Well kids, here we go. We are ready to bring you the contests for the next two tickets on November 3 (LA Kings v. Edmonton Oilers) & November 8 (LA Kings v. Nashville Predators). We now have a dedicated page for the contest rules. Click here for that. Please read it carefully. Here is the contest for the November 3 & November 8 games.

Surly hates our slogan Pride=Passion=Power. Just like the home plate logo on our jersey, he is convinced we could do so much better. I agree with him. So, your mission is to write a new slogan for the Los Angeles Kings. You are seeking to replace Pride=Passion=Power. No limitations on content. Make it as serious, on the one extreme, or insane, on the other extreme, as you wish. It can be something you would proudly submit to the LA Kings for consideration or something designed to generate a laugh or the emotion of your choice. A good slogan generally would not be more than a few to several words (3 to 6) but we leave that up to you as well – writer’s discretion.

The second one? Write a slogan for the Anaheim Ducks. That’s right. Go crazy. Bring out your vitriol. You hatred. Your humor. I have their general manager, Bob Murray’s, email address and I will send him your submissions. “What the hell is their current one, Scribe?” The Anaheim Ducks’ slogan is “Dedication”…and they spelled the second “d” with their logo. Just in case any Ducks’ fans get ideas of entering either of these contests, you are already disqualified and don’t get cute, we can smell you coming.

If you wish to create a design for either or both slogans, you are welcome to do so. It is not required and it will not be, by itself, determinative of whether you win or lose. The primary focus are the words. Of course, if we have a great slogan v. a great slogan and creative design, that may tip the scales in favor of the latter.

How will we pick the winner? Simple. Each of you can submit the slogan for the Kings and Ducks (if you only want to do one or the other, that is fine as well). Surly and I will pick the top Kings winner and send that winner to one of the games and do the same for the Ducks slogan. One person cannot win both. We won’t decide until we choose the winner who goes to the Oilers’ game or the Predators’ game. Also, one or both of those tickets will be in the lower bowl.

Post your submissions in the comment section below or at the Ticket Giveaway Contest Page for November at the top of your screen.

The contest ends on October 31 @ 11:59pm.

Ready, set, GO!