Drew Doughty Will Miss 7 To 10 Days Due To Shoulder Injury

Drew Doughty will miss 7 to 10 days due to a shoulder injury sustained in the first period of the Kings vs Flyers game.

More to come as we get news.

In the meantime, Slava Voynov, here is your time to shine.

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  1. Voynov? I wish. I bet we see Whiskey-Greene and Mitchell-Martinez.

  2. … I think that they should sign Bryan Berard, because he had a good season that one year, 2004 or whatever. Just like Trent Hunter did!

  3. A bit of a silver lining w/Voynov, assuming he gets called up. But damn, Greene was getting exposed out there.

    I like Greene, but this is one of the reasons I feel we should have been trying to move him to make room for Voynov. We’ve got Mitchell and Scuds, he’s not the stay at home guy we want to keep.

    • That is an awkward hit. Drew leaned into the hit. It’s not a glancing blow. That is akin to a punch square in the nose, except it’s the shoulder. He is going to have a nice bruise. I just hope it’s not a compression fracture.

  4. Thoughts on Penner seeing little to no ice time after his retaliation fight that cost us a goal? While it did directly lead to them taking a one goal lead, at least it showed the guy had a pulse for the first time in a long time.

  5. and Martinez already a scratch? prove me wrong about this: the way they call the game these days, “strong” defensemen with slow feet are less useful than fast “small” defensemen with hands. pair Voynov and Martinez, let Johnson and the old slow guys figure out how to best not get scored on, and notice that Martinez plays like a 10 year vet, only he’s still quick, and with Voynov we’ll see how much Doughty is worth. why it is a rule that you can only have one quick skilled defensemen per pair is beyond me.

    • This is not even a close call for me. Martinez plays. There is nothing Drewiske brings that Martinez does not and Martinez has an offensive upside. On my team, I am not sure Greene even has a top 6 spot. He is probably a #7 but the problem is his contract. You can’t sit that much money on D.

  6. While I agree about the thoughts on Drewiske even playing at all, I specifically watched him while he was out on the ice. I thought this was one of the better games he has had.

    • While he may not be all of our choices to fill the spot, I agree at least he brought HIS best game against what will end up being one of the best teams in the East.

    • lol. He hasn’t played since February. Do you remember his last few games? I don’t.

      • We won so I’ll admit I may be wearing rose colored glasses and just loving life and being forgiving. Then again I’m fat, and they say elephants never forget.

      • Touche lol.

        I do remember everyone hating him, so if tonight is any indication he has improved.

        • It’s interesting to me because back in January (it may have been December, before Whiskey was a healthy scratch until the end of time, there was an article on him. It talked about how Whiskey does everything that he’s asked. They wanted him to be more physical and use his size, he did and got in his first NHL fight. I think TM called him a workhorse. Now, I understand that next to Martinez, there is no comparison. But, I definitely wouldn’t call Whiskey the worst or most lazy guy on the team (not that anyone did… just saying). I will admit, though, I am kinda biased.

          • I doubt that was last season but if you can link it, it would help. You may be thinking of the season before (2009-2010). The one thing about Whiskey that stands out from last season is Terry Murray converting him to wing. Remember that? That was a beauty.

  7. Seeing how so far this season our faster defense are stepping up into the play more and so far we seem to not be getting caught and having adequate support to cover their spot– this would be an ideal style of offense to through Martinez and Voynov into seeing how well they skate with the puck. Go Kings!

    • Holy monkey. I need to stop posting at 4 am while at the tail end of a 12 hour shift. I will have to see if I can find it. It was an article from those emails that season ticket holders get. Hopefully I can find it.

      • Oh. I thought you meant we posted such a thing. I think we praised him once or twice two season ago. He is a sweetheart of a guy. Met him once. He is just caught with a lot of depth around him and I don’t know if he has the skill set to trump anyone ahead of him or the kids behind him coming through.

        • Oh… like I said, I think I should stick to posting comments when I’m not sleep deprived. :) He’s the nicest guy ever and really has the desire to do well. If desire created talent, he may be alright. Like I said earlier, I’m definitely biased because he’s my favorite but I am also able to see things realistically and know that it’s only a matter of time (and I’m guessing in the very near future) before there is no longer a place that makes sense for him on this team.

  8. I thought Whiskey had a good game. Scuds had more mistakes then he normally does, but recovered well in the 3rd with some key defensive break ups. JJ, even when DD was in, was hands down our best defenseman. Mitchell had a better game than last game and played a responsible game tonight. You could tell that he didn’t want to get caught out of position like he did last game. He didn’t force the play in the offensive zone, even with DD out.

    • Forgot about Greene. Wish I could forget some of his mistakes tonight. He has games like tonight every once in a while, and tonight with the extra minutes, he got exposed positionally, and took a lot of penalties because of trying to nuetralize the man he was covering after they made 1 on 1 moves to try to beat him.

      • Both teams skated over their dicks. Both took stupid penalties, and both paid the price for it.

        On the bright side — over these first four games it surely has not escaped our notice that our big-titted players are producing offense. Those who predicted that Richards’ presence would mean more goals for Kopi’s line weren’t cracking walnuts up their ass.

        Once Stoll and Penner — (yes, Penner) — start throbbing and spurting the offense will be still tougher to stop.

        I don’t think Philly would have been so dominant at certain stages of the game if we still had Zus to set them straight. But we blocked a humongous amount of shots without him, and our D-corps was in good enough shape to handle those cruel extra minutes — which musta made them feel like their legs were dipped in acid — after Dewey went down.

        • Westgarth not playing a whole lotta minutes, Penner not plaing a whole lotta minutes, and DD not playing a whole lotta minutes. Basically we were missing a defenseman, and 2 forwards last night.

          Quick held us in the game as usual, and Zues would have cut down on the shots against when they were in our zone, but really wouldn’t of added much in the way of offense. I don’t even think he would of pushed the pace towards Philly anymore than he did against anyone last season. He’s the Kind of player you need in your zone, but the Kings wouldn’t struuggle so much if they were scoring themselves.

          Scary to think that with all the added fire power, we still look like the same low scoring, goalie dependent, 1 goal game team that caried us into the playoffs last season.

          I t is still pretty early, and I think once the guys have been home for a few games things will be different, but offense, and Power play was the focus since camp started, and the offense is still just barely clicking. Great point about Richards, and Kopi.

  9. Who’s going to talk to Voynov’s mom?


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