I Feel Guilty & Conflicted About Matt Greene

It started in the playoffs last season. Well, probably before then, but the subconscious voice arrived at the conscious during game one.

At first, I chalked it up to my own insecurities. I was being silly and immature. What do you mean you are falling out of love with Matt Greene? What has he ever failed to do for you? He is a provider. He is a protector. He is an inspiration. He came here when times were bad. He took us in for better and for worse, till trade do us part. We went through the worst together. Now, we’re in the better and what do I feel? Gratitude? No. I “feel” like we can do better. How dare I think that way?!

Ok, so he isn’t fleet of foot. Did I think we were getting Paul Coffey when he came in the trade from the Edmonton Oilers? No. I knew skating wasn’t his strength. Guess what? It’s still not his strength. Don’t give me that shit about how we can’t have a weak link and he is getting exposed against skilled teams. There are 5 other defensemen in front of him who, if they play their game, will cure any ills that may, emphasize MAY, be caused by Greene falling behind a step or two or taking an untimely penalty or three.

Now, we have Slava Voynov. Young. Russian. Fast. Jesus, he is fast. Smart defensively, which is a bit of a surprise to some of us who only heard about his offensive prowess. Drew goes down. Slava comes up. He fills in nicely, some would say seamlessly, for the $7 million dollar defenseman.

You want to see Slava with Martinez in the bottom pairing?

Do you? Is that right?


Have you no loyalty? Is there no value in the great years Greener has given us? And who will replace his physical presence? You think opposing forwards are just going to fall down by themselves? You think they’re going to pin themselves to the boards and not move? No. That is why we have Matt Greene. To do THAT…the fact he sometimes can’t keep up with the pace of the play and, in the playoffs where every mistake is magnified, such a split second error could cost us a game or a series just means you have to take Greene for better and for worse…because that is what loyal fans do with their alternate captain. That is what I should do. I am trying…maybe it’s time to renew the vows.

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  1. Um …

    Okay ..

    Both you and quisp are not too subtly throwing darts Greeners way …

    Are you guys privy to something happening soon? Pray Tell.

  2. He took us for better or worse and I think we are doing the same. Some games he isnt awesome, and others he is. Sure he makes mistakes, but so does everyone else on the team (Kopi getting stripped on a half assed skate out of our def end???).

    I love the idea of Slava stepping in full time, but I know that Greene has things in his arsenal that Slava doesnt have… yet. We would miss that hard nosed “D” if we were to lose Greene any time soon.

    We have a lot to figure out this season, and we better do it fast.

    I wonder if Willie Mitchell will be asked to stay, or if he even wants to? I get the feeling from his interviews that he isnt keen on this town. Team maybe, town, no. I know we will miss him. If he and Greene are both gone, those youngsters are going to have to step it up, big time.

    • If Mitchell isn’t privvy to LA, then we need to band together make Hermosa Beach feel more like BC or something. He’s saved our ass more times than Quick or Bernier combined. Or at least it feels that way. I’d really hate to see him go, but given the youth that’s ready, plus the need to replace Penner after the season, I can see Willy being let walk to save cap space.

  3. Greene’s physicality is imperative, and maybe my memory is off, but it was Martinez who was out of position more than anyone in the playoffs. (Parse and Penner notwithstanding).

  4. I’m waiting for this kid Deslauries to come up. Man, from what I saw he can replace Greene’s toughness and then some. If Mitchell really leaves ill be pissed but I think toughness on D is important.
    Doughty – Scuderi
    Johnson – Deslauriers
    Voynov – Forbort
    Is this the future? Too soft I think. Although skilled.

  5. “I am privy to my need for a greater loyalty to Greene’s unconditional love”

    What the fuck are you trying to say, Bobby? That you feel ashamed because you’re hesitant to blow a guy who doesn’t skate as fast as Voynov? That if Greene goes un-blown you’ll regret it, since we need his bulk in front of the net?

    You’re getting so dementedly Byzantine I can’t figure it out.

