Shut Out? Shit!

Ask me which LA Kings player had a good game and I would pause…I may not be able to give you a single name.

Ask me who played like they were hung over or nursing a case of the sucks and I would reply, “you want the whole list or just the top 10?”

That was garbage. The Kings played the part of refuse for the better part of the second period. By the time they showed up in the third, it was the case of too little, too late.

Some will point fingers at Terry Murray and proclaim, “if we had Jonathan Quick in there, this wouldn’t have happened!” If “this” refers to the third goal, they may be right but even that is a stretch. Three turnovers, three goals? Is that about right? Mike Richards, Anze Kopitar and Dustin Penner, in no particular order? The Kings didn’t give Bernier any defensive or offensive support. They downright made it as difficult as possible for him. I don’t give a crap what anyone else says, New Jersey is an average team. That defense is porous. Tonight, we made them look like New Jersey, circa 2003.

Speaking of suck and Penner, I have a question – if not now, then when? 6 games played, 0 goals, 1 assist. He had 4 shots on goal tonight. Do you remember them? I am struggling to do so.

Too many things refused to go right. We couldn’t make a breakout pass to save our life. In fact, every aspect of our breakouts was flawed, from reading the pressure, reacting to it, even our controlled breakouts were sloppy and often resulted in either broken plays or turnovers. I was ready to scream, “someone, for the love of God, show these boys how to regroup and counter attack!” but I feared it may come out, “&^%$*&($” and that would have filled the curse jar at our house after the game. Speaking of cursing, does anyone know if we got a single rebound that resulted in a second shot on goal? If so, point it out because I can’t tell you how many F bombs I threw under my breath at the perimeter shots that resulted in NOTHING! #$%%&*^ NOTHING!

I am spent.

This sucked.

Onto Thursday.


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  1. We changed our dump and chase for the Half boards block shot/in to the goalies chest.

  2. That was pathetic. By the end of the game Penner was on the 4th line and sucking it up there too. Having Penner on the ice is like being on the perpetual PK. I’m sick of people making excuses for that slack ass. Tonight I heard that he struggled last season because of problems with his wife….. yada….yada. Seriously, bring up Loktionov and send that cry baby down to Manchester to rehab his vagina.

    • Yeah, time for Loktionov to play.
      Wouldn’t mind seeing Kozun get a couple of games for Richardson.

    • Ya looks like Loktionov is burning up the AHL. How about Lokti between Richards and Brown? Lokti looked better at center last year and I believe Richards played plenty of wing in Philly.

    • Momma said there would be games like this, but Penner…ugh!

      Penner puck handling and passing taken the 2nd line out of the game just as Smyth did last season when he forgot how to stand on his skates. Its hard to see how Penner fits on this or any team.

      While his stamina has markedly improved Penner’s inability to handle and pass pucks has become striking.

      He unloads pucks like hot potatoes and his passing lacks zing or accuracy…like he is playing with two sprained wrists.

      Last night was a low point. One sequence featured four glaring flubs in a row; Two errors in the O zone directly followed by two puck handling errors in the D zone leading to a Devil goal. .

      His reward? Being interviewed a minute later on the bench and trying to deflect responsibility. He looked like a cornered rabbit.

      This years Penner is even less effective then last years Smyth…if that is even possible. The only contract Penner is going to get is a rental agreement at a retirement home..


  3. “Speaking of suck and Penner, I have a question – if not now, then when?” Truer words were never spoken…

  4. I liked elevating Clify to L2; moving Penner to L3, which bumped Moureau to L4.

    Mitchell’s hooking penalty had him in stitches. He kept asking did you se the repeal, what did they call?

    • That was one of those ‘the rules have been extended for hooking to the point where the term hooking has no real application to what can be called a penalty for hooking’ scenarios.

      My seat neighbors and I were joking that they need to come up with a new penalty category for those calls- Handing.

    • Clifford has a decent game. He was one of the few Kings that ran down pucks in the corners. Westgarth played a decent game as well.

    • Cliffy? You must be joking.

  5. @Jim…. is that Elvis Costello?

