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I ran across a blog started by three women named Tracy, Mary & Noreen. From the Kings Hockey For Women site:

1.  Tracy, our L.A. Kings Super-Fan, who will help us to understand what is going on before and throughout the season.

2.  Mary, our novice and blog administrator, who will summarize what we discuss on our Kings Hockey for Women radio show on BlogTalkRadio Show each week over here on our blog, and

3.  Noreen, our color commentator and hockey fan from the days when the Montreal Canadiens ruled the world and she lived in Montreal.

No truth to the rumors Surly started about them being three female fitness instructors in their early 20’s with a love for speed metal, who post articles naked, each with a Los Angeles Kings tattoo in a discreet location.

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  1. Are they hot?

  2. Woman who love hockey rule. Too bad I never meet them in my personal life. I just found this little jem a little while ago, and kind of check up on them every once in a while.

  3. I feel like we should say something like “welcome to our porn nest” lol

    Unfortunately, we are not hot young chicks. For me, I’m just a Kings hockey fan. But I like to refer to myself as “used to be hot before hubby got ahold of me and made me have 3 boys”. :-)

    Wow, thanks Bobby for putting us up on your site. A Kings blog has been something I have always wanted to do. We are a hockey family (I played, Hubby coached, Kids played) and born in Canada. What else do you want? Except that whenever I would post somewhere I noticed a lot of women, girls and beginners were very shy. I wanted a place for them!

    I’m in section 101 for the 1/2 season and will be with Hubby screaming away. Please let us buy you guys a beer at the game! I may be older than you, but I bet I can beat you on beer pong. :-)

    Right on! Go! Kings! Go!

  4. i’m thinking the silver bullet….

  5. Post naked??? That’s better than I can do!! :D

  6. Once Cavemen always cavemen.. we all sigh that you men can be large/bald/ etc ( think Tom Likius.. and ick) and still think women must all be Vegas showgirls..
    I just move past all the chest thumping and appreciate the good shit you guys
    have to say..
    And Thank you Dominick..
    there are sports and then there is HOCKEY!!!
    GO KINGS GO!!!

  7. This is great and all…

    But what are they doing out of the kitchen?

  8. As a former player who was lucky enough to play several scrimmages against the Canadian Womans Hockey team and lived to tell the tale I am happy to be able to get a chance to read these hockey women’s opinions. Really cool idea.


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