An interesting discussion ensued today. It was part of a dialogue about the Atlanta Thrashers and their move to Winnipeg. It went something like this:

Another: “Why are you a Kings’ fan, Bobby?”

Me: “Don’t know how to be anything else.”

Another: “Ok, assume the Kings no longer exist. The team moves. Do you follow them?”

Me: “Why did they move?”

Another: “Just assume they did.”

Me: “I need a reason because I have to know if burning Nokia and downtown L.A. to the ground was justified or not.”

Another: “They moved after the ownership sold the team and the new owners wanted an east coast franchise.”

Me: “So, our readers & I have torched the place.”

Another: “I guess. So, do you follow the team?”

Me: “From prison?”

Another: [rubbing his forehead while I smile]…”yes”

Me: “Yes”

Another: “Are you as intense about it?”

Me: “More so after I get out.”

Another: “See, I don’t believe you. I think you love the team because they are the L.A. Kings and I am not sure you, or 99% of any team’s fans follow their team if they move. You will still follow hockey because you are a hockey fan first, but not team because they are not in your city.”

Me: “Have you forgotten I live in Orange County?”

Another: “Same thing.”

Me: [laughing] “Say that to my co-writer. He will eat your heart.”

This discussion got me thinking. I often hear people call themselves a “hockey fan first” and a fan of their own team, if any, second. I thought about this today and the following question rang in my head – do we love the team first, sport second or vice versa? How do you know? Regardless of your answer, the follow-up question is just as interesting – why?

Update: Some of our readers let their ink do the talking. Nicely done, Tony from Huntington Beach.

LA Kings Tattoo

LA Kings Tattoo