We could have played better at both ends of the ice. However, the difference between the game tonight and what we saw far too often last season was exactly what you see above. The Kings had some good scoring chances…and they buried them.

There is a lot to talk about.

Is the chemistry developing between Mike Richards and Dustin Brown? Did you jump out of your seat when Kings Richards made the lateral pass that Dustin tapped in? I did and with a fuck yeah, because we have missed that type of effortless and high percentage play with the man advantage.

Did the powerplay, overall, look better? Once we were able to set it up, did you notice the forwards at the circles looking for the lateral pass?

Were you surprised Slava Voynov played such a calm and quietly effective defensive game? Did you love his gap control as much as I did?

Is there a more complete, two-way center right now than Anze Kopitar?

Did Jonathan Quick play a solid game but still give you the occasional heart murmur with his aggressively acrobatic style?

Dustin Penner? The third line? The fourth? Thoughts?

How about Kopitar centering Williams and Gagne? They have clicked but isn’t it paramount that the second line continue to be an offensive threat? The first line will only be as effective as our depth allows so teams cannot singularly focus on them. Agree?

What else do you want to talk about?

By the way, Surly loves Simon Gagne. Before we acquired him, he wouldn’t shut up about Simon Gagne. After we signed him, you would think, by his reaction, Heidi gave him a late night visit and brought a couple of girlfriends. Tonight, Simon Gagne swung it around and laid it on his shoulder. What did Surly think of Gagne’s performance? I have no idea. I haven’t heard from him. Maybe Heidi actually paid that long-awaited visit.