  6. There was an absence of stick-to-stick passes throughout the entire game. Just a complete turnover infested lack of play. I went to the staples center and the kings forgot to show up. Penner is a slug. Down 3-0, with half the third period remaining, I was praying for Westgarth to fight somebody just so I’d have something to get excited over. There certainly wasn’t anything else to cheer for. Just my two cents.

    • Penner likes hanging out at the boards or the blue line, where ever the the puck is farthest away from him. Then he skates his slow ass to the bench. How much is he getting paid?

  7. Not happy with anyone’s game pretty disappointed with the whole team not just one person but tomorrow is a new day get it into gear for Thursday boys
    Go Kings Go

  8. Anyone notice how much we struggled with the cycle? That was weird to watch. It felt like the F2 and F3 were standing around, looking at F1 and wondering, “we’re supposed to do something, aren’t we?”

  9. I don’t understand why we didn’t see Johnson use his speed tonight. Voynov as well. Johnson has been a catalyst a lot this season. I think maybe they got away from what has worked.
    Penner may be a cancer.
    Kings were too conservative when they were down too. They were still hanging back a lot.
    Also, I feel Anze should get more minutes along with Johnson in the 3rd period with the game on the line.

    • We couldn’t connect a pass. Those breakouts were borderline comedy. Johnson (and Voynov) cannot use their speed when the puck is like a hot potato.

      Penner. Boy. He looks like a 34 year old left wing whose best years are behind him. I hope he turns it around because he is the weak link.

      Conservative – lol – welcome to Kings hockey but when our game is on, that works fine. I don’t have the stats (and actually don’t give a shit about them) but we seem to play so much better and more disciplined WITH the lead. I am most nervous with this team when it is 0-0. It seems our attack zone mentality is to avoid making a mistake. We don’t stretch the zone. We don’t make any low-high plays. We don’t activate defensemen. We seem content to keep the score 0-0. We get a lead and look out. We suddenly come alive and don’t just skate into the opposing team’s neutral zone forecheck.

      • Penner was a special kind of awful last night. Penner’s awfulness stood out among an entire team that was playing awful…now that’s pretty awful.

  10. I don’t know about anyone else but I like to peruse the highlights of the nights games just to see what the other teams are up to and many of them have fairly similar styles of play. Of course much of the highlights are offense related.

    When I hear this shit about a “shot mentality” I fucking cringe. No shit TM no fucking shit. You ain’t gonna score if you don’t shoot the fucking puck that’s common sense but it’s the way they shoot the puck. The slight holding of the puck and going around someone, give and go passing, seam passing and finding the open guy, etc. I mean isn’t that what professional hockey is all about? Being so fucking good with the puck that you can actually make sick ass plays on almost a nightly basis?

    It’s becoming another epedemic now. Just like last year’s PP. The other team already knows what we’re up to most of the time. Pass the puck up top and immediately, I mean immediately, shoot the puck in on net. And what usually happens? They block the shot. Why? Because they know that we’re going to do that. There were several times that the point guy has actual time to fake a shot (now the defender is fucked) and then has room to skate and hopefully find the open guy for a Quality one timer or just a Quality shot on goal.

    A shot on net where the goalie is basically yawning is retarded. Ok I’ve been drinking and I know it’s not easy. But when I watch these other teams and then look at the squad we have I’m just wondering what the hell is wrong with us. Yes it’s one game no need to panic it’s not game 5 of the cup finals so it’s cool but damn it frurstrating as hell! Whatever fuck it next game….

  11. … Mike Richards: 8 games, 1 goal, 6 points, -2, 19:46 TOI/G, 2 even strength points, 2.4 relative Corsi rating
    Wayne Simmonds: 8 games, 2 goals, 6 points, +1, 16:13 TOI/G, 4 even strength points, 3.5 relative Corsi rating

    Wait, what? Simmonds is easily replaceable? Sure.

    And you’re damn right I’m going to keep doing that at periodic times this season.

    As for the game – the Devils are good; they’re well-coached and they played a solid and disciplined game. if people don’t want to give them any credit, that’s cool. They’ll learn.

