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  1. Will be interesting to say the least to see how each team treats their Ex Players..
    I hope Simmer plays well.. of course he will .. but has no altercations with us..
    And of course we win..
    GO KINGS GO!!!

  2. Cliffy OWNS Carcillo!!! Fucken deserved it after those two cheap ass cross checks.

  3. Love that first clip – back in the days when it could be hard to see the ice under the gloves and sticks! What I BITTERLY miss is our (fan’s) privilege of covering the ice in trash/garbage when warranted (Koharsky, you piece of shit…). It’s like Vegas trying to go all “family”.

    Bullshit – back in ’74 or so, Tommy Webster and the Whalers were coming to the Sports Arena. I cadged two tickets and lobbied the parentals. Moms took me – along with her loaded snub-nose .38. There we were – a boy, his mother and her “friend” (in a Sweeney Todd kind of way) eating peanuts and enjoying the game. I expect they’d arrest you if you hit Koharsky with even a soft drink or half-eaten hot dog (my favorite) these days. Fuckers.

  4. According to Jim Fox, Martinez is sitting for Drewiske. Terry Murray is a genius, replace the Kings most consistent defenseman through 3 games and sit him for the King worse defenseman. That will get the offense going. 3 years and counting for Murray to find an offense.

    Maybe they should have kept Voynov? Muzzin? Hickey?

  5. I remember watching those bench clearing brawls as a lad, but never seen one in person. Saw something close with the Long Beach Ice Dogs once, but nowhere near the whole teams being involved. Saw all 5 players for the Kings on the ice fight once, and my girlfriend and I were screamin for the goalies to fight, but they never did.

  6. This is the game to wet DD’s feet? ??
    Bad move
    GO KINGS GO!!!

  7. Of Ken Linseman I was told by a noted King, “He doesn’t have a friend in the league.”

    These were the days when we couldn’t beat the Flyers with a gun.

  8. I liked hearing the term “goaler” . I don’t remember when that changed


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