An Unpopular Opinion: Play Jonathan Bernier

In our goaltender preview, I wrote:

If Jonathan Quick can drop his GAA under 2.10 (he was 2.24 last season) and get that SV% up to .930 (from .918), this Kings’ fan will be smiling. As for Bernier, I want the same or similar numbers although they will likely come in less games. I don’t take much Terry Murray says before the season on face value (been there and seen everything is subject to change at a whim) but if he gives Quick more rest (read: around 50 games) and Bernier gets the remainder, we will have a fresh number 1 in the playoffs and a number 1a with enough games under his belt to seamlessly fill the void if the unexpected (injuries) arises.

This followed Terry Murray’s camp comment about eliminating a goalie rotation in favor of the hot hand theory – one that advocates playing whichever goaltender plays well. Terry’s comment concerned me at the time but I shrugged it off. Here we are. The LA Kings are 5-1-1 for 11 points. Only Dallas has more points in the Western Conference with 12. We also have a 4 game win streak and the best Conference goals for /against differential at +7. Jonathan Quick has three consecutive shut outs. His save percentage is .972% (1st in the NHL), GAA is 0.81 (2nd in the NHL behind Khabibulin), he is breaking LA Kings’ records and our fans are writing folk songs about him.

In hindsight, the choice to give Quick 6 out of the last 7 starts has worked well for the team. In foresight, with a helping of history and common sense, it is a mistake to sustain this pace. It is unmanageable. Playing Quick until he burns out and then putting in Jonathan Bernier is a miscalculation Terry Murray made two seasons ago, to which he later admitted and vowed not to repeat. Hot hand or not, Bernier has to get 20 + games to keep Quick fresh & Bernier ready. The playoffs are a grind. Any overworked player at any position will not play his best when it matters most. Imagine Kopitar being regularly double shifted 2/3 of the games. With goaltenders, this is magnified.

I believe Terry Murray knows this and he won’t allow it to happen. I believe he will soon start Bernier in games and ensure his error of two seasons ago will not repeat. I believe we have two exceptional goaltenders who are both equally capable of delivering us to the promise land.


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  1. I think now is a great time to bench Quick. Let him rest a bit and give Bernier a game. Let the defense continue the suffocating (at times) and allow JB to shine.

  2. I was thinking the same thing. I really hope he starts Bernier on Tuesday.

  3. Not at all unpopular with me; I’d say it’s quite sound.

    I’m an unabashed JQ fan but he’s earned a rest right now.

  4. I’m less concerned with the burnout factor since other goalies put in as many or more games each year, and two years ago may have been a fluke or there were external factors at play. Also, that was really his first year of such a heavy workload, and he’s now been through that level of work two years in a row, so he should be better conditioned.

    I have no problem with getting Bernier in there, but I don’t think it’s an urgent matter. Ride the hot hand, and give him a break if he starts to slip.

    You definitely play him next game, however.

  5. Quick is such a hard worker I worry that TM sees the hot hand and allows JQ to just keep going because JQ thinks he can, rather than stepping up and saying no JQ, you need to rest, end of story.

  6. Play Bernier on Tuesday against an Eastern Conference team.

  7. If Quick is tired in October facing under 30 shots a game, the Kings are in big trouble. You start the rotation in November.

    Quick gets the start on Tuesday. 3 straight shutouts and you bench the starter with 2 days off? No.

  8. Guys, he gets today and monday off. I think that’s plenty of rest till the next game.

  9. Ok, Start Bernier, but not against Division teams, or the Canucks.

    • That probably isn’t realistic. There is a back to back Yotes/Avs game at the end of the month and back to back Ducks games in Nov. He should probably play vs Preds and Blues in Nov and maybe Wild if you want to give Quick a really long rest.

  10. I say, other than back to backs, play Quick for as long as you can right now. The burnout factor for Quick came towrds a late season push, and the Olympics, plus with distractions from having a baby. He’s handled being platooned well, and rest in the second 1/2 of the season will be enough to keep him fresh, and recover for the playoffs.

    He might pull a groin, or something later, and you lose all the hot goaltending right now, because you tried to rest him. I have every confidence in Bernier, but if Bernier was hot right now, I’d say platoon him, and take the hot goaltending when the opportunity presents itself.