    The Kings were due for a dud, they didn’t get too many breaks and they certainly weren’t able to execute very well once they fell behind. It’s too bad that the dud came when Bernier was in the nets, and it’s too bad that many will fly off the handle and blame this one on him to some degree when it’s completely unwarranted, but hey, what can you do?

    • Lol. Yeah, because Richards’ line mates are really kicking ass out there. Brown is looking as lost as he ever has in his career, all the while not hitting anybody, kind of his bread and butter… And Penner, a useless load of trash. Put Richards on the PP with Johnson and Kopi and suddenly there is magic most games. Coincidence? Yeah sure, because a Corsi rating means anything.

      Go ahead and keep comparing Simmonds to Richards. You are the only person on the planet, including, I’m willing to bet, Wayne Simmonds himself, who thinks the two players are equal in talent.

      Did people overstep in saying Simmonds was easily replaceable over the summer? Probably. Much of that has to do with Simmonds own dip in play last year. But most ofit has to do with a misnomer. It’s not that Simmonds is easily replaceable, it’s that if someone said “hey, who do you want on your team, Mike Richards or Wayne Simmonds?”, the obvious answer is Richards, period. Simmonds fits in to Philly’s system well, great for him. Let’s start comparing Hartnell to Penner, and browns offensive talent to Jagrs. Or perhaps we can consider that Simmonds is lucky as shit to have guys like Briere and Giroux centering him. It certainly couldn’t be that Wayne is benefiting from playing with those guys? Nah.

      Keep making that comparison. I’ll keep calling you crazy. At least i finally realize why you think we overpaid for Richards, you think Simmonds is worth more than Richards on his own!

      • … You make some silly and poor assumptions. I never said they were equal in value, I said that one is overrated and one is underrated. They’re closer than you realize.

        I’m loving the whole “it’s his linemates’ fault!” rationale you’re using for Kramer, too. I thought he was elite? Maybe he should be making his linemates better, not the other way around.

        • Richards is playing a kickass skilled game out there. It’s not his line mates faults, I am just very disappointed with his line mates efforts.

          Richards is rated exactly As he should be. He is one of the best defensive centers in the game, wears his heart on his sleeve and has some crazy good on ice vision with above average passing and average shooting ability.

          I make assumptions based on information you offer.

          They are not closer than i realize. Richards is an elite player in the NHL. simmonds is a good forward who at the end of this season can be judged whether he is a good top 6 forward or not. They are in different categories.

          Iwill admit to flying off the handle a little. I get easily incensed after I go to dog shit games. I enjoy being emotional about the sport. The highs are higher and the lows are lower.

    • “… Mike Richards: 8 games, 1 goal, 6 points, -2, 19:46 TOI/G, 2 even strength points, 2.4 relative Corsi rating
      Wayne Simmonds: 8 games, 2 goals, 6 points, +1, 16:13 TOI/G, 4 even strength points, 3.5 relative Corsi rating”

      That speaks more to the system that the player plays in than the player themselves. Why does every skilled player that Lombardi acquires become perimeter players with LA? Why do their goal rates all drop when traded to LA?

      Handzus and Poni have 2 goals for their new teams, which is close to a 20 goal pace, just like their normal career pace.

      When are people going to realize that the Kings 5-on-5 offense hasn’t improved with better players? What has been the constant?

  12. Jesus, you really ARE a pack of fickle bitches.

    Awright, after three straight shutouts we stunk up the joint. It happens. We’re not gonna make it through a whole season without skating over our dicks.

    Now that I’ve gotten that off my chest . . . braaaaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwlllllllfff . . . urp . . .

  13. Where are your Hockey 2.0 blogs to try and explain the Kings offense?

    I thought getting better players were supposed to increase the offense?

    People think that Parise is the answer to all of the offensive problems, he won’t be. Murray is still here and the Kings are still scoring at the same pathetic rate. Until the Kings can score 5-on-5, the team will continue to be a bottom seed and first round loser.

    I don’t think it has anything to do with the personel on the ice.

