This is a discussion Surly & I previously had. He claimed Brad Richardson should give up his nickname and Mike Richards should become Richie. I told him that was absurd. You don’t lose a nickname and it’s not like a number. Well, not surprisingly, the L.A. Kings players agree with me.


There does remain one problem. Rick? I thought it was Rickie, but Doughty claims it is Rick. From Hammond:

DOUGHTY: “Yeah, that’s kind of what we’re calling him, Rick, because we’ve got Richie. So, Rick.’’

Question: So, Brad Richardson would never lose his nickname? There’s seniority there?

DOUGHTY: “Yeah. I think it’s been Rick for a while. That’s what he kind of told us to call him when he got over here. We’re going to try to come up with a better one, I think.’’

So, help a brother out. Mike Richards needs a nickname. Post yours in the comment section. I will submit the better ones you come up with to the team for consideration. Given the creative and eccentric nature of our readers, I am counting on some beauties.

I also have a poll for you:

Update: Upon further review, it may be me who is the crazy one. I may have interposed Surly’s opinion with my own. There is conflicting information at this time. This is still being investigated.