Wayne Simmonds May Be Your Huckleberry

Mike Richards has the spotlight. I look elsewhere. Wayne Simmonds. Superman. The player we loved, still do and, while I do that trade 100 out of 100 times, few wanted to see leave.

I was of the opinion, one shared by others, that Wayne Simmonds did not get a fair shake last season. Murray matched him against the opponent’s toughest lines, Wayne embraced his defensive role and naturally suffered in the offensive department. The Flyers’ head coach, Peter Laviolette, had a different plan. Simmonds gets close to 15 minutes of ice time per game, is placed on the powerplay (including the first unit), offensive situations as well as on the grinding lines. In other words, the Flyers are using Wayne Simmonds as a true power forward, as it should be. So far, he has a goal and assist in 3 games.

The Wayne Simmonds I watched for 3 seasons is going to have a chip on his shoulder tonight and will be ready to flex his muscles at both ends of the ice. Expect him on the first powerplay unit. Expect him in key offensive situations. Will the gloves stay on? We shall see. I will watch for his interaction with Jack Johnson. I do suspect Drew Doughty will have a smile for Wayne and vice versa. Perhaps after the game, regardless of the result, they may have a few minutes to catch up – Drew will be buying of course.


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  1. I love this kid….I wish wish him the best! Simmonds will be one of the few ex-Kings I will continuously follow.

  2. … Just trade Bernier. Set the man free, you fucking idiots.

    Get a real third-line forward.

  3. Off to a terrible start.

    Dont trade Bernier. Trade Stoll and a d prospect for two good bottom 6 wingers and play Loki in place of Stoll. That’s my fix (if we are talking trades). Bernier gets traded next year if we don’t get Parise in an effort to replace Penner.

    Also, we are off to a terrible start. Moreau has handled the puck more than any other zing 8 minutes in.

    • Dont trade Bernier.

      … Why not? I’m sure there’s another team out there that thinks he can play.

      Trade Stoll and a d prospect for two good bottom 6 wingers and play Loki in place of Stoll. That’s my fix

      … So, instead of winning few faceoffs, let’s not win any at all! Oh well, guess you can just blame the residual negative effects on Terry Murray.

      Nice to see the Kings tie the game, by the way.

      • You make trades to better your team, not because you want to help out a player. The Kings are better with Bernier as a backup than they are without him. Stop insisting the Kings make a move to make a 22 year old happy.

        Just that you say ‘why not?’ is silly. Why do you put the needs of one player over the needs of the team? If you want a third line winger you can trade any number of our plethora of defensive prospects.

        • You make trades to better your team, not because you want to help out a player.

          … I don’t see where trading away someone you don’t believe in for someone you DO believe in isn’t helping the team.

          • The Kings believe in Bernier. It’s 4 games into the season, what the fuck are you talking about?

          • The Kings believe in Bernier.

            … Yeah, right. I’ve seen their “belief” in him over the past two seasons.

          • You’ve seen the backup goaltender played like a backup. This is the first season where Murray has said he will ride the hot hand regardless of number 1 and backup designations, which is why, 4 games in, it’s retarded to say trade him because they don’t believe in him.

          • This is the first season where Murray has said he will ride the hot hand regardless of number 1 and backup designations

            … Bullshit. He said it last season too, and he didn’t stick with it. Bernier’s last start of the season was a shutout. He just didn’t want to fucking use Bernier. And that’s all good – just trade the guy and bring in a REAL backup goalie, not a guy who’s starting caliber and being misused.

          • That’s absolutely not true. Last year he said Quick was the number 1 and that he had outlined a goalie schedule through fucking December.

            You are the only person who got it in your head last year that Bernier was a 1b when that was never the case.

          • That’s absolutely not true.

            … Guess this was a figment of my imagination. Just checking.

          • That was in January and Lasted all of one game. Much like his line combos. I said at the start of the season… You know, like where we are right now.

  4. What possible reason do these idiots have to boo Richards?

    • What possible reason do these idiots have to boo Richards?

      … Replace “Richards” with “Blake” and you have the exact question I asked for years.

      • That’s just ridiculous. The two situations are nothing alike except for the booing, EVERYTHING else leading to the booing is totally different. I shouldn’t even need to point that out.

    • Why boo Richards?!?

      Because the Philly fans knew they were gonna walk out of the game with his dick broken off in their asses. That’s why.

      It’s almost like — to paraphrase Doolittle — they WANTED it to happen, they WAITED for it to happen, they WILLED it to happen. They came to the game dreaming that they’d be anally raped by a Richards assist in overtime.

      I remember the cheers Dave Schulz got when he returned to the Spectrum, but now as a King. The whole arena gushed love and appreciation. But the instant he bopped a Flyer into the boards he turned into The Asshole from the Black Lagoon.

      You may recall when we traded Krushelnyski and — because he’d been concussed and we thought he was all washed up — Tony Granato. We cheered them when they returned to our ice. But as soon as they FUCKED US — which they both did — they became anathema!

      Why should it be any different with Richards. Not only is our team referred to as “Philly West”, but — despite all the denials and equivocations — our fans are quite the same as our east coast counterparts. We just wear different clothes and sport more celebs per square yard.

  5. This 5-on-3 of Kompon’s that is designed to have ZERO movement drives me fucking crazy!

    WILLIAMS!!! What a fucking shot!

  6. … In other news, Doughty is still missing from this game.

    • So is Penner, even though he keeps getting ice time. Very concerned thought that Drew is already missing time from a hit near the head. Penner stepping up to fight that idiot is the best thing he’s done as a King.

  7. … The Kings are blocking a lot of shots, but otherwise they look pretty clueless defensively.

  8. I don’t think Doughty’s going to be doing much of anything today….. lol (no, that injury was serious and we should treat it as such). I think he should open up a tab for both teams after the game, though…. it’s not like he can’t afford it.
    anyway…. Simmonds is a great guy and an excellent player with lots of potential for even more improvement. But orange is not his color. at all. <3

  9. … Great job on the goal by Williams. Nice keep by Johnson, and a fortuitous bounce.

  10. Williams is the fucking man.

  11. … WELP. So much for that. I don’t think I’ve seen a weak side SO undefended as it was right there.

  12. Well thank god both Lewis and Greene were covering the same 4 foot space on the ice there.

  13. Williams, without question, is my favorite King. The guy does everything right and uses his talents to the fullest. “Potential” is maximized! What can you not like about that cat?

  14. Can the PP make itself relevant? This is our chance, men. Make us proud.

  15. … Jack “OVERTIME” Johnson! A victory!

  16. Thank fucking god! Jack the overtime hero again. Now, can we please win the next game in regulation?


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