We Don’t Need No Stinking Tickets…But You Do

Consider this your reminder if you have not yet bothered to grace us with a slogan for our next ticket giveaway.

The contest will end along with the month of October, which gives you 5 days left, which is more effectively 2 or 3 days, as you will likely be spending Friday and/or Saturday parading around in ridiculous costumes, and Sunday passed out and in pain, still in those costumes, wondering how your life, and humanity in general, came to this. Or maybe you’ll wake up in someone else’s costume if your lucky. Either way, at some point this weekend you’re gonna look like an idiot and feel even worse. For those of you who have children, the deadline day of Monday won’t work, since you’ll be wishing you looked like an idiot at a party, instead of looking like an idiot while toting around little idiots to the front doors of all the other idiots in your neighborhood.

I bought a Duff Man costume, cause I like beer. I look like such an idiot in that thing.

So before stupidity consumes you, come up with a slogan for the Kings and or the Ducks. Bust out those marketing skills, or just make us laugh. Remember, you are playing for the November 3 and November 8 games against Edmonton and Nashville. I guess you can post entries here now too, but I would prefer you direct them to the dedicated contest page.

Good luck, both in the contest, and your endeavors to bed idiots of the other sex while dressed like idiots, or to fatten up your little idiots.

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6 replies

  1. What kind of slogan, can you give an example.

    Like Tony the Tiger? Theyyyyyyrrrreeee Great!!!!

    • Click the link to the dedicated contest page for the whole write up.

      Tony the tiger can be your entry if you wish.

      A bad example is “Pride=Passion=Power”

      A good example is “The Buck stops here, cause I shot the Buck in the face.”
      But it should probably be Kings related. Actually… That I wouldn’t mind seeing that Buck one on a Kings billboard.

  2. Shot Mentality=Goals=Wins*

    *Quick must be in net

  3. Fear the Fur

  4. kick save quick save great save slick save !


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