Kings Fist Blues 5-0

We could have played better at both ends of the ice. However, the difference between the game tonight and what we saw far too often last season was exactly what you see above. The Kings had some good scoring chances…and they buried them.

There is a lot to talk about.

Is the chemistry developing between Mike Richards and Dustin Brown? Did you jump out of your seat when Kings Richards made the lateral pass that Dustin tapped in? I did and with a fuck yeah, because we have missed that type of effortless and high percentage play with the man advantage.

Did the powerplay, overall, look better? Once we were able to set it up, did you notice the forwards at the circles looking for the lateral pass?

Were you surprised Slava Voynov played such a calm and quietly effective defensive game? Did you love his gap control as much as I did?

Is there a more complete, two-way center right now than Anze Kopitar?

Did Jonathan Quick play a solid game but still give you the occasional heart murmur with his aggressively acrobatic style?

Dustin Penner? The third line? The fourth? Thoughts?

How about Kopitar centering Williams and Gagne? They have clicked but isn’t it paramount that the second line continue to be an offensive threat? The first line will only be as effective as our depth allows so teams cannot singularly focus on them. Agree?

What else do you want to talk about?

By the way, Surly loves Simon Gagne. Before we acquired him, he wouldn’t shut up about Simon Gagne. After we signed him, you would think, by his reaction, Heidi gave him a late night visit and brought a couple of girlfriends. Tonight, Simon Gagne swung it around and laid it on his shoulder. What did Surly think of Gagne’s performance? I have no idea. I haven’t heard from him. Maybe Heidi actually paid that long-awaited visit.


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  1. I’ve always been a fan of Simon Gagne, so when the Kings acquired him, I went a little crazy with the texts, midnight calls, and “Woo, we got Gagne!” to my brother, and random Kings fans. To see him click with Kopitar, and Williams so well is just so wonderful to witness. I really think this season can be great. Go Kings!

  2. The chemistry between brown and Richards is starting to click its gonna be scary once penner catches their drift

  3. tonight was fucking awesome. from tge atmosphere we the fans brought into the arena to the way our guys didnt let is down. we kicked serious ass tonight and i dont think its too far a a message is being sent. i cant wait for the rest of this season GKG

  4. The boys showed quite a bit of their potential tonight. If they can continue to tap into it, and refine it, the kings will be a hard team to stop.

    Normally when the kings give up a 5-0 stinker, we all blame it on them, lack of work, lack of creativity, somebody important took a night off…

    I really didn’t see a bad game from the Blues. They were good. But good just wasn’t good enough. And that is very, very good news. I didn’t see a bad team lose, I saw a good team with good effort get absolutely smothered by defense, and then offensively crushed without mercy. I like it.

  5. What I love most is the milky discharge out of my dick.

    I’d like to see it replicated in Phoenix. When that happens I’ll feel better about the team.

    Penner actually contributed a pass and a steal or two. And we got lucky a bunch tonight. However, when you play as well as we played, you seem to earn your luck.

    Bah-lum ah-nee roh-toh nah-hee.

  6. I missed the game! Work takes precedence.

    I just skimmed through and watched the goals after getting home at midnight. I couldn’t help but notice that a shot from the point factored into exactly zero goals.

    What Bobby failed to mention about Gagne was that when I was going off about how excited I was, he was playing Mr. sour pants skeptical fuck. “I don’t like this move Jacob”. Pretty sure that’s a direct quote.

    Oh well, Kings brought it tonight and though I wish I had been there for so many reasons (I expect to take the kind of verbal beating I am used to dishing out from my season seat neighbors on Saturday – well deserved), I am so thrilled that we mopped the floor with those asswipes.


  7. Anyone else think that while Penner still didn’t do much of significance he at least looked like he’s starting to try and hustle a bit? He had some good fore check moments.

  8. I was sitting at center ice tonight in section 101 and I saw Penner take a face off. Am I still tripping from my first acid trip in 2001? Or was that real life?

  9. I have been super critical of Penner and must admit, I did see a bit of improvement this last game….FINALLY. However, I still don’t think he’s at the level he needs to be at. A 3rd line role would probably suit him best with his current skill level.

    Off the topic a bit but does Patrick O’neal bother anyone else as much as he bothers me? Now that Heidi is gone, I have nobody to stare at while he is talking.

