Trent Hunter is out, Kevin Westgarth is in and Coyotes’ tough guy and Twitter Whore, Paul Bissonnette, is the reason why. Yes, the fourth line just got slower. Yes, we just got worse on both ends of the ice. But, if a fourth line enforcer is the difference between winning and losing, we are in trouble. He isn’t. We’re not.

The Coyotes are probably the best coached team in the NHL. They are fast. They are not, on paper, an elite team but they play a good team game, which is to say they skate on offense and defense as a five man unit. You don’t see too many defensive breakdowns with the Coyotes (although Chicago just did kick their frozen butts 5-2) and their defensemen do jump into the offensive play when the time is right. They can score goals and they are not shy about getting the puck between the dots and firing away. Missing from the Coyotes will be Ilya Bryzgalov who, as you know, went to Philadelphia thereby increasing his chances of one day becoming a King by 17.5%. Also MIA is Kyle Turris who pulled a Drew Doughty, except Kyle wasn’t messing around.

As for our boys, we are coming off the high of a 5-0 home victory over the St. Louis Blues. And what do you do when you are coming down from a symbolic high? You get higher.

Let’s keep the positive energy flowing and cheer for our Kings to come away with two points tonight. Want to talk about the game? This is an open forum. Let’s chat.