    Quick can’t stay hot all season, and he can rest once he starts to show chinks in his armor. Right now he isn’t.

    • That’s great. If your objective is to pile up regular season points. Ask the Sharks and Capitals how well those fantasic regular seasons sat with their fans.

      • So you’re saying we should sit Quick even though he is playing great?

        Because some other teams didn’t play as well in the postseason as they did in the regular season? What about Vancouver? Led the league in points, were one game away from winning the cup. Boston’s regular season wasn’t too shabby either. How about the year before that? Chicago did pretty well. The year before that, Detroit made it to the Finals and were one good save away from taking game 7 into OT. The year before that, Detroit won the Prez trophy and the Stanley Cup. Shall I continue?

        We have tons of regular season left, and whether you rest him now has very little bearing on how he will be feeling come playoff time. There’s about 6 months until we playoffs start. Plenty of time to get some recovery in, if he needs it (and that is an if, not a when). Secondly, the playoffs are not a sure thing, and if he’s playing great right now and isn’t showing signs of fatigue, you play him and let him stay on his roll and collect points while we can.

        Btw, this comment box sucks and isn’t auto-expanding or scrolling. I can’t currently see the sentence I am typing.

        • I’ve noticed that problem with the comment box too lately. What are viewing the site on? Tablet, phone or computer?

        • I agree that it’s too early to worry about Quick getting burnt out, but i do see the rationale in not setting any trends just yet. While Quick may get his conditioning to the point where he can play 70+ games without tiring out in the playoffs, but he has shown twice that he isn’t there yet. Thomas and Luongo have had many more years of learning how to pace themselves and condition for that many games so while i agree with your overall point that playing a goalie for a shit ton of games in the regular season doesn’t automatically discount his worth in the playoffs, in specific regards to Quick, I don’t think he should play the same heavy load of games this season. But again, too early to really be worrying about this other than setting trends down the road.

          • Although he did play fewer games last year, I don’t think he showed signs of fatigue like he did the year before.

            I have no problem keeping his games down, I just think lots of people are jumping the gun and are overly concerned about something that isn’t important right now.

          • Two years ago, don’t Quick’s wife have their first baby? It was also his first year as a NHL #1 goalie.

            Flash forward two seasons, barring any injuries or personal issues, Quick should be able to learn from past experiences and play 65-70 games if TM allows him to.

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  12. I say play Quick Tuesday, play Bernier Thursday against Dallas then put Quick back in against Phoenix and go from there. I’m not comfortable making a plan beyond that, but i do agree that Bernier has to play one of the next three games.

    • Hey pendejos, still bitching about Murray? I would say he’s doing pretty good. Where there is the loss to Buffalo.

      Got banned from Insider again. Hammond sucks.

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    • I agree. Just play the hot hand, switch on back to backs, and worry about rest later in the season when it will matter. Resting Quick now has no effect on how he’ll do 6 months from now, so worrying about it does no good at this point.

  13. … OK, so you start Bernier against New Jersey.

    What if he plays well, and the Kings win? Does he get another start against Dallas on Thursday?

    If not, why?

    • Quick is still the hot hand. Resting the hot hand doesn’t mean he isn’t still the hot hand. One win does not 3 consecutive shutouts make. If Bernier wins, awesome, Quick plays against Dallas, and if Quick is anything less than brilliant than you don’t have a hot hand anymore so you go back to Bernier.

      Sitting Quick because of one good game by Bernier would almost be like keeping Doughty on the bench once he is healthy because Voynov had a goal the night before.

      • … But then, of course, you run the risk of sending a clear message of “hey, win and you’re in … if you’re the number one, that is.”

        Why even bother, at that point? Just go with the standard “starter gets eighty percent or more and the backup gets the scraps” recipe, and be done with it.

    • JT, I know you didn’t direct the question to me, but this is the problem with the “play the hot hand” theory. It is designed for burn out. Your question is completely legit. What if he gets a shut out on Tuesday. Then what? Play him again? Another stellar performance. Again? It doesn’t work. It doesn’t bring balance and the goal of keeping the player fresh. These things are fluid. Constrained dogmatic protocol will fail over the course of the season. It doesn’t have to be one extreme or another. You can plan it out week to week or every couple of weeks and if lemons give you lemonade, make adjustments.

