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  1. holy shit bobby thats awesome

  2. Very nice. Thanks for the photo.

  3. Awesome…now you have a new stick ready for pickup games on Friday nights…:P

    In all seriousness, thats a sweet gift to receive.

  4. Top 10 most awesome gifts possible.

  5. Extremely cool! what’s not cool, hockey players signatures. Some of those just look like up and down squiggles ;)

  6. That’s kick ass. My boss has an islanders one from the last year they won the cup. Anybody know how much it might be worth?

  7. The Coolest!!!
    GO KINGS GO!!!

  8. nice!!!! ok now I would like to collect my donations from the bobby scribe foundation.

  9. Now that is a gift!!! :)

  10. You know what man…this thing might be worth quite a bit depending on how well the Kings finish this year. If they go on to win the cup, the thing will be gold.


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