L.A. Kings v. Buffalo Sabres Game Day Thread. Go Könige Go!

Sure I am this day we are masters of our fate, that the task which has been set before us is not above our strength; that its pangs and toils are not beyond our endurance. As long as we have faith in our own cause and an unconquerable will to win, victory will not be denied us.

– Winston Churchill

Los Angeles Kings



Buffalo Sabres


Our boys are in Berlin to take on the Buffalo Sabres. The game time is 11:oo a.m. PST so, for those who like to sleep in on Saturdays, that is me jumping on your bed while Surly drinks your OJ and places Vaseline on the toilet seat.

We just came off an emotional overtime victory in rowdy and raucous Sweden, where they take hockey like their sex…

Åh baby! Åh älskare! Gör mig hårdare! Shhh … det är inte hockey, tysta ner, Jörgen!

But now, we’re in Germany at the O!2 arena, the land where the beer flows, the girls are easy (speaking from experience) and there are plenty of tubular meat products to go around…

Ich liebe Deutschland!

Jonathan Bernier gets the start in net and, in outstanding Terry Murray style, he puts in Kevin Westgarth in place of Trent Hunter.

Verdammt! Warum müssen Sie so verrückt?

The Sabres fancy themselves finishers but our suffocating style will make sure there are no happy endings for them today. Be it in regulation or overtime, even a shootout, I want to see our boys leave Europe 2-0.

This is the home for the die-hards. I now leave this game day thread open for you…sound off!

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  1. Day 2 of drinking well before noon… damn you Europe and your GMT

  2. we got another tough goalie to score on. no need for frustration, just keep the shots coming and the pressure on, and we’ll get a few past them.

    i really like our 2nd line right now!! richards is the man.

    glad to see bernie get a shot in net today.

    GO KINGS GO!!!!!!!!

  3. Oy, why are 99% of anthems sung so frigging terribly. I may have to restart the discussion of why it needs to be sung in the first place. This blond bitch is really creeping me out.

  4. Nasty turnover though but man did Bernier handle that calmly. Gotta say, for a second i forgot he was in net and i wondered if Quick would make the save…

  5. So Stoll makes a great d-play, Parse then gets involved and a second later the puck is hurtling towards Bernier.

    Ouch, big hit on cliff. Boy is getting early in the season. Hpefully a trend this does not make.

  6. Westgarth with a Frolov.

    Great tempo to this game.

  7. Annoyed that he got 3 wacks at that

  8. nice cycle by the first line. kopi with a nifty move behind the net and a good chance

  9. looked like a clean hit to me.

  10. Stoll playing hard and heavy. Don’t know why that’s a penalty…. Elbow maybe?

  11. Best part of the first two games…no worthless cycles that result in nothing. When they do cycle, they take the first opening and pass/skate to a more dangerous area….I love it, no, I REALLY LOVE IT.

  12. Love the period ending horn at the O2.

  13. People who think Alec has peaked are….crazy.

    Great first period.

    • the kid is full on legit in my mind! everyone heard the versus guys all over his great play against the rags yesterday.

      i didnt know what to think about him last year, he did progress very well towards the end of the season. but this year so far, in camp and preseason, he has proven to be another very talented young D man for us!

      • should be fun when we have DD, JJ, marty, voynov, forbort, hickey, muzzin, deslauriers in the future!

      • Ya, last year was his first full season with the big boys. Of course there was growing pains along the way, but I thought he played quite well.

        I agree with you regarding his play at the end of the season. He was solid. I wrote last year that he had quietly become the best PP point man on the team. He will only get better. Nice problem to have?

  14. The world most predictive powerplay! Woo!!

  15. Ha! Love that attempt at Swenglish. Good job.

  16. … Go Kings –

    Bernier Uber Alles

  17. wow…a five hole…damn

  18. I can’t tell if that deflected or was lame. Either way Im blaming JT for using a nazi reference towards Bernier.

  19. Time to get a hold of the team Murray… Panic won’t help anybody.

  20. Oh shit…..

  21. Alright… Build off that shot. Win a face-off, get another shot. Win another face-off…

  22. Oooooh shit. Come on boys! Willpower!

  23. dammit JJ!

  24. Fucking Johnson. Though kind of a weak call. That only happens because Ennis is a midget. Stature shouldn’t dictate penalties.

  25. … Sabres, three goals. Kings, three shots.

    Once again, the Kings playing poorly in front of Bernier.

  26. Well, that’s one more goal than our quota. Can’t see the Kings putting 4 past Miller

  27. I thought defense was supposed to be our strength. Lewis and JJ getting all mixed up.

    This buffalo team is pretty fucking good. Pricks.

  28. Also, i hate our third line.

  29. bernie is way off game today! not sure whats up. if its just him or its the whole team, but something’s off.

  30. okay boys…. you got to score on this PP!!! no excuses

  31. i told you

  32. Ok it’s a start. Nice for it to be on the PP. Have to shut it down the rest of the way and crash that damn net!

  33. Jesus, can we control the puck down low PLEASE! FUCK

  34. Why is it I keep looking on the ice and see Westgarth. Sit the scrub.

    Oh boy. If that one counts, this may become insurmountable especially given our goal quota.

  35. I may be done watching this game.

  36. I think Bernier just missed it.

  37. Braaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwwwllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllffffffffffffffffffffffffff . . . erp . . .

  38. Oh joy, only 4 goals to score instead of 5.

  39. That was a sweet pass by Williams.

    We have hit our quota

  40. Note to AEG:
    It is always a plus when your team plays its first two games nine time zones away during the flu season…no matter if you own the arenas

    Note to DL:
    Hunter, Moreau and Parse?!?!

    Note on the Camera Editor:
    The German blonde in the front row was cuter then the Swedish blonde you featured on Thursday.

    Note to Team:
    I don’t want Moreau wearing my number.

  41. I feel like the Kings just stiffened their team dick yesterday so they could ram it up my emotional ass today.

    My God! The season’s only two games old!

    I’m gonna be a total fucking wreck even before the first game at Staples.


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