  14. This one is so obvious to me. Quick is still making HISTORY here! You never pull him out of THAT opportunity! Play him until he gives up a goal, then put Bernier in the next game if you want. You Nucks wanting Bernier to start the next game would be like benching Wilt Chamberlain in the 4th quarter of the game where he scored 100, but doing it when he had 98 points scored with minutes left in the 4th quarter. It would be like pulling Koufax in the 9th when he has a Perfect Game still going, just to bring in a closer to rest him. That is CRAZY. Let’s see if he can take this shutout record to 4, 5 or MORE!

    • I have to agree there. Quick has a record setting pace going. Sit him after he gives up a goal, not before. Since when did less than 10 starts become the standard for resting goalies?

      Quick has started more games in a row with his eyes closed.

      Hell, starters in the league have started 20 to 30 games in a row, and beyond. This is a guy who started 70 in 1 season. I think he can handle 8 or 9 this early in the season.

    • Lol. Ok. I didn’t think about that angle but, again, I didn’t have the NJ game in mind. I wanted to see Bernier in the following game. However, if Quick gets another shutout on Tuesday, then I am ok with him playing so long as he gets shutouts. ;)

  15. bernier,jj,moller,and hickey for parise.




  16. I say start him once Quick’s shutout streak is over. Until then keep him in!

    • I say what you say don’t mean shit.

      • Now I know why you got banned from Hammond’s blog, CV!

        • Do you really? Hammond must revealed this secret to you while you spanked his ass and called him daddy.
          By the way, not a troll, just a dick.

          • C’mon CV, the short bus is waiting.

          • At some point you should probably say something about hockey CV. You’re something like 10 posts deep and so far we have doughty for Parise straight up. You say potato, I say potato. You say not a troll, I say, oh really? Prove it.

          • Now spam is a different story. Spam doesn’t get banned. It gets redirected to a spam folder where they all hang out together and chat among themselves.

          • OK, here goes.
            The team looks great, up and down. Moraeu was a great and huge underrated pickup. Johnson is the fucking man, I knew he had it in him. Doughty is a whiny pretty boy. Haven’t liked him for a while. Voynon needs to stay, find a place for him. Can they bring up somebody to play for Westgarth? Is Nolan better? It really irritates me when he claps his hands. Clifford is the man too. Kopitar will be in the running for MVP, love the guy. Great Player with underrated character. Williams is bad ass. So is Richards. Greens has been playing well. How long will Quick go before he has some off games? You know its coming. Murray still a solid, intelligent coach. I like Lindy.Ruff a little better. Gagne pretty good so far. Tired of typing. That should last ya.

          • Uh-oh, you just said that Moreau was a great pickup. I agree by the way.

            Still, I’ll be very disappointed if JT doesn’t jump in here. He’s been bitching about Moreau since we got him, and Ethan has been kicking ass so far, willing to run through a brick wall. Time to have this out JT, don’t force me to make a whole article about how good Moreau has been. Dont test me, I’ll do it.

          • Why not start out that way instead of pretending to be a fool?

          • Who the hell is JT. John Tavares?

          • Time to have this out JT, don’t force me to make a whole article about how good Moreau has been.

            … What’s he done, besides hit guys? Tell me.

            He brings nothing else to the table. He hasn’t scored a point, he rarely blocks a shot, he hasn’t won a faceoff, at five on five the Kings allow far more shots on goal than they take when he’s on the ice, of course he’s a minus player, he’s not even had a positive plus/minus game yet, his penalties are for holding and tripping – classic lazy penalties, so hey … you go ahead and write your love song for Moreau, alright?

            I’m interested to know what makes you think he’s so good. Is it gonna be like figure skating, where you’re going to give him high marks for artistic merit? Does he wear his uniform more properly than the other players? It certainly won’t be based on anything tangible, it won’t be based on anything that helps the team win hockey games, but that’s never stopped you before.

