Sharing Is Caring: A Radio App For Kings Games I May Not Hate

Two issues:

1. The reception for KTLK 1150 sucks once you get about 10 miles away from downtown L.A.

2. I have long wanted to listen to L.A. Kings games while watching one live. I may or may not hate the experience. I don’t know. I just wanted to try it.


I went searching. I found one called iheartradio. It was free. I downloaded it. Voila. I get KTLK 1150. Nick and Darryl’s voice is clear. No AM static, even 38 miles away and all I do is plug my iPhone into my car to get the station on the road after games. The real test will come inside Staples Center. I have heard you can’t listen to the games on KTLK 1150 because of a delay (this is three levels of hearsay) and AM 570 broadcasts it live. Whatever station has it, this app gets all the AM stations local to L.A.

So, if you have the same dilemma, here is your solution…and you owe me a beer.

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  1. I use iheartradio for that exact purpose. It is always clear and you can easily listen to the game when you are not at the game or at home to watch on tv. Totally recommended for smartphone users.

  2. Way ahead of you. Needed it for camping with the kids. Occaisionally hangs for a bit. It is on a about a 30 second delay though and that delay is from the radio broadcast. Your mileage will vary.

  3. Been using this app for a while. It does NOT get every AM station in Los Angleles, only Clear Channel affiliates like KFI and KTLK.

  4. Good to know, I lose Kings Talk at San Clemente on my ride home.

  5. I<3Radio works well most times, however I have been using another solution for listening to games on my smart phone as well. Using your mobile internet browser, go to Then chose to go to the Kings full (non-mobile) website. On the right hand side of the page, click on the link to listen to the live radio feed and viola! A new audio player window opens up and the game is streamed through your phone with stereo quality sound.

    I had problems with Iheartradio crashing often when I downloaded it last season, so I want to share the above option in case any other fellow Kings fan encounters the same problem with the app.

  6. damn bobby slow to iheartradio. ive been doing this for all last season. as soon as i walk out of staples i turn it on. i could have told u about this a year ago. anyways be honest u wanna listen live cause youre getting too old and can no longer read the numbers on the players backs…that or forgetful….:p

  7. Not having a clear 1150 broadcast in Santa Barbara, I was stoked to find iheartradio last season. Great app, minimal problems with dropping feeds. I didn’t miss a play whether driving home from work, walking the dog or going on a beer run.

  8. I used this before, but then forgot / stopped. This is perfect for keeping up with the Kings here in Shark territory.

  9. Inside of Staples Center during games, they rebroadcast both the radio and TV feed on low power AM repeaters. A cheap pocket AM radio will do just fine there. The feed is only available in the seating bowl — it does not make it to the concourses.

    If I recall correctly the TV (audio feed only, of course) is on AM520 and the Radio feed is on AM610. These are probably the wrong frequencies — but a few minutes before the pregame skate (oh hell, maybe it’s after while they’re resurfacing the ice) they announce the freqs and post them to the scoreboard.

    I usually listen to the TV feed (I just thing Miller and Fox do a much better job — Miller is the Vin Sculley of hockey as far as I’m concerned.) and don’t recall there ever being a delay of any sort. It can be a bit frustrating when Fox is doing a replay analysis because you can’t see what he’s doing on the telestrator. It’s a great way to get injury updates and assessments of blown video reviews.

    My $30 AM radio from Amazon has served me very well.

    • TY for all that info..I now get why sometimes I had gotten reception and sometimes not. Another plus for the 100 level seats. The lag time is very annoying, but for time outs and between periods useful. I also prefer our Bobby Miller and Foxie. We are so fortunate to have them.
      GO KINGS GO!!!

  10. I found out about this app from my friend that “hearts” English premiere league soccer.

    By the way I actually find it a novelty to have the static when going under freeway over passes (totally kidding). Gotta love AM radio.

    Great announcers. I remember last season there was a felt of a game being showed on fs west. I listened to Kopi’s second hat trick before I saw it. Pretty damn cool.

  11. Hey Surly,
    A while back you were looking up Gagne’s injury history, and you needed help finding the site that listed all his injuries together. I thought it was TSN, but I’m having trouble navigating their site to find the history of the player I’m looking for. Could you help me out here?

  12. Again You are So on It!!
    I do like a commentary, adds to my game experience. Helps me learn. I tried my radio yesrs nada.
    If this works it will be awesome.
    GO KINGS GO!!!


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