If you, like me, have a file drawer in your head for Terry Murray’s moves, file this under random, nonsensical lineup changes not based on fact or reason.

It seems Trent Hunter is Murray’s 2011-2012 scapegoat, at least so far. He is replaced by Kevin Westgarth, a fan favorite for some, but most would agree offensively and defensively unproductive. Westgarth will make our 4th line slower and a greater defensive liability. Given Terry Murray’s unwillingness to match lines, I don’t look forward to seeing Westgarth out there when the Flyers’ top line jumps on the ice, mid shift.

The move with the bigger what the hell factor is sitting Alec Martinez. When was Davis’ last game? February? Let’s throw him in against the Flyers and sit Martinez who, while he hasn’t put up any goals or assists, is an excellent skater, has played well defensively (but for a couple of lapses from which Doughty & Johnson have also suffered), has found lanes to get the shots through despite our offensive structure, and has one of the better releases. All this move does is take much needed offensive potential away and replaces it with a one-dimensional defenseman with average skating ability who has shown himself to be, at best, inconsistent.

I am trying to keep a positive outlook on the season and I will forget this move the moment the puck drops but, more and more, it looks like we are in store for more senseless and random moves by our head coach in an attempt to find a solution in all the wrong places because his play book is filled with doodles.

The Kings need a win tonight. I continue to believe we are talented enough to overcome our offensive structure.