          • You are judging Moreau on how many points he gets? You like to spend a lot of time defending Penner, who has all of 1 assist, and his PRIMARY function is to score goals.

            Moreau’s primary function is to play defense. So he isn’t going to get a lot of pluses because he is going up against tough competition and not playing with scoring players. Stoll is only gets his points when he is with Brown and Richardson hasn’t done anything on the scoresheet either. Oh, I’m sorry, 1 assist.

            Last time I checked, hitting guys was a very important part of the game. It is a big part of defense when they are hits that knock guys off pucks, like many of Moreau’s have been, and they help to guide the momentum. Something your stats will never show you is when Moreau goes out, lays a nice hit that changes possession, and then Kopi or Richards’ line follow up right after picking up off that momentum. I saw that exact thing happen numerous times.

            Face-offs? OK, whatever. Jack Johnson hasn’t won a faceoff either, that fucking asshole. Quick also needs to work on his wrist shot.

            I don’t think he’s the cat’s pajamas, but you have been complaining since we got him that he is a totally useless player and that he doesn’t belong in the NHL, and so far I think if you still have that assessment of him, then you need to shift gears from things that are important in fantasy hockey to things that matter on the ice, and on the ice Moreau is PLAYING HIS ROLE very effectively. He has looked much better on the left side than on the right, and is fitting in with his job’s duties. He’s a defensive specialist on this team, and when the team’s defense is at such a high level right now, and his line gets many of the tough assignments, you must admit that he is a PART of that. Not the only part, but a help. His single minus is nothing to complain about. Of course he’s a minus player, what a stupid thing to say. He’s had a whopping 2 minor penalties in 7 games, holy shit he’s a loose cannon! Your arguments here are pretty piss poor. Moreau is playing the defensive, physical game he was brought here to play. It makes a difference to his teammates when he runs over people and shows gusto in doing so, even if it doesn’t mean dick to your pointless stat sheet.

          • Well said surly. Gotta disagree with JT.

          • He’s been decent in the defensive zone. Has a fine talent for quickly bringing pucks off the boards and hitting the open man on the breakout for quick transistions. And, to my surprise has been recently seen generating some offensive goodies like drives to the crease, shots at the net and keeping pucks in the offensive end.

            Believe me, I was not happy with EM, frankly I didn’t see the fit but I do now.

          • Well and that’s my only point. He doesn’t excel at anything except maybe hitting, but watching him play on the team I Think its myopic to say hasnt made himself useful as a legit contributor to an NHL team.

          • I notice him that’s why. He’s in the corners battling. he takes the body. He’s great on the PK. He’s in the garbage areas taking a beating.
            Some guys play an entire game and I barely notice them but Moreau does make a precance and leave an impression.

          • Moreau is playing the defensive, physical game he was brought here to play.

            … He has been physical, yes. He hasn’t played much defense. His hits haven’t changed possession at all. Quit making stuff up. He’s done NOTHING. The Kings take 16 shots and give up 28 shots per 60 minutes when he’s on the ice 5 on 5 – which accounts for over 90% of his minutes. He doesn’t play against tough competition. He’s not in a shutdown role. He hasn’t created any “momentum”.

            I mentioned faceoffs and points because I’m trying to figure out what in the World you think he brings to the table. I’m trying to give you the benefit of the doubt by looking everywhere I can.

            I didn’t say he’s been a loose cannon. I’m saying that his penalties have been of the lazy variety, and they have.

            And for who said he’s been great on the PK, he’s barely played on it in the last three games. He’s about the seventh or eighth option on the PK, meaning he only gets a shift when the real PKers need some rest.

            Like I said, write your ode to him. I’ll have fun picking it apart. He shouldn’t be on the team and he shouldn’t be in the NHL.

  17. What he said makes sense.

  18. Cheer for Parise when we play NJ.

    • Cheer for Parise?!?

      That is exactly what we should NOT do, you psychotic bastard.

      We should denounce him every time he touches the puck, stash shills behind the bench to whisper obscure sexual innuendos — uttering them just loudly enough to convince Parise that it’s possible he didn’t really hear them, that they’re coming from his own inner voices.

