original comment wasn’t meant in anger. I was just poking fun at the observation. If the Kings would have played a swedish team (like in Germany) I’m sure it would’ve had pulse. NHL have opened in Stockholm so many times the novelty wore off. I’m just saying Scandinavia is not the area needing to be exposed. For the last 2 years they have barely sold out. Peace brothers

          • No worries. I didn’t get the attendance and the color red everywhere may have made the arena look smaller than it was, but it did look like a packed house.

  5. I know this is very premature, but AM man, gotta say…I’ve always liked his playing style. First getting called up seasons ago, I knew the guy was a phenominal skater. But he reminds of a Very prominent Dman who used to wear the same #. I know it’s very early to say that but man I think he’s on his way.

  6. PP beginning to remind me of the other Murray (everyone stand around and watch Rob blast away) – predictable. Smyth, Robitaille and Kontos no longer play here… Would like to see lateral movement – when Kopitar decides, apparently without Management approval, to move laterally through the slot it is truly exciting and unpredictable. Its one of the only times when you see the opposition D-men scramble and get lost when we attack.

  7. I partly expected to see some JJ bashing here. Guy got the game winner and quite a few insiders spent more time complaining about his play than complimenting it. Am I the only person who saw JJ rushing the puck up ice, and making clean clears out of the zone. He had 1 pass picked off and the guys a liability because last season he was a -21. Am I the only one who is watching what’s happenong right now?

    He was on the ice for 1 goal against and on that goal he was covering Dubinsky, not Gaboric (who actually scored the goal). Only 2 players got 4 shots on goal, and JJ was one of them., but lets all complain about a pass that got picked off, and only ended up as 1 shot on goal out of the 26 they did get.

    All this hyperbole drives me nuts sometimes. Get rid of Parse, JJ sucks, waive Whiskey for nothing, trade DD, trade Quick. Seems like no one realizes what the hell their saying anymore and the kneejerk reaction is to just trade someone because this isn’t the best team we’ve had in years.

    Either that or I’m just ignorant, cause I don’t see it that way.

    • I don’t really get why people hate JJ so much also. I’m not one of those guys who worships the +/- stat anyways. Yes it’s a valid stat but I rather look at the player as a whole.

      The guy can skate, he can puckhandle, he can knock guys on their ass cold, And he can put pucks in the net.

      Parse…that’s another story. But in all fairness I don’t think he played as badly as I would have expected.

    • No… No JJ bitching here. However, to appease your need to react to overreaction, I can tell you that on the Gaborik goal Jack was unable to control a puck at his feet, kicked it to Dubinsky who knocked it over to Gaborik for the goal. In general when things gets scrambly in the defensive zone, jack gets flustered too easily. His offense being awesome doesn’t excuse his frequent goofs on defense.

      Does that fill your quota? ;)

    • You’ve been edgy lately.

    • “…he was covering Dubinsky”

      A great move by Gaboric sneaking to the far side..nothing on JJ there.

      Hated it last season when he’d allow an error to disrupt his concentration and would shift to the “JJ gotta get that back now ” mode.

  8. Kings PP 9th best in the league. I love stats early in the season

  9. How awful did Jon Quick look? All any team has to do is look at how much room he was letting up top shelf and every game will be 10-1. Looking forward to seeing what Bernier does tomorrow.

  10. Surly & Scribe, I’m with Jorgen on this one.
    I know you’re true die-hard fans, who love the Kings and leave your voice at Staples every game. I’ve attended european hockey leagues’games (in Italy, Germany, Austria and Sweden) as well as NHL games in North America. To be honest with you the atmosphere in Europe is 100 times more electric, even though the arenas are definitely much smaller and without the conforts and the lux you can find in an American arena like Staples. European hockey teams, just like in football and basketball, have their own organized group of hardcore fans, who kept singing the whole game, sometimes with drums, and lead by example the rest of the arena. These groups arranges also road trips to support the team in enemy territory. Besides, it’s not uncommon to see at the Arena nice coreographies perfectly designed.

    In America the atmosphere in the arena is completely different: a good portion of the people attending games sit silently for the whole event, barely raising his ass when their team scores, quietly drinking beers and eating every kind of food. There’s no organized chanting/neither hand clapping, aside from some random video shown on the jumbotron. Trust me, you’d feel much more comfortable at a Swedish hockey game than at Staples, considering how you feel the game and how much you love your team.

    Friday I was in Stockholm, and 95% of the fans were there for Lundqvist and Zuccarello. As Kings fans we’ve been totally outnumbered (at the end of the game I was voiceless though…way to many Rangers Suck/Lundqvist sucks chants). But people were there just to watch, not to cheer, at least not that much. In Stockholm people has plenty of local teams, and there’s a spirited rivalry between them. Friday they were just enjoying the visit of their national team goaltender, nothing more nothing less. About Zuccarello, he was used to play for a local team before heading for NY, so the fans welcomed him back.

    In little words, you can’t judge neither compare fans in Europe and in North America, for the simple fact you’ve never attended a hockey game in Sweden or in any other European country. I suggest you to do it soon, because you’re gonna love it.


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