Dear DirecTV & Fox, Please Work Hard Not To Suck

Remember this?

Kings & Fox Stick It To Dish Network. There was also this origin of the dispute species by Howard Roark.

For Dish customers, that sucked. Customers screamed, cursed and many left.

Guess what? Now we have this.

DirecTV vs. Fox

This has the potential for major suck. I have DirecTV. If they don’t resolve this by November 1 (10 days, folks), no Kings hockey on TV. Wars have started for less. Our message to DirecTV and Fox? Get it done. Otherwise, this will mean war. Surly & Scribe vs. DirecTV & Fox. Choose wisely billion dollar corporations. We fight dirty. Operation Internet Lubing.

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  1. Jeez, why have pay TV if you can’t watch hockey? If this does not get resolved can you get cable?

    Now that you mention in, pay TV is a rip off. The service sucks, there are a thousand channels and nothing to watch. There is no (or little) competition so they can charge a lot and give you shitty service. I fuckin’ hate the cable company.

    Note that for every HD box you want, you have to pay a rental. Why can’t you buy a converter? It should be available for purchase but these bastards won’t let you.

    Hope your situation is resolved soon…

  2. Reading is for pussies.

    And smart people.

    But about DirectTV, as long as they don’t take away Jersey Shore and 16 and Pregnant, I could give a fuck less.

  3. Maybe I’m crazy but isn’t DirecTV owned by Murdoch as is Fox Sports? How can there be a dispute? Couple of sisters pulling each other’s hair.

  4. I’m having a similar issue with AT&T Uverse and NHL Network at the moment. I call AT&T ever couple days to tell them how pissed I am. But, NHL Network isn’t near as important as losing FSW and PT would be. I’d drop them in a heartbeat over those channels. #getitdone

    • I have this problem too with uverse. They don’t give a crap about hockey. They are doing nothing to even try to get the channel back. Pissed me off to no end.

      I ended up getting gamecenter so I can watch all the games. I still have fsw for the KIngs, but I like to watch hockey every night. Gamecenter is not bad at all except for some reason it is a little stilted on my tv when I connect it. I have a new fancy tv, so I’m not sure why that would happen?

      Anyway, its only 20 bucks a month and you can watch all the games. Won’t help with thevdirect tv problem though.

  5. They couldn’t have had this dispute in July. Noooooooooooo . . .

    It hasta happen now, with my dick hard, the wet pussy sliding down the shaft, I’m ready to throb and spurt over a new season — AND NOW THEY CINCH THE HOSE CLAMP?!?

    I’m telling you this shit has gotta stop. Our tide is rising, and it MUST rise. Like Lenny Bruce said so truly, many years ago, “Brothers! In thees country wee gotta steek toogether. And beat up thee Polacks!”

    • You may give me shit for this but whatever I still have to say what I think and feel..
      TJ .. I come to this blog for the Love of the Kings and Hockey and to hear what my fellow fans have to say.. and to stay
      abreast of what is going on daily and to learn.. Do you really have to do your porno on this site.. yea that is what I see..
      can’t you find so other place to write that and just talk Hockey here.. I guess what I can end up doing is just skipping any post by you .. but You have had intelligent comments in the past and I do like expanding my knowledge.. but you are
      crossing my line of tolerance here.

      • It is pretty pornographic isn’t it? I have to admit sometimes I feel a little bit taken advantage of by TJ (a comment he should be able to run buck wild with) by his use of certain distinct imagery…. But at the same time My guess is that he has been banned from every other Kings site, or at the least isn’t allowed to speak the way he feels like speaking, and this site is all about openness. I don’t set the most restrained example, but Bobby and I have no interest in starting the down the slippery slope of any kind of censorship, not that you were asking us to… You weren’t even addressing us, which I respect. If it does bother you then i can only say I hope that you can just skip his posts, but really, I would urge you to let the things you find over the line to wash over you like so many droplets of rain over a rock.

    • Yes Surly that is most probably what I will do.
      I just had the need to speak up..
      I am told I will say what I feel….this is a classic example :)
      Your Blog is way too good to let this effect my reading it..
      Now we need Lawyer Bobby to assert his muscle and fix this Direct nightmare!
      I went thru this last year with Dish..dumped them..and now the same thing with Direct ..
      Too mad for words about this..
      GO KINGS GO!!!

  6. I just made a reservation with Time Warner for installation on November 2 (in time for the game on 11/3). Cost is about $50/month, but it’s in HD and no monthly contract. If they settle on/before Nov 1, I’ll call and cancel at no cost.


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