      Meanwhile, let’s pound the Devils into soot, beat them so savagely that they turn spastic, that they consider genital self-mutilation.

      THEN Parise will have a reason to wanna come play for the Kings.

      (He will cost a ball, however. I can see not re-signing Penner, but the 4.25-mil we’d save on him will still be chump-change compared to what Zach is gonna want. So who else will be shit-canned to marshal funds to piss away in another — the third in three years? — lunatic UFA quest? Haven’t we learned from the Kovalschmuck and Brad Richards fiascos?

      (Of course, this is all academic. Lamoriello will kill Parise before he lets him escape from New Jersey.)

      • To tell you the truth, if we become the team that I am expecting this season, FUCK PARISE!

        Lamoriello has a shot gun taped to Parise’s forehead, and the Devils are barefoot, pregnant, and wearing a wedding dress.

        Jim Fox says this is the deepest Kings team he has ever seen, and I happen to agree with him. I can’t remember a team so well balanced at every position, and possible back ups, in case of injury, all ready in place.

        Of course the players still have to do their part, and every year someone doesn’t pan out as well as you might have hoped, but it doesn’t always come from the obvious areas that you expect (Simmers). Some times it does (Poni), but with this team, it should be easy to identify as the season moves along.

        Anyway, Screw Parise! (for now) lol

        • Remind me to shake my head at you in disapproval next time I see you.

        • Jim Fox says this is the deepest Kings team he has ever seen, and I happen to agree with him.

          … I can’t believe for a second that Fox actually believes this. I have to chalk that up to hype to sell tickets.

        • “Lamoriello has a shot gun taped to Parise’s forehead, and the Devils are barefoot, pregnant, and wearing a wedding dress.”

          that is by far the funniest thing i’ve read on a kings blog in a long time.

    • You guys are lunatic.

      He will be a King next year. My God told me so.

      • Then tell your God to stop smoking crack.

        I don’t wanna go through any more summer hysterias, spending weeks chasing down big-titted UFAs who have no interest in signing with L.A.

        Every time we do that they tickle our dicks, smile like prom queens, show us a little leg, and then — POW!! — faint in some other guy’s arms.

        Meanwhile, the time we piss away on dreamgirls keeps us from attending to the wimmin we already got back home.

  19. Just want to see if I can post links. Test of the system.

    • … I was hoping that “fight” would be forgotten as soon as possible. Losing to the great Steve Ott certainly isn’t compatible with this site’s attempt to anoint Kramer as Hockey Jesus. Or wait – maybe it is? Jesus was a peace-loving guy. Maybe Kramer is too.

      • How was that a loss? It was barely a fight and whatever it was, it was a tie.

        • … Wasn’t much of a fight, but at least Ott’s punches were in the general vicinity of Richards’ head. Richards looked like he was giving a therapeutic massage to Ott’s upper back.

          • Oh hush, there was not a single good punch landed by either guy. “General vicinity?” That’s the equivalent of your smarmy figure skating comment above about Moreau.

          • Does almost scoring 3 goals mean you scored 3 goals?

          • Slight edge to Ott, but saying Richards didn’t show up or land a few is bull.
            Anyway, Richards is a skill player. Fighting is secondary. Ott is a agitator who fights and skill is secondary so, that was a great effort by Richards. No true Kings fan would say otherwise.

          • saying Richards didn’t show up or land a few is bull.

            … Richards attempted five rights and missed on all of them. Unless he was trying to hit Ott’s back?

            I WILL say Richards looked better than Malkin did, though.

          • Stepping up in the first place to fight a guy like OTT is worthy of praise. He’s not gonna win’em all. As long as he’s not losing’em all he’s good.

  20. Then tell your God to stop smoking crack.

    I don’t wanna go through any more summer hysterias, spending weeks chasing down big-titted UFAs who have no interest in signing with L.A.

    Every time we do that they tickle our dicks, smile like prom queens, show us a little leg, and then — POW!! — faint in some other guy’s arms.

    Meanwhile, the time we piss away on dreamgirls keeps us from attending to the wimmin we already got back home.

    • This post belongs above. In fact, I posted it there.

      It’s only repeated down here because I went bug-fuck over something Bobby said that made my mouse-finger twitch.

