Mike Richards Needs A Nickname. L.A. Kings Fans Can Help.

This is a discussion Surly & I previously had. He claimed Brad Richardson should give up his nickname and Mike Richards should become Richie. I told him that was absurd. You don’t lose a nickname and it’s not like a number. Well, not surprisingly, the L.A. Kings players agree with me.


There does remain one problem. Rick? I thought it was Rickie, but Doughty claims it is Rick. From Hammond:

DOUGHTY: “Yeah, that’s kind of what we’re calling him, Rick, because we’ve got Richie. So, Rick.’’

Question: So, Brad Richardson would never lose his nickname? There’s seniority there?

DOUGHTY: “Yeah. I think it’s been Rick for a while. That’s what he kind of told us to call him when he got over here. We’re going to try to come up with a better one, I think.’’

So, help a brother out. Mike Richards needs a nickname. Post yours in the comment section. I will submit the better ones you come up with to the team for consideration. Given the creative and eccentric nature of our readers, I am counting on some beauties.

I also have a poll for you:

Update: Upon further review, it may be me who is the crazy one. I may have interposed Surly’s opinion with my own. There is conflicting information at this time. This is still being investigated.


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30 replies

  1. Mikey. He likes it, hey Mikey!

  2. How about “Mike Richards”?

  3. I think Mikey or Dickie would be awesome.

  4. Lol, your such an asshole!

    Going to tell us the Holocaust never happened too? The south won the war? Yoko made the Beatles better?

    If you are going to revise something, may I suggest your haircut.

    • You mean Yoko didn’t make the Beatles better? I suppose Neil Armstrong didn’t fake the landing on the moon either? Oswald really did shoot the president by himself? lol

  5. Mikey Ricks… eh?

  6. “Railgun”. Kind of a modernization/homage to Maurice Richard.

    Maurice “Rocket” Richard
    Michael “Railgun” Richards

  7. My sister calls him sexy pants and has for a few years.

  8. I’d say Dr. Sweetpants, but Stoll has a copyright filed on that one.

    Or “mainlander”, since he never visited Dry Island :eyeroll:

    • Well now once again..my sister says Stoll is “sweetcheeks”. I would call Stoll “drop dead georgous”. Mike can be Richie.

  9. … Duh. “Kramer”, of course. “Cosmo” works too.

    • LOL! This one hands down.

      I’ve been trying to be clever and can’t think of a thing. I know I don’t like Rickie. Its like Little Rickie on Lucy.

      Also like Rich. Something about the Richie Rich line cracks me up.

  10. Richie East

  11. I’ve been calling him Richer

  12. The rickster

  13. Mike “The King” Richards ;)

  14. Just call him LA, because he’s going to win this city over when we win the cup!!!

  15. Since he’s pulling a Major League II and replacing the black guy we could call him Omar Epps or Willie Mays Hayes… and they thought we’d never notice.

  16. 2011-2012 Stanely Cup Champion Mike Richards or or Anti-Crosby

  17. King Richard was known as Richard the Lionheart, which is a mouthfull to yell when looking for a heads up pass through the neutral zone, but would look boss on a billboard.


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