It started in the playoffs last season. Well, probably before then, but the subconscious voice arrived at the conscious during game one.

At first, I chalked it up to my own insecurities. I was being silly and immature. What do you mean you are falling out of love with Matt Greene? What has he ever failed to do for you? He is a provider. He is a protector. He is an inspiration. He came here when times were bad. He took us in for better and for worse, till trade do us part. We went through the worst together. Now, we’re in the better and what do I feel? Gratitude? No. I “feel” like we can do better. How dare I think that way?!

Ok, so he isn’t fleet of foot. Did I think we were getting Paul Coffey when he came in the trade from the Edmonton Oilers? No. I knew skating wasn’t his strength. Guess what? It’s still not his strength. Don’t give me that shit about how we can’t have a weak link and he is getting exposed against skilled teams. There are 5 other defensemen in front of him who, if they play their game, will cure any ills that may, emphasize MAY, be caused by Greene falling behind a step or two or taking an untimely penalty or three.

Now, we have Slava Voynov. Young. Russian. Fast. Jesus, he is fast. Smart defensively, which is a bit of a surprise to some of us who only heard about his offensive prowess. Drew goes down. Slava comes up. He fills in nicely, some would say seamlessly, for the $7 million dollar defenseman.

You want to see Slava with Martinez in the bottom pairing?

Do you? Is that right?


Have you no loyalty? Is there no value in the great years Greener has given us? And who will replace his physical presence? You think opposing forwards are just going to fall down by themselves? You think they’re going to pin themselves to the boards and not move? No. That is why we have Matt Greene. To do THAT…the fact he sometimes can’t keep up with the pace of the play and, in the playoffs where every mistake is magnified, such a split second error could cost us a game or a series just means you have to take Greene for better and for worse…because that is what loyal fans do with their alternate captain. That is what I should do. I am trying…maybe it’s time to renew the vows.