Is A Move Coming?

A very interesting thing happened earlier today. The Kings announced the signing of two of their prospects, Andy Andreoff and Robert Czarnik. At the same time, the Kings acquired forward Stephan Legein from the Flyers plus a sixth round draft pick for ‘future considerations’. The latter deal was essentially a salary clearing move for Philadelphia. These moves put the Kings at 51 contracts. Tyler Toffoli, Jordan Weal and Andy Andreoff are assigned to their junior teams and don’t currently count against the 50 contract limit, but Andreoff is eligible to play in Manchester based on his age.

At the same time, the Kings suddenly find themselves right up against the salary cap. With Colin Fraser almost ready to resume play, the team now is at $62.5 million in total contracts. Add in Jacob Muzzin’s $900,000 (he is on injured reserve) and the Kings suddenly find themselves with only $843,000 in cap space as well as one player over the 23 man roster limit once Fraser is activated. While still under the cap, the team has very little flexibility to replace injured players or to make a move at the deadline to improve the team. Cap management has traditionally been a strong focus for GM Dean Lombardi, and it is uncharacteristic of him to tie his hands in terms of signing or acquiring players when necessary. Yet, Dean felt free to take on Legein’s contract from the Flyers for relatively little compensation. Does he know something we don’t?

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  1. Interesting. On one had, it does seem out of character for DL to approach the cap ceiling, but on the other, it also seems odd for him to be lining up the dominoes to make a big move this early in the season. Maybe DL just liked the kid? His HF prospect profile reads like a DL/Hexy wet dream…

    “…Legein brings a certain feistiness to his game. This year marked his second consecutive year with over 100 penalty minutes to his name…. Blessed with blazing speed, the Oakville, ON native plays a game tailor-made for the new, less-restrictive NHL. His work ethic and dedication to improving his game have been lauded by coaches, teammates, and scouts alike.”

    I dunno. It is odd indeed.

  2. Practically a free draft pick. Expect to lose some people shortly.

  3. Apparently highly touted with big expectations who went mental after an injury.

    Another rehab project or chip in a trade? Parse appears on his way out so there may be space yet. Wonder what the Manchester hopefuls are thinking.

  4. I am wondering if this whole trade thing isn’t a precursor to another move on our end once Fraser is cleared that could possibly involve another team, in a 3 way deal that has yet to reveal itself. This is just speculation on my part, but the move from Philly seems like a key to something, because it came with a draft pick.

    Could be DL is just doing them a favor to relieve their contract limits for a 6th round, but that puts us in contract troubles of our own, and I can’t see doing that for a 6th round draft pick.

    Very odd.

  5. He always knows something we don’t ;)

  6. Maybe it’s just me, but when I heard that I thought…Parse is gone for a low (super low…maybe future considerations) round pick since Penner is back.

  7. The only thing discussed above that effects the cap is Muzzin coming back to the ice, So the salary cap issue is one that (presumably) DL has known about and had a plan for since before the season started.

    Moving Drewiske and or Parse (Slava and Lokti come home, please!!!) doesn’t make much of a dent and the roster slots have to be filled then (see previous parenthetical comment for an instant talent upgrade.)

    This leaves me believing that somebody will be leaving*. The obvious candidates are the expensive 2012 UFAs. But we can’t live without Mitchell or Stoll right now…so that leaves, El Cid? Or, maybe they decide that a fleet or sure footed defenseman is needed and Greene is shipped somewhere? (Hello, My Name is “Slava Hickey”)

    But if they make cap room they need to make roster room for the cap “target.” That makes no sense to me with a plethora of guys in Manchester that are chomping at the bit to get here (and would be on the ice with Winnipeg, Calgary, Ottawa, or any other Canadian team save the damn ‘Nucks, or any “non-traditional” market like Dallas, Phoenix, or Miami.) These guys have been groomed, they now the system, and (frankly) there’s a flight risk if the logjam isn’t broken.

    I’m just guessing (I’ll wait for Quisp to set me straight) but it feels like there is no real need to free up cap space right now.

    Parenthetically yours,


    * I feel so Scribe-like having written that.

    • Enjoyed your post Scribe (he he he),

      I wouldn’t worry about flight risk, if your referring to Lktionov, or Voynov, because neither can go anywhere for 2 full seasons. They can’t leave to the KHL till their contracts are up, and their RFA’s.

      They could bail, at 24 and wait till their 27 to come back to the NHL and sign somewhere else, but I doubt they’ll even make it too 24 before either is in the Kings line up full time.

      If your worried about them bailing 1/2 way through their contracts, don’t be, because international rules are in place so that they can’t. KHL players can’t even leave their contracts to come to the NHL because of these rules (see Kitsyn).

      The Kings could allow them to leave early, but I doubt they would even consider it. So, at least on flight risks you should rest at ease, because there isn’t any.

  8. Consider me now at ease.

  9. Well, WHEN Williams and Gagne are hurt, their salaries won’t count against the cap for the time they are hurt and their replacements are a helluva lot cheaper leaving DL a bit of wiggle room come trade deadline day.

    The Kings aren’t going to make a blockbuster deadline deal as they did with Penner because frankly, they don’t have to. They’ll need some muscle or some 3rd and 4th line depth guys, but many of those guys will only cost 100-200K of cap space for the rest of the season.

    Greene and “the piece” are the likely candidates to move because they both have 2-3 years left on their contracts at a reasonable 3.5 – but replacing a veteran with Vito isn’t Lombardi’s idea of “smart”. Vito takes over when Mitchell departs (or is hurt). And Muzzin did not have a good camp.

    Nothing usually happens until the 20 game mark. Lombardi’s criteria for seeing how players and the team are developing

    Scott Parse isn’t going anywhere… yet. He’s cheap and if he does get back to his scoring ways, he’ll be a bargain at 900K

    The Ducks have plenty of cap space and are likely to improve their team at the deadline. The Sharks are in the same position as the Kings and Vancouver has zero cap space.

    • “The Piece” cannot leave. (I mean, he CAN leave, but I would really, really, REALLY like him to stay.) In fact, I’d rather say goodbye to Greene. Don’t get me wrong, I like Greene, but I feel like Scuderi is a more reliable, more intelligent player who doesn’t draw stupid penalties.

  10. Muzzin is in Manchester, so his cap hit doesn’t count at all. And it’s Roach, not Andreoff, whose contract doesn’t count against the 50. Roach, Toffoli and Weal (the three whose contracts don’t count) aren’t going to play for the Kings this year, so their contracts won’t count this year. So the Kings are at 48 contracts with a hair under $2MM in cap space (Vagabond Jim — you are correct :)).

    They will, though, have to move a body before Fraser is added to the active roster.

    Since Parse would probably get claimed on waivers, I assume Lombardi is trying to find a trading partner.

    • Hard to trade a reclamation project whose coach just said could take months to get back on his game. Player says he’s fine, coach says he is still recovering. A problem no one wants to have. Murray, always there to help out. Labarbera likely had better trade value.


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