Kings vs. Devils: Revenge Is A Dish Best Served Cold

I haven’t forgotten game three.

It still pisses me off.

I can chalk it up to the middle of a hellish schedule but I won’t. We lost. We didn’t play well. I haven’t gotten over it. Tonight is payback.

We play after 2 days rest. We are playing well in all three zones. Quick gets some well-earned time off. Jonathan Bernier starts in goal. “Sweet” would not describe the taste of a shut out tonight but, most of all, I want the 2 points and Jersey to walk away with zero.

No changes expected for the Kings except for Bernier. I don’t yet know if there are any relevant line up shuffling in the works for the Devils.

A quick note simply because I cannot resist. New Jersey Devils’ bloggers are a little upset over all of this Zach Parise talk. They believe their captain is staying put. Surly & I covet Zach. We haven’t paid much attention to any rumors about him (though we are sure they are out there) but we have not been shy about proclaiming our love for his style of play and how much we would like to see him in a Kings’ jersey.

We are clearly not alone. From our October 6 article:

Burnside: Far, far away from Newark. If the Devils aren’t firmly ensconced in a playoff spot, team president and GM Lou Lamoriello will have little option but to deal Parise, who does not have a no-movement/no-trade clause. Our guess? How about playing the wing with Mike Richards in Los Angeles?

Custance: The safe answer is New Jersey, and the Devils should do whatever it takes to get Parise signed to a long-term deal. But I’ll go out on a limb and say he’s in Los Angeles on March 5. If the Kings are truly going to challenge for a Stanley Cup this season, they still need one more elite goal scorer for their talented centers, especially if Simon Gagne can’t stay healthy. GM Dean Lombardi has stocked his system with enough young depth and talent that he can afford to be aggressive at the trade deadline, even after raiding the system to deal for Mike Richards. And landing Parise would be a dramatic improvement over the move to add Dustin Penner last season.

LeBrun: Still in Jersey. The Devils will be contending for a playoff spot, so even if they can’t sign him to an extension by then, they have to keep him for the stretch drive. If the Devils fall out of playoff contention and haven’t been able to sign him to an extension, they must look at the trade market. Then, you can list a long line of suitors. Among them, in our opinion, would be Los Angeles. The Kings really covet Parise, and if they can’t get him this March, they’ll try again July 1 if Parise hasn’t signed in New Jersey.

But, what do they know?

Kevin Sellathamby of “In Lou We Trust” (linked above) calls all the talk about Parise “irrational fantasy”. He is apparently of the belief the Devils signing Zach Parise does not come with some monumental challenges. Let’s hit some of those now – Kevin, your team cannot sell out a game. It cannot even get close. Your team’s ownership situation is unstable. Your owner busted his nut on Ilya Kovalchuk against the wishes of that GM you glorify and for whom your blog is named. Your team hasn’t won shit since the lockout, your franchise goaltender is playing his last season and Zach Parise wants a Cup & a pay-day.

Folks, I don’t know anymore than you do what will happen to Zach Parise but I do know if he wants to win a Stanley Cup with an organization that is moving in that direction and can afford to pay him what he is worth, New Jersey probably is not in his top 10. This isn’t about history. Nobody doubts the franchise’s past success but hockey, like life, is played in the present. Perhaps loyalty to the franchise that drafted him will win out and he signs long-term. I respectfully submit Kevin is a little blind to the fact Parise has already decided against a long-term contract when he agreed to a 1 year deal and between then and now, not much has changed that would objectively shove him in the direction of staying at the armpit. New Jersey is, at best, a playoff bubble team and I am being kind.

Let’s drop the puck. Should be a great game. GO KINGS!

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  1. Man would we be an elite team if he played with Richards and brown both of our top 2 lines would be invincible and our opponents would dread waking up knowing they have to play the kings

    • Coaches would have fits trying to match up, and players would have to bring their A+ game to even have a chance at shutting down the top 2. Probably too good to be true, but we can still hope! Knowing DL, he won’t sign Parise to a rental contract, and I just don’t see how we have the cap room to lock him down long term. If he does make a serious offer, who gets moved to open up space? Besides the obvious Penner…

  2. I think it’s more likely the Kings get Parise as a UFA than through a deadline trade. New Jersey will want some combination of prospects, picks and Bernier in a deal for Parise. If that is the case, the Kings don’t have the cap space to acquire Parise in season. Would we have to move someone like Penner and/or Stoll along with Bernier. Do you really think the Devils would trade Parise for Penner or Stoll? Do you really think Dean would trade his back-up goalie in season as well and let Jones have back-up duty? I haven’t even mentioned the fact that we would only be guaranteed to have Parise for a few months. As much as I would love to have Parise for the playoff run, July 1, 2012 is more likely.

