Oh, The Irony Of Drew Doughty’s Injury & Slava Voynov’s Recall

Slava Voynov wants to make the team.

Drew Doughty doesn’t show up to camp, thereby giving Voynov an open seam through which to burst and show his merit.

Slava Voynov impresses at camp and earns his keep through the preseason.

Drew Doughty skips the preseason games, giving Slava a greater opportunity.

Slava Voynov impresses in the preseason. He looks ready for the NHL.

At the 11th hour, Drew Doughty signs.

At 3 minutes past the 11th hour, Slava Voynov is sent to Manchester.

Game 4, Drew Doughty is injured.

Before game 5, Slava Voynov is recalled.

If Drew Doughty did not skip camp, Voynov would not have received a close look, with an eye to make the roster.

If Drew Doughty did not skip the preseason, Voynov would not have had the same opportunity to excel.

The Drew Doughty circus we all endured gave Voynov an opportunity to step up. Drew Doughty’s injury may now afford Slava the chance to step through. Will it be short-lived? Will the pressure of meaningful games against NHL players, where every stride, pass, shot and play is magnified, make Slava focus or fold? If he plays outstanding hockey, is there a place for him?

It will be an interesting 7 to 10 days.

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  1. I really want him to kick ass, and force management to find a place for him on this team ;)

    • So, you’re saying you want Matt Greene gone. That is a bold statement, Mark. You may get crap for coming right out and declaring that.

      • Yeah! Greene and Parse to Winnipeg for next season’s 1st round pick.

        Urp…Urp…I think I coming down off the irony.

      • I want Matt Greene gone.

        I don’t care how good he is “in the room”; it’s about what he does (or doesn’t do) on the ice. It’s bad enough that he’s slow footed and takes countless ill-advised penalties when he’s beaten. But…

        My seat is right next to the Kings penalty box. The dude is ugly (Yes, I know it’s “pot, meet kettle”) and I don’t want to have to look at him up close and personal for 4-6 minutes a game.


  2. The only thing that concerns me is that if Voynov does impress big time and makes it impossible for management to send him down, that Murray plays him in place of Martinez, both right now and once Drew comes back. I want both these guys on the team…. Somehow. I am concerned that this comes fiht after Murray benches Martinez for god knows what reason. We have to hope that the Drewiske plug in was just one of Terry’s change for the sake of change moves, and not because Martinez somehow made it into Murray’s impregnable dog house.

  3. There was a reason that A Mart sat.

  4. Who’s he gonna clear outa the crease? The Blues have some hefty motherfuckers up front.

    (Why can’t Deslauriers have Voynov’s skills?)

  5. it’s never dull in L.A.
    Why can’t Slava stay.. send Wiskey down( sorry DD) and rotate our D men a bit..
    If each of them sat out a game in rotation we might be able to keep fresher players thru the season.. I’m just throwing it out there..
    And send Parse down and bring back Lokti!!
    GO KINGS GO!!!

  6. A Mart was sat so Wiske could put on a showcase. It didnt happen, but Wiske and Parse are going somewhere as a package. Or Wiske and Greene, but I am not sure about that.

    I really feel that those two would be better on a different team, that doesnt have such an immediate need to produce. Bottom line is, Kings need players that are a few games away from full speed, or already at full speed. Teams like PHX, Dallas, WIN, won’t necessarily need that this season.

    I cant see management sending those boys to another team in the Pac, so WIN makes sense for a few picks. I’m also talking out of my ass.

    • Yeah, me too. Voyonv will likely see two games and out. I think Martinez needs this season under his belt before the defense is ready to carry a rookie….even a very good one.

  7. I’m gonna laugh if Whiskey, and Martinez end up filling in, and Voynov ends up riding the pine since that’s where Voynov will be if we get rid of Whiskey once DD comes back. Irony is that everybody will cry for Voynov while DD’s out, then cry that Voynov should be the 7th defenseman and ride the pine instead of Whiskey.

    • Exactly.

      I think it would be great if he gets a shot but I just don’t see it happening this time around especially since Richards filled out Doughty’s point spot on the PP rather nicely.

  8. ain’t nothing left to see from Whiskey. he’s good at what he does: chill in the press box, fill in for injuries. that being said, he fills in on the slow half, so call up Voynov to replace a fast one. and if we can replace Murray with a clone/cyborg that doesn’t have the neurotic disjunct between perceived and actual performance which is so clearly manifest in his distribution of TOI… well, we’d find a way to deal one of Greene/Scuderi/Mitchell. of course it happens after this season when Mitchell’s contract expires but dang it would be nice to unload Greene’s $$$/years. gonna need that dough for Parise and re-upping a goalie (TBD). and until I see them getting “pushed around” or whatever is supposed to happen to a pair of 2 skilled fast D (viz Pronger having pushed Kopi on top of the net… while Williams walks through the slot and scores! moving people out is overrated, it’s just their stick that counts), I want Martinez/Doughty (sigh…), or at least Martinez/Johnson but then someone else is going to get stuck holding the bag of Murray “displeasure” for having to cover Greene’s ass as it takes repeated 1-on-1 spankings. if they put Voynov down there I will do my best to vomit on TM.

  9. has it not been known around here that scuds has been quietly shopped around the league since the middle of preasosn…. greene’s contract makes him unmovable unless we were talking someone with a worse cap hit and over pay to get him… voyonov will stay if he shines which means amart might have to move to the defensive side of the ice so that the 3rd pair can be him and voyonov… imo greene has never been a bad player just not an impact one that u guys think we need… newsflash grit is needed in the play-offs so id rather have strength on the back end and not a goon like westy on one of the top 4 lines

  10. Well, I think in the NHL rules a team must play a Russian at least 5 games a year.

    So we are just meeting our quota.

  11. Quote from Murray:

    “When we had the conversation in Europe, for him to go back to Manchester, with the coaching staff and Dean and Hexy, we all reassured him, `Feel good about your game. You’re on the threshold. You’re ready to make that step across and become a player on a regular basis in the NHL.’ It’s here a little bit sooner than what we anticipated, and it’s unfortunate that it is, but it’s his opportunity to show that he can play. He’s not called up to fill in for an injured player in my mind. This is a time for him to show us what he can do.’’


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