Slava Voynov wants to make the team.

Drew Doughty doesn’t show up to camp, thereby giving Voynov an open seam through which to burst and show his merit.

Slava Voynov impresses at camp and earns his keep through the preseason.

Drew Doughty skips the preseason games, giving Slava a greater opportunity.

Slava Voynov impresses in the preseason. He looks ready for the NHL.

At the 11th hour, Drew Doughty signs.

At 3 minutes past the 11th hour, Slava Voynov is sent to Manchester.

Game 4, Drew Doughty is injured.

Before game 5, Slava Voynov is recalled.

If Drew Doughty did not skip camp, Voynov would not have received a close look, with an eye to make the roster.

If Drew Doughty did not skip the preseason, Voynov would not have had the same opportunity to excel.

The Drew Doughty circus we all endured gave Voynov an opportunity to step up. Drew Doughty’s injury may now afford Slava the chance to step through. Will it be short-lived? Will the pressure of meaningful games against NHL players, where every stride, pass, shot and play is magnified, make Slava focus or fold? If he plays outstanding hockey, is there a place for him?

It will be an interesting 7 to 10 days.