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I hope you all (or y’all, if you prefer) like the site’s new style. We intend other upgrades in the coming weeks and months. We have someone creating an App for us and hope to bring you that very shortly.

In the meantime, we thought to announce some additional features coming to Surly & Scribe.

Last season, after most games, we brought you the opposing media’s perspective on the match. We gave you snippets of each article and a link to the other media outlets and bloggers. Shortly after we started this, we noticed Rich Hammond started doing the same thing. Rich did a good job of it and, for the sake of avoiding repetition, we eliminated it. We have decided to bring that back but with a different focus – we will only give you what the other team’s bloggers have to say and avoid the media. We can then all travel to said blogs, drink their beer and break their stuff. We will call this “The Enemy Speaks.” We reserve the right to substitute in “sucks” or other choice words.

Due to requests from our readers, I have decided to roll up my sleeves and bring you Hockey 2.0. Since Surly & Scribe is home to die-hard fans and therefore, by definition, those with a passion for the game, I intend to write weekly articles on hockey’s systems and structures and various aspects of the game. I will cover breakouts, defensive and offensive structures, neutral zone coverage and counter attacks, forechecking, the powerplay, penalty kill and more. It will get technical at times but I intend to supplement it with diagrams when possible and we will always keep it entertaining. No need to refer to me as Professor Scribe, unless of course you insist.

For those who play the game or have played it, this will lead to a fun dialogue. For those who have not and/or never studied it in any detail, I hope to see your hockey acumen go through the roof and enhance your game viewing experience. I have a personal drive to do this for our readers because I am seeing statistics and those who use them as propaganda or exclusive means of judgment erode the beauty and intricacies of this game. Hockey may just be the most fluid sport in the world and there may be no greater “team” game. It doesn’t lend itself to stats as the predominant means of analysis of a player or team. Once you understand the game on a higher level, you may appreciate even more just how much of it depends on subtleties that statistics could never capture.

Each article I write for Hockey 2.0 will be posted on the main page. It will also be linked on a page at the top of the screen called Hockey 2.0. That page is already up and “under construction”. This way, you can always go back and read past articles.

We killed the blasphemous rumors thing for now, partly due to time and our desire to focus on more productive hockey talk and partly because we turned out to be wrong on the Doughty negotiations. Since it’s integrity first, everything else second, we frowned on ongoing rumors. However, we will still bring you what we hear every once in a while but in a more fun way. Have you ever played the game “Where’s Waldo?” Me neither. But, it’s something like that.

Finally, you may have already noticed “Your Los Angeles Kings” as a page at the top of the screen. If you hover your cursor over it, you will see a drop down menu with the schedule, roster, and salary cap chart (courtesy of capgeek). On the schedule page, you will notice“recap” after each game that has already been played. That is our recap of that game so, anytime you want to read a post game we have done, click on the link.

If you ever have suggestions for the site, send me an email to or just comment below.


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  1. I really have no need to go to another Kings related site, ever again (even though there are a few I will still go to). You guys are that good.

  2. Shucks. I bet you say that to all the boys. You still should go to the other sites. You will need a break every once in a while from our insanity.

  3. In hopes to renew my husband’s interest in hockey (and validate my obsession) I sent him the link to your site. Seeing the additions you are making, I truly hope he takes the hint and checks in with you guys…at least once to every five times that I do.

  4. Dear Professor Scribe:



  5. Doing a Great Job for us.. we so appreciate..
    still have not been able to get your App on my Phone.. now have
    Droid Bionic.. anyone with and Android out there been able to find
    the S&S app??
    GO KINGS GO!!!

  6. “I have a personal drive to do this for our readers because I am seeing statistics and those who use them as propaganda or exclusive means of judgment erode the beauty and intricacies of this game.”

    Finally someone who gets it. Stats are important and have meaning but you can’t ignore what is actually taking place on the ice. Many things make up the final picture, and in many cases they are not registered on a stat sheet. You guys keep getting better and better….

  7. Won’t you drift into madness when deciphering Murray’s “system” and why he still uses it in 2011?


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