I haven’t forgotten game three.

It still pisses me off.

I can chalk it up to the middle of a hellish schedule but I won’t. We lost. We didn’t play well. I haven’t gotten over it. Tonight is payback.

We play after 2 days rest. We are playing well in all three zones. Quick gets some well-earned time off. Jonathan Bernier starts in goal. “Sweet” would not describe the taste of a shut out tonight but, most of all, I want the 2 points and Jersey to walk away with zero.

No changes expected for the Kings except for Bernier. I don’t yet know if there are any relevant line up shuffling in the works for the Devils.

A quick note simply because I cannot resist. New Jersey Devils’ bloggers are a little upset over all of this Zach Parise talk. They believe their captain is staying put. Surly & I covet Zach. We haven’t paid much attention to any rumors about him (though we are sure they are out there) but we have not been shy about proclaiming our love for his style of play and how much we would like to see him in a Kings’ jersey.

We are clearly not alone. From our October 6 article:

Burnside: Far, far away from Newark. If the Devils aren’t firmly ensconced in a playoff spot, team president and GM Lou Lamoriello will have little option but to deal Parise, who does not have a no-movement/no-trade clause. Our guess? How about playing the wing with Mike Richards in Los Angeles?

Custance: The safe answer is New Jersey, and the Devils should do whatever it takes to get Parise signed to a long-term deal. But I’ll go out on a limb and say he’s in Los Angeles on March 5. If the Kings are truly going to challenge for a Stanley Cup this season, they still need one more elite goal scorer for their talented centers, especially if Simon Gagne can’t stay healthy. GM Dean Lombardi has stocked his system with enough young depth and talent that he can afford to be aggressive at the trade deadline, even after raiding the system to deal for Mike Richards. And landing Parise would be a dramatic improvement over the move to add Dustin Penner last season.

LeBrun: Still in Jersey. The Devils will be contending for a playoff spot, so even if they can’t sign him to an extension by then, they have to keep him for the stretch drive. If the Devils fall out of playoff contention and haven’t been able to sign him to an extension, they must look at the trade market. Then, you can list a long line of suitors. Among them, in our opinion, would be Los Angeles. The Kings really covet Parise, and if they can’t get him this March, they’ll try again July 1 if Parise hasn’t signed in New Jersey.

But, what do they know?

Kevin Sellathamby of “In Lou We Trust” (linked above) calls all the talk about Parise “irrational fantasy”. He is apparently of the belief the Devils signing Zach Parise does not come with some monumental challenges. Let’s hit some of those now – Kevin, your team cannot sell out a game. It cannot even get close. Your team’s ownership situation is unstable. Your owner busted his nut on Ilya Kovalchuk against the wishes of that GM you glorify and for whom your blog is named. Your team hasn’t won shit since the lockout, your franchise goaltender is playing his last season and Zach Parise wants a Cup & a pay-day.

Folks, I don’t know anymore than you do what will happen to Zach Parise but I do know if he wants to win a Stanley Cup with an organization that is moving in that direction and can afford to pay him what he is worth, New Jersey probably is not in his top 10. This isn’t about history. Nobody doubts the franchise’s past success but hockey, like life, is played in the present. Perhaps loyalty to the franchise that drafted him will win out and he signs long-term. I respectfully submit Kevin is a little blind to the fact Parise has already decided against a long-term contract when he agreed to a 1 year deal and between then and now, not much has changed that would objectively shove him in the direction of staying at the armpit. New Jersey is, at best, a playoff bubble team and I am being kind.

Let’s drop the puck. Should be a great game. GO KINGS!