  14. Here’s my take on last nights game. Call me crazy, but I blame it on one thing……..Terry Murray! I feel the team wanted to show TM the “middle-finger” for benching Quick. He is on fire, has a streak going and you bench him ’cause “Terry Murray wanted to keep his word” to Bernier. The team showed support to Quick last night by playing crappy. The WHOLE team looked like shit, as if they all had a talk and said “screw TM…..Let’s get him fired for his stupid ass decisions.” They have been playing great hockey lately because they have NOT been playing the TM system. IMO, this team does not like TM and want him gone.

    Unlike some of you, I disagreed with them putting Bernier in. I do not think Quick needed rest yet. We were only 7 games in and he was on a roll. As the season rolls on, yes, give the guy a well-deserved break. However, this short into the season and to sit him down when nothing is getting past him makes absolutely no sense to me (and apparenrly the team). Then again, what the hell do I know………….

    • I agree with your hate of Terry Murray, but I disagree about the play of the team during the 3 shutouts. The Kings were playing the Murray offense, Quick was the reason for 2 of the 3 wins. The Kings are still near the bottom of the league in 5-on-5 offense, same as every season with Murray. Doesn’t matter who Lombardi gets, the Kings won’t improve until Murray is gone. The Kings will still grind out enough 2-1 and 3-2 wins to make the playoffs, but won’t go anywhere in the playoffs with Murray. Teams know where the Kings players will be before the Kings players get there. They have zero space in the offensive zone because it has been scouted and the Kings don’t change the script.

      • Quick was the reason for 2 of the 3 wins.

        … I’m guessing you mean the wins over Phoenix and Dallas, which were wins brought about as much by good defense and poor opposition offense as they were by goaltending.

        I’m not saying Quick didn’t have a hand in those wins, but it wasn’t like he “stole” those games, or anything of the sort. The Kings outplayed and outchanced their opponents in all three of the shutouts.

        • They were also outshot if memory serves. In Pheonix and Dallas games the defense did a good job of clearing away second chances and rebounds, but they gave up plenty of high quality first shots that Quick did steal. Now in the conventional sense of the team playing shitty and the Goalie winning the game single handed, no Quick Did not steal either game. However I will credit him with those wins a little more than the defense because he did come up with several of the ‘big saves’. I would like to see Bernier make one of those big saves soon. While he sure didn’t get much if any support from his team in either game, it is still incumbent upon him to make the big saves. Last night was by no means Bernier’s fault at all, But at the same time Bernier himself played a so-so game I thought.

          • I saw Bernier make a couple of big saves. The only goal you can partially put on Bernier was #3 but when the offense scores ZERO, does it really matter if the final score was 2-0 vs. 3-0?

          • No. Not my point. I said Bernier didn’t lose the game, the team did. I just want to Bernier excel despite how crappy the team plays in front of him. Its possible, even if he gives up a few inevitable goals that aren’t his fault.

            I saw one moderately ‘big’ save in the first. I don’t remember any others. Maybe its because by 10 minutes into the third my face was buried firmly in my palms.

          • While he sure didn’t get much if any support from his team in either game, it is still incumbent upon him to make the big saves.

            … Are you kidding me? How many outnumbered attacks did the Devils have? How many of them DIDN’T end up in a goal? Bernier made several fine saves, as many as Quick made in any one of his shutouts.

            If the flow of the game had matched last night and Quick was in net instead of Bernier, Quick would have been beaten, too.

            This was one of the reasons why I advocated Quick starting the game last night. At some point, the team and Quick were due for some regression to the mean. Quick isn’t going to have a .980 save percentage all season, and the Kings aren’t going to play shutout hockey all season. They were due for a dud, and they got one.

            Quick would have been beat, the attitude (I hope) would have been “well hey, what a run he and the team had, it’s all good, can’t win them all” and Bernier would have started rightfully against Dallas. But that’s Terry Murray. He’s never been able to handle goalies properly at any point during his NHL coaching career, and this was no exception. It was stupid move – like removing a pitcher with a no-hitter the 8th inning and proceeding to lose the game itself – but that’s a fact of life with Murray, and honestly it wasn’t much of a surprise.

