The White Jersey Question

Unlike the rest of the Kings blogoverse, I think it’s stupid to have a discussion about hockey jersey aesthetics before you’ve seen people play hockey in them. That’s like your girlfriend taking you shopping, holding up a dress off the rack and asking you if it would look good on 23 of her friends. The only appropriate response is ‘How the fuck should I know?’ Well the real response should be ‘Hurry the fuck up, the Kings game starts in 20 minutes,’ but you do want to get laid tonight. After the game, of course.

Seeing stagnant mock ups, players walking around in jerseys and jeans at hockeyfest and some photos from preseason are not enough to judge uniforms that are meant to be seen by 5 guys flying around an ice surface, skating, shooting, hitting.

So since we have finally had a chance to see the Kings actually play in these new away uniforms twice, the fuck, you should now know. The question can finally be answered properly. Do you like the look of the Kings new white jerseys?

Personally, I like them well enough. They certainly are not my favorite jersey in the league, nor my favorite King jersey, but overall, they are clean and I think look good on our boys during a game. They aren’t exactly slimming on our beefier players, but at the very least there are FAR uglier jerseys in the NHL. But enough about the Florida Panthers.

Would I prefer a crown over the home plate logo? Absolutely, but if the Kings aren’t going to wear purple and gold (it’s never going to happen people, I’ve given up hope on that front), I prefer these jerseys to the black and purple of the Staples Center era, which I was never a big fan of in any of their numerous iterations. Those jerseys were just too busy. I dig simplicity in aesthetics. Also outside of the old forum blue, purple is one of my least favorite colors. Looks nice on a flower, but so do bees and spores. The ‘we look like the Raiders!’ argument also holds no weight with me because, like Bobby, I don’t follow basketball. I know many out there like to hem and haw about how plain black and white is, but really who else in the NHL wears it? They may not make it into the ancient lore next to some goofy Technicolor dream coat, and they won’t be winning any kaleidoscopic awards, but it’s not as if we suddenly blend in with several other teams in the league. I find them unique, if not complex.

So vote above and comment below on your adorations or frustrations. Also remember that this is the Kings we are talking about here. The jerseys will change again in 3-5 years.

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  1. As long as they keep winning in those jerseys I’ll be fine. I like them. Go Kings!

  2. They are fine. I will eventually get one to wear to games, but haven’t decided on Doughty or Richards yet.

    When does Doughty become “injury prone”?

  3. I think we should steal the Monarch’s jersey. Maybe some slight tweaks but overall they look pretty badass. Just needs a revised and simplified crown to go with them.

  4. I’m not a fan of the home plate logo but overall I like the look of the white jerseys. I think they look great on the ice. Saw the boys play in them during the preseason and they looked really good. But, in the grand scheme of things, the jersey matters not.

  5. As close as they are going to get to the early nineties Gretzky era silver/black/white. Not bad. But could be worse.

  6. i like them a lot. i like the home all black jersey better. and i still absolutely love the old school black and silver jerseys!!!!

    the gretzky era black and sliver jerseys should be our 3rd jerseys

    • Nah, the purple and gold should be thirds. I like having black and white jerseys, but having the thirds be black and white too would be too much for me. Echo Gretzky era like we do now with these new jerseys, since it’s our era of the most success and closest we came to a cup, and honor the origins with the purple and gold as thirds.

  7. … The logo stinks – but otherwise, I like the whites.

  8. I dont know why they put differnt stripes on the bottom of the road jerseys.
    If you notice the home ones have two thin stripes on the very bottom. the roads have the gretzky era type stripes thicker and higher up. i love the old gretzky era jerseys but these new roads would look way better with the stripes in the same position and thickness as the homes with just the thin black and gray. I dont get why they did this. Usually the two jerseys are just inverted versions of each other.
    either way I hate this new logo. its the kings not the LA “LAs”. The crown should be the only thing on the front. I liked the black and purple with the crown the best out of all of the jerseys. They should have just removed those stupid shoulder patches and got rid of the Los Angeles at the bottom, keep it clean. Everybody knows where the team is from.


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