October Ticket Contest Update!

Hello there. We’ve moved a few things around for better aesthetics.

First, the ticket contest giveaway now has its own dedicated page. Below the Surly & Scribe header you will see several pages. If you hover your cursor over the Ticket Giveaway Contest page, you will see a drop down menu and the first page is October Ticket Contest. The contest rules to win the 10/25/11 tickets to the L.A. Kings v. New Jersey Devils is right there. You can post your entry in the comment section. To those who have already posted their poems, don’t panic. It’s not gone. At the end of the October Ticket Contest page, you will see a link to the initial article. Unfortunately, there was no way to simply convert that article into a page.

There is still plenty of time to enter. Click on the page, enter your poem (as short or long as you want) about the L.A Kings and you got a shot to win. For those intimidated by Michael Berkowitz’s entry, tsk tsk…are you really going to give up that easily?

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  1. I’m also still waiting for an absurd poem, why is no one trying to make me laugh?

    If I could enter I would write:

    “The ice has been taken, hearts soar. Murray’s behind the bench, not a hog, but a…



    “Kopitar with spleen in hand, goals in net. Forsberg has neither, retired idiot.”

    But then again, we’ve already established I’m bad at poems.

    Submit damn you all. Our standards are not low, but they are bizarre.

  2. Well, even if I win, I don’t think I can make it down to LA anyways. Don’t have the funds. But I thought I’d write one anyways. I could have gone on, but this will do.

    Twas the night before hockey season, not a peep in the house,
    because Drew Doughty was out eating, and chasing some blouse.
    So we snuck inside, knowing no ones around.
    Checking ID’s at the door, was the hit man Dustin Brown.
    Knock knock. Who can that be? Why Brad Richards arrived!
    Just kidding, it’s Mike, I’m sorry that I lied.
    Kevin Westgarth came next, waiting, standing there.
    But I didn’t answer, because who really cares.
    Matt Greene couldn’t come, was at home making jokes,
    about how bad Quicks golf swing is and that he lost by 15 strokes.
    Who can that be, getting out of his car?
    Oh, it’s big time, Anze Kopitar.
    Clifford arrived, in a tux and a tie,
    But we all still noticed his glaring black eye.
    Dinner was ready, so we all gathered near.
    Bernier ate some chicken, Scott Parse just drank beer.
    Gagne sat down, asking questions in French.
    I hope that his next seat, is not injured on the bench.
    One by one the rest came, a few didn’t ring the bell,
    but that’s quite ok, they’re from the AHL.
    Last, but not least, new footsteps approach.
    Damn, it’s Terry Murray, the same shitty coach.
    As the night ended, I wished everyone good luck,
    and before they all left, we shouted DUCKS SUCK!


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