            Terry has his strengths, and I respect them. But goalies are his Kryptonite.

          • I agree with you JT. Quick would have lost that game too, because the Kings’ did nothing to deserve winning it.

            Bernier made several quality saves. I’m talking about the “holy shit, how in the hell did he stop that one?” kind of saves.

            Though to be fair, Bernier’s style kind of makes those saves harder to see. It’s the Giguere “yawn, next” effect of strict butterfly goalies.

            But this is my point too, the Devil’s suck, and even with us playing like trash they couldn’t generate scoring chances that were that great. They did they best they could with what they got, which was a lot, because we gave them everything. A good offensive team would have reamed us much worse last night.

        • The Kings have been outshot in 5 of the 6 starts by Quick and are 4-0-1. Quick is 1-0 in games that the Kings have more shots.

          The Kings have outshot their opponents in both of Bernier’s starts and are 0-2.

          The common problem with the Kings is their offense (no surprise), not their defense. Bernier simply hasn’t played as well as Quick this season. Doesn’t matter if the goals against are “good” goals or not. Wins and loses are all that matter now, no more “style” point games should be accepted.

          Does it suck that Bernier had to play in front of that Kings team last night? Sure, but he still gets the “L”. Quick is 5-0-1 and Bernier is 0-2.

          Until Murray is replaced, the Kings are still going to grind out 2-1 and 3-2 type of games. The Kings goalies are going to keep the opponent under 3 goals for the Kings to win enough to make the playoffs.

          • The Kings have outshot their opponents in both of Bernier’s starts and are 0-2.

            … Did you really think that the Kings outplayed the Devils last night? That the Kings’ chances and shots were of equal or higher quality than the Devils’? Seriously? Did we watch the same game?

            Same thing against Buffalo. The Kings were soundly outplayed. Their shots were not of the same quality and from the prime areas of the ice as often as the Sabres’ shots were.

            At least go back and look at the shot charts of those two games.

    • I wanted to see Quick in too. Loosing doesn’t keep us humble, it pisses us off. Our system is predictable and stale. When the boys are on the ice playing the way they know how to play, they are a force to reckon with. TM needs to go. HIs loyalty should be to the team and the fans.

    • You’ve gotta be shitting me you really might believe the whole team threw the game to give TM the middle finger???

  15. So is this about the time TM panics and starts switching up line combinations? Three goals in the last three games. We are damn lucky to have 2 wins out out of the 3.

  16. Offense against the other teams top scorers is still the major issue. The guys covering them are the ones getting burned last night, and this is getting old.

    Only 2 losses by the Kings in regulation, and Bernier owns them both. He shouldn’t be expected to play a perfect game every game to get the win every night, but gad damn it make the save when you have too. 23 shots is not a heavy work load to be giving up 3 goals, and 4 on 26 against Buffalo just sucks ass.

    Quick has played 6 games, and has yet to give up more than 2 in any of them.

  17. I watched our local ECHL team last night, who were really bad, and listening to the Kings game. I saw the last period of the Kings. To be honest, I could not tell the difference between the Kings and the Wranglers play. Both were pathetic. When it is difficult to tell the difference between a struggling ECHL team and an NHL team something is wrong! Come on Kings, dammit! What the hell?

  18. Murray has done a hell of a job teaching this team defensive play. The Kings have been consistently a team that allows very few shots and goals against.
    Is Murray better off being an assistant is the question?. Don’t fault him on days players show up lazy? The best coaches, including Ruff and Babcock have games like that.
    I still think the Kings could win a Cup with Murray. Richards will score and the Kings did not mail it in last night because Quick was not in net, that’s ridiculous.
    The players do believe in the system and they do like Murray, I believe because he is honest and does not flipping flop on issues.

    • Problem is that defense isn’t the problem. Offense is. Other than the 1 game we scored 5, offense is not winning us any games, Quick is. We’re giving low shots against, but were taking extremely low shot totals ourselves.

