The article’s title was between “In Kneed Of Answers” or “The Kneed To Know”. Now that I wrote it, I like the other one better.

MayorsManor brought Kings’ fans an update on Dustin Penner’s status today:

On why Penner left the ice – “There’s nothing I can tell you right now. There’s no report from our doctor, where he has gone. What I said after the game in Philadelphia, it’s a contusion on his knee – when he had the fight, he fell – that’s what it is. He went to get it checked out by the doctor to see if there is anything further on that.”

On if it was planned for him to only participate in part of today’s practice – “No. The plan was a full practice and there was nothing before the practice to lead me to think that it was going to be anything different than that. Obviously it’s bothering him and he’s been reassured by the doctor in Philadelphia and the training staff here. But, something’s on his mind. So, we sent him to our team doctor.”

Murray went on to praise the Flyers medical staff, a group he said he knew well, referring to them as ‘world class’ and ‘top shelf’ – and very helpful with the evaluation of Penner while the team was in Philly.

On Penner taking an instigator penalty for the fight in the Flyer game – “I didn’t know if it was (worthy of) an instigator, it was kind of two players who came together. I guess they have to interpret as that. But, I’m fine with what he did, sure – a player sticking up for a teammate is a good thing.”

Murray concluded by saying it was too early to rule Penner out of tomorrow night’s ‘official’ home opener against the St. Louis Blues. In his words – “I’ll have to wait and see what the report will be later.”

Let’s blow that bolded portion a little out of proportion, ok? Did any of you, tell the truth, get an Andy Murray / Jason Allison flashback?

I am still unclear as to whether Penner’s limited minutes against the Flyers was due to this “contusion”. This was not asked directly and not answered although Murray’s statement now make that implication more direct.

Let’s hope this mysterious knee injury is not contagious. We sure as hell don’t kneed that around the locker room…