  3. Yeah, a lot of stuff would have to go our way. But damn the lines would look sooooo sweet.

    The entire western conference would collectively soil themselves on the day that deal went down. We’d need some cap though. Who do we unload, and to where?

  4. Kevin Sellathamby of “In Lou We Trust” (linked above) calls all the talk about Parise ”irrational fantasy”.

    … Yep, pretty much.

    Honestly, I don’t even want the guy in a trade, anyway. Lombardi will overpay for him, just as he did for Richards. No need to cannibalize the organization to acquire an over-hyped player.

    If you can’t get him as an UFA, don’t bother with it.

    • JT, who would you like to see added to our top 6? Or are you happy with our top 6, as currently assembled and want to see Penner re-signed?

      • He would like to see Simmonds and Schenn added to the Kings top 6.

      • … Do you think Loktionov is a bust? What about any of the other supposed “future star” forwards the Kings have on their way up? Is it a sin to give them a shot?

        • No. No problem with any of that. However, I don’t believe Loktionov is best served at wing. I prefer to see him where he has done well – center. Regarding “future star”, Kozun, Toffoli, etc., not yet ready for the top 6 next season unless there is a break through. I put Kozun as the most ready and I prefer him on the third line next to Loktionov. So, back to my question, who do you want to see in the top 6?

          • Then you must also think Murray is getting fired, because there is NO WAY he rolls a 3rd line of two small guys like Kozun and Loki. By that time Clifford should be taking full time 3rd line duties too, so while I salivate over a Clifford-Loki-Kozun third line, I doubt we’ll ever see it.

  5. Its going to take Bernier 2 top prospects or 1top prospect and 2 #1 picks to land Pharisees but if landed and resigned he will be a great King for years to come.
    Bernier takes over for the aging Brodeur, perfect fit really. I don’t want Penned back anyway.
    Jesus, a line of Kopitar Parise Williams is too destructive for any team to handle.

  6. It seems in this hypothetical, to create cap space for a long term Parise deal, Muzzin would have to replace Mitchell or Greene (or a cheap UFA). Loktionov would have to replace Stoll.

    Then you have to hope that we have a cheap replacement for Gagne (Toffoli, Vey, Kozun?? Don’t think any of them play LW) when Quick needs a new deal. If Loktionov demands a lot of needs a top 6 spot when his deal is up, he would have to be moved.

    • People may get pissed but what about Doughty? He can bring picks and assets to the team. He’s signed long term and plenty of teams would take on his contract.
      I know he has the tools for HOF but hes too mercurial. The holdout really pissed me off too.
      If cleaning his cap space to get Parise is what it would take, I say do it.

      • OK, well even though you get major points using the term ‘mercurial’, I think its still asinine to suggest trading Doughty. The Kings would have no elite defensemen. We already have an elite forward in Kopitar. Two if you count Richards up there. While I want an elite winger to go with them as much as anyone, doing it at the cost of our only elite Dman is counter productive. You’re just butt hurt that Doughty is an egotistical jerk off.

        • Sorry, but I have faith Johnson will be elite. We also have a Forbort and that outstanding FrenchCanadian (forgot his name) ready to play next year.
          The Kings most important d-man based on record is not Doughty but Mitchell ( who we must resign).
          You’re right, I’m butt hurt about the holdout but I was pissed off about a lot of other shenanigans too.
          That’s all she wrote.

      • Good outside the box thinking BUT there is a political fallout from such a move and I am not sure Dean goes there.

        • Do Kings fans really love Drew that much that bringing in Parise would still create turmoil?

          • Do Kings fans really love Drew that much that bringing in Parise would still create turmoil?

            … Hey remember that one time when the Kings had a 22-year-old defenseman back in the day named Larry Murphy and he was traded away for those other guys who were older and the Kings were left holding their dicks for the next 27 years while Larry Murphy became a 1200-point scorer in his career and won the Stanley Cup four times and went to the Hall of Fame?

            Yeah, let’s do that again. That was fun

          • lol, so good.

      • The holdout really pissed me off too.

        … Yeah, think of all those games he missed because of it! Like, zero! What a piece of garbage he is. Where does he get off, missing zero games?

        He and Dean did the perfect deal, they both compromised and came to a solution that works out wonderfully for both sides, and yet there’s still people butthurt about it? That’s fucking unbelievable. There’s no pleasing some of the fans, I guess. Is there?

        • Shut up dude. Much like you he is a self centered low life. He’s got a bigger contract than Kopi which is bull.
          Actually, you’re not self centered just a dude being hard on the internet.
          And now that he’s got his money lets see him earn it. ( which I have little faith he will.

          • While I want to see Doughty earn his payday too, I think he will. He may be self centered, but he doesn’t ONLY care about money. The guy also cares a great deal about winning and part of his ego is that he wants to be the best player on the ice, which is why he tries some stupid shit sometimes. I am still fully confident that in the next 3-5 years he will win his first of many Norris trophies.