      Scoring is even worse 5 on 5 so far, and if it wasn’t for some well timed PP goals, I wonder how more perfect we’d have to be with our goaltending.

      The system isn’t allowing for transition from defense to offense, and every game is a dogfight just to score 1 or 2 goals. Being anywhere below 15th in the league is not getting it done. Being above 10th will not even get us to the Western conference finals.

      To even be a top 4, you have to be able to score consistantly in at least the top 10 offensively during the regular season. Then your defense can hold’em, and win you a championship.

      • OOPs! meant “Being below 10th”

      • Nonsense, they can score 5 on 5. We’ve already seen it with the Kopi line and with Johnson.
        The problem with the last game was laziness with Penner wearing the “C”. In previous games you could see how Anze or Jack or J.Will could use their speed and elusivness and get some opportunities. In this game you either had guys trying to make nice passes or just being plain bored with the game.
        Not a big thing. That giant cancerous growth will get taken care of one way or the other and the team will be back playing winning hockey.

  19. When doughty comes back can we send Penner down instead of Voynov? Penner should have had an assist on at least one of those goals.

  20. My favorite “Murray system” moment during last night’s game was when the Devil’s defenseman fell down and couldn’t get back up. Moreau and Stoll both skated towards the boards instead of attacking the fallen player. Stoll eventually gets the puck along the boards, turns it over and the same Devils’ player that fell down skates out with the puck.

    Kopitar stumbles briefly and the Devils attack the puck, get the turnover and score a goal.

    • That was the precise moment That I threw my hands up, laughed and decided to wash This game from memory. God that was pathetic.

    • What are you even talking about? That was in no way Murray’s doing. I’m sure he’s yelling at them about how dumb they were. As hard as you try, you can’t pin everything on the coach.

  21. … Honestly, I had a lengthy post written up about wondering which game most of you saw, because Penner was a damn sight better than some other forwards I can name. The Kings had FAR more time in the offensive zone with Penner on the ice than they did in the defensive zone. Penner led the Kings’ forwards in shots, as well. Not saying he was dominant or great, but he was solid enough in the time he played.

    Did Richards even have a shot on goal? He played nearly 20 minutes or so, right? How did he do on the draw? Won about a third of them? How come he couldn’t handle a simple pass from Greene in the neutral zone while the Kings were changing? That led to the 2-on-1 and Zubrus’s second goal.

    What about Gagne? Did he even have a shot, either? No? Why did he and Williams leave the zone WAY too early on Elias’s goal? Kopitar was the only forward back to defend on that, and of course he gets more of the blame for the loss here than either Gagne or Williams. Of course.

    But whatever, continue with the bashing of the designated scapegoats.

    • Lol. 90% of Penner’s shots came from RIchards setting him up. Richards is a set up man more than a shooter, always has been. Richards showed the only creativity of any Kings’ forward and directed countless pucks to the blue paint, garbage that Penner and Brown should be picking up if they are playing their roles correctly.

      Did Richards make a mistake that led to a goal? Yes. Did Kopi? Yes. Did Greene? Yes. Did others? Yes. Last night wasn’t about mistakes that led directly to goals, it was about the team’s inability to have any cohesive and sustain pressure or gain momentum. When you allow the opposition to take all the momentum, it is only a matter of time until you get scored on and ultimately lose. The specific bungled play that leads to those goals against matter less than the overall play of the team which gives energy and time and space to the opposition .

      • Lol. 90% of Penner’s shots came from RIchards setting him up. Richards is a set up man more than a shooter, always has been.

        … What?!?!?! Richards was only on the ice during ONE of Penner’s shots. Is that 90%? Christ, man.

        Damn …. I feel like John Tortorella sometimes on here. “I wish you guys would watch the goddamned thing and report on the game.”

        • Then that would lean Penner didn’t get shots until the 3rd period, after the coach had demoted him.

          • … Penner had one shot in the first, one in the second, and two in the third.

          • Furthermore Penner has played a grand total of one halfway decent game so far this whole season. His suck last night isn’t really worth pointing out because the team also sucked. But Penner has sucked even when the team has played well. Atleast he is consistent. The only good thing he has done so far is step up for his teammates, which is great and all, but he kind of has to do something else.