    • Why are you worried about the women at home? That’s where they were for hundreds/thousands of years up until recently, and in some places that’s where they still are. I think they’re fine at home.

      You won’t get fresh meat if you don’t go out huntin’. You expect the meat to come to you? So what, sometimes you strike out, but when you have that big ol’ mammoth on your back as your walking home from the hunt, you’ll be getting all the pussy you can handle back at the village.

      • If we had some legitimate expectation of trudging back to the cave with Parise strapped to our back I’d say, “Go git ‘im!”

        But his foot is nailed to Jersey’s floor like a Strasbourg goose. He ain’t goin’ anywhere.

        Do you — (or does your God) — really think a player at his level will pack up all his shit and cross over to a different home, a different conference, a whole different life-style, unless the dollars were just too fat to resist?

        And what kinda dollars will we offer? What CAN we offer? Stoll and Mitchell are UFAs at the end of next year — and don’t think other GMs don’t appreciate their value. Loktionov is no Stoll and NOBODY is Mitchell — who was probably the shrewdest pick-up ANY team made in 2010. So we’re not gonna replace them with guys who are anywhere near as good.

        I share Dominick’s sentiments. If our team is as strong as I think it just might be, we don’t need Parise — much as I’d like his stick and his smarts on our side of the ice.

        • Well I was speaking tongue-in-cheek, I don’t think he would come here as NJ would most likely sign him.

          I don’t think we would be stupid enough to trade for him either.

          That said, what other team has the cap room, is willing to spend and has a legit chance at a Stanley Cup in the East? I’m talking if it were a FA signing and not a trade.

          Years past, I’d agree with everything you said. This year, the Kings hypothetically have a legit chance at him. I don’t think we are a laughing stock anymore of the NHL, so I think Parise would seriously consider us.

          The other thing, don’t hold too much credence to our fast start. It’s great and all, but we started last year fast as well. There’s a lot of hockey to be played, and God (my God, not yours mind you) forbid the injury bug hits us, we won’t be nearly as good as we should/can be. We signed a couple players this offseason who played in or near the East Coast most, if not all their career so it’s more doable today and tomorrow than yesterday.

          • If there’s one thing neither I nor any other Kings fan need be reminded of it’s this:

            It’s a lo-o-ong season and many teams that are flying to the stars before Christmas will be trying to claw their way outa the shithouse by April.

            What Kings fan has NOT seen us swan dive into the toilet? Even with squads of stars like Gretzky and Robinson and Blake and Granato and Robitaiile and Tomas Sandstrom?

            As far as being hit by the “injury bug” is concerned, at the beginning of each year I pray to my God AND to your God that we’ll be unhurt at season’s end. I donate silver candlesticks to Our Lady of Guacamole. I offer to blow Shiva. I fling myself at the feet of one celebrated deity after another.

            And, of course, my prayers go unanswered. Despite all my religious observances, despite my personal abasement, no matter how much I deposit when the plate is passed, no matter how much come I spit out of my mouth, despite all this humiliation (not to mention the exquisite torture of sitting through church and synagogue services that would shatter the will of ANY man) — yes, I say, despite all this, Charlie Simmer breaks a leg, Deadmarsh concusses himself into retirement, Jason Allison is never the same, and we lose Kopi for the playoffs.

            We are truly in the grip of an angry and jealous God. We Kings fans know this down to the bone. That accounts for our great piety.

          • Your God(s) sound very similar to my God(s).

            I think our “deepness” is overrated. We don’t really have anyone who can step up and play solid top 6 minutes should someone get injured. Stoll maybe, but that’s about it. Hopefully we make some kind of move before it happens (both God’s forbid) so we will be prepared. If Parse or Clifford is the answer…

  21. Finally getting some props from The team just got bumped up in rankings to #2 behind the Caps but it’s still very early in the season. Still a good start

  22. Jonathan Bernier, not shutout-streak Jonthan Quick, will start in goal when the Kingd host New Jersey tomorrow night. Terry Murray said he made that decision before Saturday’s game and told Bernier, and Murray cited the tough recent schedule and the fact that the Kings have three conference games after tomorrow.

