Two issues:

1. The reception for KTLK 1150 sucks once you get about 10 miles away from downtown L.A.

2. I have long wanted to listen to L.A. Kings games while watching one live. I may or may not hate the experience. I don’t know. I just wanted to try it.


I went searching. I found one called iheartradio. It was free. I downloaded it. Voila. I get KTLK 1150. Nick and Darryl’s voice is clear. No AM static, even 38 miles away and all I do is plug my iPhone into my car to get the station on the road after games. The real test will come inside Staples Center. I have heard you can’t listen to the games on KTLK 1150 because of a delay (this is three levels of hearsay) and AM 570 broadcasts it live. Whatever station has it, this app gets all the AM stations local to L.A.

So, if you have the same dilemma, here is your solution…and you owe me a beer.