            JT you have pointed out Moreau’s lack of points. How can you get on one Guy’s case for having no points when it isn’t his job to score, but then defend a guy who has a whopping one assist When his primary purpose is to score goals. If Penner isn’t putting the Puck in the net, he doesn’t belong in the NHL. Dude has to start scoring, and soon.

          • JT just wants to argue, nothing more. You’re falling into his trap. If you said Penner was awesome last night JT would say Penner is a bum.

          • If you want Penner to start scoring 5-on-5, then put him on Kopitar’s line instead of the “shutdown” Richards’ line.

            This is the same “Poni and Frolov syndrome” that Murray perpetuates. He wants his skilled players paying a primary defensive role, but wants them to score at their average goal pace. It just doesn’t work that way for most NHL players. Hell, put Penner with Stoll and let that line be the “2nd” line and keep Richards as the defensive line. Richards is getting his points on the PP because he can create offense without having to be the defensive shutdown center. How many points does Richards have 5-on-5?

    • Penner was pretty bad man. I agree Willy was bad as well and Richards was mostly invisible.

      He was really gotdamn lazy and sloppy on the Breakout leading to the goal. In the offensive zone he seemed content to stand in the middle of the zone and watch the Puck get wrapped around the boards and let his teammates go fetch it. A lot of those cycles were his Puck to chase after.

      Also he put up a really soft shot on that break I think in the third, when it should have been a more threatening try.

      He is pretty crafty and was able to get some chances, but overall his passive play led to easy clears by NJ and an inability to keep the pressure on.

  22. The Kings have yet to adjust to the five men back or as Fox puts it the “home base” style of defense. Faster shots from the points might do it.

    On the occasions when the Kings got pucks to the front they were frequently out muscled. This is an area that needs work.

    Last, the Kings are starting to plant player on the weak side corner of the net. That should start to pay off.

    One thing that was exposed by last night’s overall team weakness was the both the high level of skill and the lack of NHL level experience of Voyonv.

  23. Why does this blog eventually keep you from replying to posts? Is the format too narrow?

    Anyways, CV said: “Oh…I missed the 5on5 but lets see, Detroit, Boston, and Philly were worse 5 on 5 than the Kings. I would say fuck it.”

    Overall, strong teams have a good to excellent 5-on-5 offense and this is something that Murray himself has said would need to improve. I just don’t think Murray knows how to improve the Kings results, even with a stronger lineup. I didn’t say a strong 5-on-5 ratio, it’s the offense that is key.

    You can have the best PP in the world and if you only get 1 or 2 chances per game, you aren’t going to get the 3 goals needed for most wins. The Kings have had 1 PP each of the last 2 games. They have scored 1 goal in those 2 games.

    Being 17th or 18th in the NHL in 5-on-5 offense isn’t the middle, only 16 teams make the playoffs. The last 3 Stanley Cup Champs have been top 4 5-on-5 offenses.

    Like all stats, there are going to be some anomalies, but generally 5-on-5 offense will tell you who the “contenders” are and right now the Kings are no where near that status. 10% of the NHL schedule is in the books and the Kings are 23rd in the NHL. The PP and Quick are the reasons for the Kings 5-2-1 record.

    2011 Champs Boston was #1 in 5-on-5 offense, Stanley Cup Champs.
    2010 Champs Chicago was #2 in 5-on-5 offense.
    2009 Champs Pittsburgh was #4 in 5-on-5 offense.

    • As for the reply button going away, the comment nesting changed when we changed the site of the format. We had yo reduce the numberb of times You could reply because the comments would become like 2 words per line and unreadable. We’re working on it, but we are aware of it and its pissing me off too.

    • Hmmmmm… do make some solid points however personnel wise we have to see if the Kings have it. They may be better off as they are.
      Ill give it 10 more games and see where we are then perhaps i will check out your bandwagon.
      I definitely didn’t like the conservative play when they were down 2 goals late. I wonder if Murray reads Musashi or Sun Tzu.