    • Yes. Patrick just puts off that smarmy fake vibe to me. I can smell it from a thousand miles away. I know you have to put on that fake voice and ask stupid questions and say stupid things, but he goes about it in a complete put-off fake way.

      Heidi sucks for leaving. I know it’s her own life and all, but fuck her. She was hot, now we are left with all dudes.

  10. Obviously my ignorance is shining bright, but what happened to Heidi?

    • Hiedi wanted to explore some job offers. Kings wished her well and said she’d be back occasionally, and do somethings in the future. Girl was busy, with Kings coverage, NBC, Versus. olympics, all star weekend. Wish her well, but now we don’t have our own hottie to do side by sides, and stuff. Patrick will probably do more stuff to fill her spot, but seems as though the Kings didn’t see it coming, because they still don’t have a media replacement.

      • Patrick will probably do more stuff to fill her spot?!?


        Leave aside the OBVIOUS double entendre for an moment . . . But Patrick?

  11. All I have to say is I am still on a hockey high from last night….the team looks to be coming together nicely.

    Section 315 was definitely quiet with Surly.

  12. I liked Penners game. He came in for first man pressure. He made good outlet passes out of the zone. He didn’t make any bonehead plays. Stuck up for Brown. It’s only his 2nd game really (unless you count the 6 shifts he played the other night as a full game). He’s right on pace considering he isn’t even at 100%. Penners the last of my worries. Other issues are bigger, but last night the game was near flawless, and not a single King played a bad game. Infact, the only real disappointment (not really) was that Voynov wasn’t as aggressive as I would have hoped offensively, but played a sound positional game defensively, and didn’t look out of place.

  13. What is up with Clifford this year? My hope was that he’d build on his playoff performance and give the option to bump Penner down to the 4th line by now if he didn’t have his act together. Clearly that ain’t happening any time soon. Thoughts?

    • Just a normal sophomore slump I think. Always tough for a guy who exceeded low expectations of a rookie to come in an meet high expectations, even if he set his own bar.

    • Pretty lofty goal for Clifford to replace Penner on the top 2 lines. Even if Penner would of showed up this year out of shape (which he isn’t), and Clifford built on his playoff performance, he would not be 1rst, or 2nd line material.

      I’m not saying someday he wouldn’t be, just that at this time in his career, he isn’t. He needs to learn how to be a threat in front of the net (like a Holmstrom type), before anyone would even consider putting him there. Right now, he’s just trying to figure out his game.

  14. I tried to ask this question to the fellas of King’s talk radio but to no avail (busy signal). Maybe you could give me your opinion or answer.

    Why don’t our Kings salute the fans? Do you think they should? With all the appreciation and talk about how they love us I think a lifted stick would be nice. What do you think?

    Great game. So happy I was there to see such a owning.

  15. Did you jump out of your seat when Kings Richards made the lateral pass that Dustin tapped in? … because we have missed that type of effortless and high percentage play

    … Did YOU see Mike Richards lace up his skates before the game, because quite frankly I have never seen a player tie laces so effortlessly and fundamentally correct in all of the years I have seen the Kings. I jumped out of my seat and let out a “fuck yeah Mike my hero, tie those skates!” but people looked at me funny.

    Did YOU see Mike Richards drink from the water bottle after that shift? OMG it was so effortless and high percentage, I mean he was able to direct that pesky H2O to literally all areas of his mouth without spilling a single drop, and I can’t remember when the Kings had that type of skill on their roster.

    • Ooooook….. you’ve officially lost it.

    • … bad attempt at sarcasm. You usually “do” that if the guy is overhyping something, but he was spot on. Name the last time we had two strong lines like that. And once you do, name the last time before that. Has happened rarely in lalaland.

      • … I usually think it’s over-hyping when someone mentions something like “we have missed that type of effortless and high percentage play with the man advantage” when in fact that type of play has been executed pretty well over the last two seasons. The Kings had a very good power play as recently as 09-10; how fast do people forget around here, anyway?

        As for the last time the Kings have had as good of a top six, I think it’s a bit premature to start making such declarations FIVE games into the season, don’t you? I could just as quickly as you “when’s the last time the Kings have had a weaker bottom six?” but won’t for the same reasons.

        It would be nice to see a little more perspective instead of the constant premature ejac over newly-acquired skill players making pretty routine skill plays. I get it – Mike Richards is a good player. I said as much when he was acquired. To say he’s adding elements to the team that haven’t been there in past seasons reeks of selective memory or outright lying.