    Bbobby, what are the lottery numbers this week?

    • So does Quick keep his shutout streak if he shuts out Dallas on Thursday? How does that work… I guess it would still be his streak, but it getting broken up by a game seems odd.

      Oh well, I’m happy to see Bernier in net nonetheless.

    • Good news. He is bucking his play the hot hand theory and I like it. Let’s hope we get two consistently hot goalies going forward. Sometimes it is about talent. Often, it is about temperature.

    • Although I am surprised it is the New Jersey game. I thought the two days of rest and streak would keep Quick in. Surly asks a good question. I imagine and hope his streak keeps going because it is HIS streak we are concerned about. How nice would it be if Bernier pitches a shut out tomorrow? I am guessing Tuan Jim would pitch a tent.

      • Yeah… even though the team comes first, and having Bernier ready to go and fresh throughout the year is important, if this does taint Quick’s streak, if he pitches another shutout on Thursday, I will be pretty ticked off. It shouldn’t affect it, since its consecutive minutes for him playing. You know because even if he does give up a goal against Dallas, his streak is at 188 minutes, so that continues immediately when the puck drops in his next game.

        For fun I just checked the all time shutout streak in the NHL. Alec Connel, 461 minutes 29 seconds, 1927-28. Come Quick, only only 273 more minutes to go!. That;s only, what, 4 1/2 more games…

        • That was when the forward pass was not allowed lol.

          A streak is a streak though. But it is funny that out of the 5 longest streaks, 3 were 1930 or earlier, 1 was in 1949, and the other was in 2003 by Bobby Boucher.. boy could he hit a quarterback. Wait what? Oh, I’m sorry, it was his brother Brian Boucher in 2003.

          So as far as the last 60 (or 80 years) the longest streak has been 332 minutes. 5th place is at 270. So another game and a half or so and he would be 5th place.

          That is all today from the W.G.A.F. Learning Center. Back to you.

        • His streak continuing is all I was worried about with Bernier playing. Lets give the kid some play time. Quickster doesn’t mind. It would suck if Bernier gets pulled in the game though… How would that work. Quick gets another shut…out… oh wait… not really.

    • That’s lame. I can see if Quick let a goal in or two the last game, but he is the hot hand on a streak.

      Lame in my opinion, but my opinion means shit.

    • It takes more than sweet talking to get the lottery numbers…and you haven’t even done that yet

    • Thanks4daFo. Good call by TM. Quick will still be confident and In the zone for the next one he plays. Have to keep Bernier sharp.

  23. Aww heck, lets just go for the full on wet dream and get both goalies pitching shutouts!

    • I get a feeling if we lose 2-1 tomorrow everybodies gonna crucify TM, even though 2 goals is a good goals against. If Bernier pitches anything less than a shutout fans are gonna be pissed.

      On the same token, if Bernier does pitch a shutout, fans who hate Quick will say Quicks shutouts are meaningless because the team is playing well in front of him.

      Lose-lose situation. I do hope Bernier kills it though, and keeps the team shutout record alive.

      • No shutout is meaningless — if the Kings get it.

        I think TM’s reasons for going with Bernier make excellent sense. I don’t expect us to shut down the Devils offense completely. But a win would come in mighty handy — especially since we gotta face Dallas on Thursday.

        I gotta say, the Stars did not play at all like a buncha jackoffs. They were most impressive for a team that had played the night before. I hope the strain of their disciplined game proves too much for them and they sink steadily into the very Asshole of the Abyss.

        Getting points is paramount. Points for the Gipper. Points for the lamps of China. Points pour Nickel. Points uber alles.

  24. Follow the Drinkin’ Gourd…

    For the old man is awaitin’
    For to carry you to freedom
    If you follow the drinkin’ gourd.


  25. Showcase Bernier…….Brodeur’s future replacement

    DL know’s he’s got to show confidence, that either goalie can stand up to NJ and Parise……

    Set’s up the Parise deal

    NOTE: NJ keep Parise off the ice when Clifford is out there
    we BOTH don’t want another season ending knee injury.

  26. I’m willing to bet the Devils score 3 on us. If we can score more than 3, we win.

    Side note, Parise is centering Kovy’s line… which should be interesting.

