The Enemy Speaks: Flyers Bloggers Fret & Fuss

The Flyers came in tonight with a chance to start with a 4-0 for the first time in over 16 years. In the end they didn’t; simple as that. Sure the story of the night with continue to be the fact that it was Mike Richards return to Philadelphia for the first time since he felt in a trade this summer. And probably rightfully so, because for the first time in sometime, Mike Richards brought his A game into the Wells Fargo Center. 

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Well that was a bit of a gut punch… After a hard-fought battle went to overtime, Mike Richards helped to deliver his former team its first loss with a nice assist to Jack Johnson. It came on a powerplay in overtime, but the set up was vintage Richards, a fake slapshot turned to a pass for the winner off the stick of Johnson.

Richards received a mostly warm welcome at first, with some Flyers fans on their feet to start, and an even better reception when Lou Nolan announced him with a brief showing on the main screen. Others booed, a trend that would grow every time Richards touched the puck. Surreal.

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Mike Richards’ return to the Wells Fargo Center probably went about as well as he could’ve liked. A beauty of a game-winning assist will do that, you know? The former Flyers captain was booed every single time he touched the puck after an initial reaction of mostly cheers, and his Kings left the building and ended their long road trip with a 3-2 overtime win.

Chris Pronger on the fan reaction to Richards: “They showed their appreciation… and then got over it quickly.” 

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  1. Did a Kings announcer really call JMFJ John Jackson? Was reading the comments on one of the Flyers blogs and that’s what it said. Kinda surprising to me.

  2. Yes. It was Bob Miller. It was during a quick play. My buddy and I started laughing. Later, when Jack scored the OT winner, I jumped out of my seat and yelled “JOHN JACKSON SCOOOOOOOOORES!” Pretty sure the neighbors heard me.

  3. Ah. Ok. That makes sense then. Poor Bob Miller. :) I definitely need to get Center Ice. I’m dying without my Kings hockey. But, luckily, I can rely on you and Surly to get me all the Kings info I need! You guys are the best. Thanks for giving me my daily Kings fix!

  4. John Jackson is a much better player than Jack Johnson. John was all over the ice against the Flyers. ;)

  5. That new Kings defenseman John Jackson was pretty good.

    Didn’t see him in the starting lineup, was he rushed from Manchester after the Doughty injury? How did he get past airport security so quickly? Is he waiver exempt? Are Voynov and Muzzin pissed?

  6. Voynov not in the Manchester lineup today. Expect it to be announced tomorrow. Doughty to IR and Voynov to LA.

  7. I like this new John Jackson guy, he was actually a + in the +/- column for the game!

  8. I’m still trying to figure out what the first blogger you quoted is trying to say. ESL?


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