        The Kings weren’t dominant, but they were opportunistic last night. They did a nice job with what was given to them. Halak had a very poor game. The Kings caught some breaks, which always helps.

        I don’t see a peep of credit for Jarret Stoll, even though he was the player most responsible for the Kings’ first two goals. If Richards had made the same plays, people would be frothing at the mouth to sing love songs to him. But since it’s Stoll, it goes un-recognized. Not surprising in the least. The pass from Kopitar to Gagne to set up the fifth goal was not only the best skill play of the game, but again – no mention of it. Too bad Anze’s name isn’t spelled “Mike Richards”, I guess. It’s getting really old, and deserved a fair bit of mockery.

        • It’s getting old? Not just old but really old? You’re hilarious. You contradict yourself without even realizing it. Accuse others of selective memory all you want, you have selective usage of logic.

          Unless of course you are talking about people getting excited over good plays. Apologies if not every last thing is mentioned. These are quick post game articles, not play by play reports.

        • Stoll was superb. So was Kopitar.

          I would ask about “BEST IN THE WORLD”, but, perhaps I shouldn’t.

  16. Speaking of effortless, could Gagne have made it look any easier?

    The fans and Stoll picking right up where they left off in last season’s playoffs.

    The PP just looked convincing, even before they did anything! Like Hopkins stepping into the ring with Trinidad – one look at the two in the ring and I knew the bullshit was over – and that I would be cleaning up – The parts look complete to me.

    And, is JJ playing defense – clogging passing lanes for example?

  17. I also am a Gange fan from before.. ( your Post on are we King’s fans first or
    Hockey fans is a conundrum for me.. perfect example ..should I have liked this guy before we aquired him or not?)
    It is so much fun to finally see our boys clicking together..Kop Gags Willie .. love it
    Mikey and Brownie.. right on..
    They could and should do better.. I want to see more connected passing ..
    I want and dare I say expect to see some magic like the Triple Crown days..
    That is realistic isn’t it?
    Aside from the fun of our Offence, tonight I saw some great plays by Scuds..
    anyone who does not think he is a Huge asset is Crazy! His long stick seems
    even longer with the way he is able to shut off rushes and break up a play.
    JMFJ is also impressing me. It was said he needed to work on his defenesive play
    and make offense secondary.. I think that is what I am seeing.. he had a couple of
    perfect stick clearing plays to help Quicker out right in the crease.
    Mitchell he is as dependable as they come.. I will be suprised if I ever say he had an off game..Slava.. I say again we somehow rotate our D so he can stay..
    Richie.. great energy..
    This team is feeding off each other.. it is a Beautiful thing to see.
    What a friggin Awesome season we have ahead of us!
    GO KINGS GO!!!

  18. When I get thru ‘moderation’
    that last post was from
    not Hockeyjockeyoc.. computer has gone insane
    time to watch the game now..I tape and rewatch all of them..
    When I get the chance to see a live one need to make sure haven’t
    missed anything from Bobby and Foxie..
    GO KINGS GO!!!

  19. Penner has been playing fine. ideally, we’d have another top winger (Parise!) to put with Richards, then could put Penner with Stoll and have 3 legit lines. Penner has knocked someone down every game, ticky-tack charge called on one of them, playing good 2nd line hockey. sure, he’s not worth his contract, but everyone knows that. it’s up after this year; Greene is a much sorer spot in that regard. Gagne just has to be good enough to keep up with Kopi-Williams, they are going bonkers. nice to see a better game from Stoll, now we just need Richardson/Clifford/whoever to get something going. points out in retrospect how nice it was to have an overqualified “3rd line” w/ Zeus-Fro-Simmonds etc.

    and finally something nice to say about TM: i liked double-shifting Kopi/Richards with the bottom six.

  20. Don’t those girls have the Fosters Lager logo on them? Are they therefore Aussie, not Finnish?

    As for Gagne, still plenty of time for that injury to come. Only 1 game at Staples so we are not out of those woods by any means!

    • This comment is wrong on two levels. One, you are questioning the sanctity of hotness that has no nationality or borders. Second, you put injury and Gagne in one sentence. For shame.

      • Ahhh, I get it, your Google image search for hot Finland women turned up empty so you had to go to the next best thing. As for the Gagne injury comment, I’m using reverse jinx psychology here! I thought that was Simple Simon obvious!


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