The Enemy Speaks: St. Louis Blues Bloggers Lament

There are games where there’s nothing to say and a ton to say all at the same time. Tonight against LA was one of those games. The Blues played another uninspired, sloppy game against the Kings and paid for it by a healthy margin. It’s the same story from 2010-11 just with a slightly different cast of characters. While you’re likely familiar with what’s plaguing this team, it’s time to break down what went wrong in LA and what’s been going wrong for the better part of the past couple seasons.

I was aware the Blues played tonight. The question is, were they? From the start the Blues came out slow in this one. The defense failed to close on their men while the offense resorted to a game of dump the puck and try to chase after it. Again, the special teams were far from special.

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I find it pretty sad that in 60 minutes of hockey, my biggest highlight was seeing Jon Hamm at the game wearing a new hat of lies.

Yes friends, it was that kind of game. The Blues sucked for 60 minutes and lost yet another on this season-opening road trip. After six games, the Blues are 2-4—a far cry from last season, no?

The funny ting about games like this, is that there simply isn’t much to say. If you saw it, you know how bad it was. If you went to bed, well consider yourself lucky.

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