          • You may be right.
            Who knows?
            We will see.

          • And now that he’s got his money lets see him earn it. ( which I have little faith he will.)

            … Yeah, no shit you have little faith. Keep being butthurt about it if it means that much to you, tough guy. It’s cute. I couldn’t care less.

          • Bitch, I wish I could show you tough Guy. You piece of shit faggot.

          • … LMAO! Are you still crying? There’s no crying in hockey.

            Go grab a tissue and write some emo poetry about Kopitar getting 200K per season less than EVIL Drew Doughty. And keep your lil homosexual fantasies to yourself.

    • Moving Greene makes so much sense for multiple reasons. I hope it happens.

  7. As I said, Parise will be centering the first line tonight, which is an obvious change but something he can do. Not to mention they have a backup in.

    So if they can stop the first line from scoring we have a good chance.

    As far as Doughty goes, I’ll make a comparison. This comparison deals with potential versus talent. You knew this girl in high school, was one of the hottest girls in school. She messages you on Facebook 5 years later saying she always had a crush on you. But now she is fat, like 50 pounds over what would be average, but she still has a cute face. You are single. Do you make the move based on the chance she may lose weight and look hot as fuck again? Or do you find someone else who is pretty cute in her own right, but you know nothing about her?

    That may be the shittiest analogy ever, but my point is basing things on potential is really scary. For every guy whoo had the potential to be amazing, there are plenty more who turned out to be average or worse. Now I’m not saying I want Doughty off the team, but if the return was greater than him, I would think about it for a second then sign on the dotted line.

  8. … Fans still booing Kovalchuk, hahaha.

    No group of fans holds the hate like Kings’ fans do.

    • I think at this point Its an amusing joke. We’ll boo him for all 15 years of that deal. Why? Because We can.

      • … The Devils are kicking ass. Are you convinced, yet?

        This is a playoff team for sure.

        • Eh, we’ll see. Plenty of season left and I wouldn’t be surprised to see them in it or out of it.

          They didn’t look so great the other night. Kovy didn’t look terribly responsible making that godawful change the other night.

          I’d say the jury is still out.

  9. Moreau was great in that period. Nice hit and smart on D.

  10. We deserved to have that goal go against us. Running around like jackasses for too long. Getting beat to pucks and outhustled.

  11. What’d I say? 3 goals? Let’s go Devils. Score one more just so I can be right.

  12. … Looks like the Kings remembered their “play shit defense in front of Bernier and provide little to no offense for him to compensate” mode. Awesome!

  13. Greener trying to pull a Doughty/Johnson and look what happens.

    There’s my 3 goals.


  14. … Outnumbered attack, once again. Christ.

  15. Is it just me, or do the Kings play more sloppy when Bernier is in net?

  16. Sloppy, lazy, unfocused play all around – a night off.

    • … I’ll give credit where it’s due to the Devils, they’re a much better team than most here think. But. These two periods certainly won’t show up on the Kings’ post-season highlight DVD.

  17. They are playing far too conservative being down by 3 and all.

    • … The inability to handle breakout passes cleanly has made it more difficult for the Kings to break through the defense that New Jersey has set up in the neutral zone. They don’t have enough space to take the time to re-handle passes because they didn’t receive them cleanly in the first place.

      • Our Puck retrieval is non existant. I refuse to give Jersey too much credit. They deserve some. They are playing like the wounded animal they are, everyone is digging in for them. No one is diving in for us. Passing sucks but more importantly we are getting beat to loose pucks and getting outworked on the boards. When I see Elias knocking Kopi around, there’s a big fucking problem.

        • Yeah, one of those piss poor efforts that happens from time to time. Kopi was okay though, he got crushed in the corner and still created a scoring chance. Moreau was one of the best players on the ice. Greene was okay. Scuderi solid as usual. I don’t know, energy was low for some reason.

          • Kopi’s shit attempt to bring the puck out of the zone was the cause for one of the goals against. I wouldn’t say he played that well tonight.

            He seemed like he was floating a bit today. He had an obvious big hit he should have made with the puck carrier cutting to the middle and he just coasted right by him.

          • Agreed, much to low for his standards, but he did get involved and showed some character.
            I was upset Kopi was not getting double shifted at the end of the game. Should have been Kopi, Richards, Johnson, Voynov, non stop till the end with JJ and Voynov rushing the Puck with their speed. I just didn’t see it tonight.
            I hope Voynov doesn’t get sent down. Kid can play.

      • I don’t get that either. Why does just about every player, including the new guys all of a sudden have problems receiving passes in the neutral zone? It’s fucking mind boggling.

  18. Kovalchuk didn’t score. :-)

  19. Courtesy of a blogger from Rich’s site. When does this muthafucka arrive for a pep talk! Enjoy


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