  24. I love the arguing.

    Don’t blame it on TM or the Kings, blame it on me.

    I predicted this score.

    It was 0-0 when I came to the forums last night, and within a couple minutes it was 3-0.

    Blame me.

    I still love you guys though.

    • Nah, I forgot my Jersey and thus went to my first game in years without one (last time i forgot a Jersey I bought one on the spot) this one’s on me guys.

      And Penner.


      • Lol. This could be a fun meme.

        I’m just glad I didn’t watch the game. I’d be right with you guys yelling and screaming.

        It feels a bit odd to be out of that loop.

      • I’ll take the blame for the loss tomorrow night since I will be there. I will have my Kopitar jersey with me. My new Richards away white jersey won’t be here until next week. It will have to wait until November 23rd.

        The Kings usually respond with a strong effort after a terrible game, so I’m hopeful that there will be more than 0 goals scored by the Kings tomorrow.

        • I felt so bad for my cousin last night. Took himself to his first game that I didn’t take him o, for his birthday no less. Bought lower bowl tickets for him and his friends, right behind the net where the Kings shoot once. So not only did He go to a crappy game that he’d been looking forward to for a month, but he didn’t get to see the Kings score, or anyone score in from of him. Not so much as a big hit. Poor guy.

  25. Penner has drawn praise on this site for games this season in which he stayed out of the way and did not contribute to defeat or create problems. Last night was more like what we can expect, given that there is no place on the ice to hide in hockey. Is he playing like a top-six forward earning the bob that he does?

    As for the “Penner as scapegoat” business, rubbish. A “scapegoat” is someone we unfairly blame for the failure of the entire enterprise. I have not seen one post on this site
    stating the opinion that Penner caused the Kings to lose to SJ last year, to lose any particular game, or that he is even a significant cause of the team’s problems. The critique is that he fills a very important post, is being paid accordingly (money that is then spoken for), and not contributing or even playing like he can contribute accordingly.

    There are those, such as myself, who have stated that he is not capable and will not do much better, but that is only an opinion which will or will not be borne out. Most simply (and often angrily – for good reason) point out his on-ice problems. But again – it is the disjunction between his role/paycheck and contribution that generates the heat.

    • In anticipation of heart/butt-burn in certain quarters, what Penner is is not a “Scapegoat” at all, but a “Whipping Boy”. That is, a member of the team conspicuouslya and consistently deserving of censure whom we ritualistically thrash after defeat so as to relieve ourselves. He isn’t the cause of our defeats, but he embodies them by his failures. Are we borderline cruel? Yes. Does that mean the criticism is unfair? No.

      If you see a guy in a King’s T-shirt manage to pour a beer over his head on Dec. 25, that will be yours truly.

  26. I felt last night after the 2d per. that it was just a night on which everyone played more or less like shit, so take a shower, get some sleep and start over tomorrow. But today, I keep thinking that this game looked too much like the Buff. game, and even too much like the first NJ game. Which leads me to something I have been thinking but held off on saying after there were signs (the St. Louis game) that this could change.

    I respect coach Murray – I like his toughness, and his stress on defense. When they hired him, I immediately thought: so much for Crawford and the little girls he was ok with. The guys will toughen up, or get shipped outta here. And that has happened.

    But his system does not evolve to allow for offensive talent. It is inflexible, or he is. It was my hope that, with the back end secured, we would open up the front as our talent allowed. If our scoring average grew from 2.0 – 3.0, it would be acceptable for our goals allowed to rise – less, with the objective of increasing the differential.

    TM’s system is designed to play defense, period. It cannot open to the improvisations of offensive talent, or he will not allow it to. And if this is true, then our games will play out the same way, no matter who plays here.

    I noticed earlier posts saying the same thing (Dominick, Sydor), so I can see that I’m not alone in seeing it this way. From those posts, it appears to me that you now have several independent observers watching carefully and coming to the same conclusions. And last nights’ game was the one to bring this out.

    So I ask: IF this is true, as several of us think it is, then what should be done? Does this not lead us to the next point…?


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