Hammond gave us this today:

For now, it’s Trent Hunter replacing Gagne in the lineup and moving into a third-line look with Brad Richardson and Jarret Stoll. Hunter earned a one-year contract after a strong training camp but has been a healthy scratch in six of the Kings’ nine games, including the last four.

MURRAY: “I’m looking for that secondary scoring. Hunter has been out of the lineup for several games now. The one reason why we talked about him and signed him over the offseason was his scoring ability, so I’m hoping that there’s something good that can happen for him in that area tonight.’’

Terry Murray wants secondary scoring from Trent Hunter, but Hunter is not replacing Gagne. Penner is.


Trent Hunter is not inserted in the first line. He is going in the third line, technically in place of Dustin Penner, except on the right side. Isn’t the third line now the shut down line? So, shouldn’t we expect Penner to provide that secondary scoring or, better written, primary scoring since he is on the top line? Or have we given up on him? I am kidding of course. Does Murray still view the second line as the shut down line, even with Parse on it? If so, yikes?

I suppose we should expect scoring from all 9 players on the top three lines. I like that answer the most. I am sticking with that one as the explanation unless you provide me with a better one.