  27. I see points to all sides of this debate. But damn it, this is LA. We fans have suffered with this club for not just years, but entire decades.

    Now we have a damn fine team with a chance to capture the imagination of not just LA fans but the entire hockey world. And what does this organization do???

    Fucking throw a bucket of cold water on loyal, long suffering fans who dare to hope that they might witness and be a part of a legendary moment of hockey greatness…

    When was the last one great moment, Manchester? Toronto? Boston game 6?

    Wow. Talk about “wasted days and wasted nights”.

    • Now we have a damn fine team with a chance to capture the imagination of not just LA fans but the entire hockey world.

      … OK. I understand the excitement and all, but this is laying it on a bit thick, isn’t it? They’re not going to capture the “imagination” of anything – we’re not even at game ten yet.

      Is it too much to ask you to act like you’ve been there before? The Kings started off last season 12-3, didn’t they? Didn’t they look “damn fine” then? How did all that end up? It’s a marathon. It’s not a sprint. This isn’t the NFL. Seasons don’t last 16 games.

      Now, I’ll go on record here and now to say that Quick deserves to start tonight. And that’s for two reasons. Reason number one is that Murray needs to stick to what he says if he wants people to respect what he says. Reason number two is that any time you’re on a streak, you need to RESPECT THE STREAK.

      I don’t give two shits about how the “Hockey World” views my team, or alleged “great moments” in fucking October. Never have, never will. I give a shit about my team, the Los Angeles Kings, winning a championship at least one time before I die. They don’t have to do it spectacularly, or stylistically – I just want them to get it done.

      Quick has plenty of season left to regress to the mean and get his rest. I’m not concerned with too many games being started in October. It’s early. Quick has had all summer to rest physically and mentally. It’s when he gets too many starts in the dog days of December to February that causes me to worry about his endurance level come playoff time. Murray should have stuck to his guns. Quick has three straight shutouts. If he’s not locked in now, he never will be. He should have the start tonight.

      • This is one of those once-a-month moments where you and I see eye to eye.

        Which reminds me I need to scold Bobby a bit because this article is now getting passed around the internet, including me in this opinion (I’m looking at you Specter!). I do not think Bernier should have started tonight and am pretty pissed off that he is. Quick plays until his streak is over, that’s how sports go.

        You know ultimately the team is most important, but indiviudal records and streaks are extremely importnt in sports. They are part of the mythos and part of why we watch.

        I know the season matters more and that while resting Quick is a bit melodramatic right now, getting Bernier games is valid, but goddamnit, by making this goalie decision, Murray is destroying memories for 30,000+ King fans. These streaks are the kinds of things new fans and kids remember and the things old fans share and reminisce about during beers down the road. It’s fucking important.

        • Is the current shut out streak broken because he won’t play tonight? Until you have the answer to that question, your melodrama is premature.

          And what do you mean including you? Your punk ass wasn’t mentioned in the above article.

          • Yeah, but people say “Surly & Scribe” say “yada yada yada” and I get mad cause I want to say “no! Only Scribe say! Surly say sumthin’ else!”

            As far as the streak being broken, even it is not, it is slightly tainted, and won’t hold the same weight in the Kings’ fan archetypical thought as it would have had it been done in consecutive games. It’s also a team thing, so if the Kings give up a goal tonight, it may not break up Quicks record, but it does break up the team’s record.

          • … Just to clarify: when I meant “streak”, I meant the current streak the team is on. I don’t consider those shutouts as belonging to Quick as much as they belong to the team, and the team is on a four game winning streak. Don’t fool with THAT.

            If Quick started tonight and gave up one goal and the Kings won 2-1 or whatever, I’d advocate starting Quick against Dallas in the next game, too. Quick’s personal streak means zilch to me.

            So he’s amassed three straight shutouts, equalling a feat last accomplished by the immortal Steve Mason, and he might approach the streak posted by the immortal Brian Boucher. I think I’ll wet my pants. Probably not.

          • Once again, you prove to possess an utter lack of whimsy.

        • “This is one of those once-a-month moments where you and I see eye to eye.”

          Your periods are synchronizing.


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