  6. What he’s done in the past is meaningless. If the recent past were all that mattered we would stil have Handzus centering the 3rd line.

    All that matters is that:

    1) There is a role for a physical/grinder D-man in TM’s defensive structure,
    2) That role is needed more than another fleet footed, puck handling D-man,
    3) There are no players on the arket that are more capable of fulfilling that role than Greene.

    I want the possible team on the ice. If someone can make the team better, then Greene goes.

    The converse of this is why Brad Richards is now playing in NYC…there is little to no room for loyalty (in either direction) in professional sports.

    What loyalty there is between fans and their team. And, after decades of watching sports team (pro and college) stick it too the ordinary fan, I think it’s safe to say it’s a one way street. (The love that the sports enterprise has for the corporate enterprise may be the closest thing to a two-way street in this arena.)

    I’m not happy about this. But it’s reality.


    • Jim comes in with the forecast of “bummer with an 80 percent chance of deal with it. Back to you, Bob.”

      • HAHAHAHAHA!! “Fantastic report Jim! Crazy weather we’re having isin’t it Surly?”

      • Not intended to be a bummer — just my assessment of “What Is.”

        (And, just to be pedantic, it’s not a forecast “per se.” It’s a comment on the status quo. I mean, in the literal, not legal, sense this is really “res ipsa loquitur.” )

        This is like the weather — out of our control yet we have to cope with it. So, we cheer; we booo; we pay higher ticket prices next year for a different team no matter what the season’s outcome. (Ok, that was a bummer of a forecast right there.)

        Just call me “Happy Fuckin’ Gilmore”…

  7. So what are we talking here? A physical beat down on our defense night after night until not one man stands by playoff time?

    Welcome to the Billy Barty defensive corps. Now go bite Thorton’s shins.

    • So what are we talking here? A physical beat down on our defense night after night until not one man stands by playoff time?

      … So many people say things like this, but it’s never supported by any examples. It sounds like hysteria for its own sake to me.

      I like Greene a lot as a player; always have. But I know that he’s a flawed player. If Voynov shows himself to be the real deal, then Greene should be rotated in and out as the 6th/7th defenseman, depending on the situation and the opponent.

      Or, the Kings could just dress seven defensemen each game. I’ve never seen the problem with doing that. I mean, I know that – holy shit – some forward who barely gets five or six minutes a game as it is might have to sit down. I guess that would be heresy.

      • I like the idea of dressing 7 dmen because where you REALLY miss Greene is on the penalty kill, and that’s regardless of opponent. I understand not needing a bruiser against smaller speedy teams, but we always need him on the PK. His shot blocking alone there makes him worth the opportunity cost.

        I also think we can do without some guy… not sure What his name is… north by Northwest? Wayne and Garth? I dunno, but rotating through double shifts for Brown, Williams, Moreau and Richardson wouldn’t be that awful or taxing.

  8. Move doughty up to RW and keep Voynov in the NHL on D. Problem solved.

  9. *ugh* another over dramatic view from Bobby Scribe…stay with your catepillar problerm and wright an essay for Modern Homes. Green took one above his eye for you and you still give him shit with a 2 way excuse.

    Ooooooh, does he like me?……I really need to know…..

    Grow some balls, dude…and trim them like a true male porn star

    • Hey, you read and you are an Oilers’ fan. Must be doing something right. By the way, your team is off to an incredible start. Very impressive. Not sure ‘Bulin can keep it up and a young team can handle the pressures of winning when it matters the most, but so far, so good. Regarding my post, we like humor here. It is in line with our personality. We like to laugh and keep a light heart. I love Greene but he comes with limitations that get exposed and they were exposed in the playoffs last season. Greene actually said before the season started that he doesn’t want to be the weak link this season. He said that because he (being the class act he is) even recognizes those limitations. He won’t overcome them completely but with more intelligent play and better POSITIONING and gap control, he can make them a non factor most nights.

      Regarding my balls, they look good. As an Oilers’ fan, you should be more concerned about the vaginal itch that manages your franchise but, hey, so far, everything smells fine. GO KINGS!


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