But Coach, You Are Putting Trent Hunter On The Third Line…

Hammond gave us this today:

For now, it’s Trent Hunter replacing Gagne in the lineup and moving into a third-line look with Brad Richardson and Jarret Stoll. Hunter earned a one-year contract after a strong training camp but has been a healthy scratch in six of the Kings’ nine games, including the last four.

MURRAY: “I’m looking for that secondary scoring. Hunter has been out of the lineup for several games now. The one reason why we talked about him and signed him over the offseason was his scoring ability, so I’m hoping that there’s something good that can happen for him in that area tonight.’’

Terry Murray wants secondary scoring from Trent Hunter, but Hunter is not replacing Gagne. Penner is.


Trent Hunter is not inserted in the first line. He is going in the third line, technically in place of Dustin Penner, except on the right side. Isn’t the third line now the shut down line? So, shouldn’t we expect Penner to provide that secondary scoring or, better written, primary scoring since he is on the top line? Or have we given up on him? I am kidding of course. Does Murray still view the second line as the shut down line, even with Parse on it? If so, yikes?

I suppose we should expect scoring from all 9 players on the top three lines. I like that answer the most. I am sticking with that one as the explanation unless you provide me with a better one.

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  1. Oh brother..rest Gags for a game..ok I can see that..
    But why take speed away from Kopi’s line?
    I would put Moreau up there myself. He is pretty fast.
    GO KINGS GO!!!

  2. it’s Trent Hunter replacing Gagne in the lineup … MURRAY: ‘I’m looking for that secondary scoring’

    … So – Voynov was sent down so that the Kings could play Trent Hunter, and the reason given by the head coach is that he’s looking for secondary scoring.

    That’s about as dumb as it gets. Well done, Terry. WE ARE THE KINGS

    • He and Deano did take the same Public Speaking class after all….ahhhh
      GO KINGS GO!!,

    • Voynov was called up to replace Doughty, if I am not mistaken. Doughty got placed on IR and Voynov was called up. Doughty comes off IR and guess what? Voynov gets sent down. That is the reason that Voynov got sent down. .
      What was your expectation? That they would continue to sit Doughty until a spot opened up due to injury? That Voynov would stay with the Kings in the useless position of 8th defenseman?
      Mark my words: you will only see Voynov as a regular on the Kings roster when either JJ, DD or AMart gets traded or is down with an injury. If Mitchell, Scuderi or Greene goes down, then Drewiske suits up.
      Any Voynov/Hunter discussion is just silly and being argumentative just for the sake of arguing.
      Hunter is in the line-up only because a.) Gagne’s injury opened a _forward_ spot and b.) he’s been sitting for over 5 games.

      • … No reason why the Kings can’t dress seven defensemen.

        I realize that means that certain Hall of Famers like Trent Hunter and Kevin Westgarth might have to sit more games out. Somehow, I think the Kings would survive.

        • We better get our Westgarth jerseys before they price us out for good … ;)

          While I do agree, is he worth more playing a couple minutes a game every few days or playing full time in the AHL?

          For me, there’s two things.

          Martinez may be on the block with Voynov waiting.

          Second, you know how TM is, a DD paired with an OD. so, even if Greene is gone or traded or whatever happens (or even if he stays) it has no impact on Voynov as he is not a DD.

          TM said eventually he’d like to see Doughty and Johnson together. Which would leave the room open for Voynov on the second or third pairing. But when does that happen, if it ever does?

          • Martinez may be on the block with Voynov waiting.

            … I don’t see where trading Martinez does much for the Kings. I don’t believe in “addition by subtraction” unless the person you’re subtracting is a tangible detriment to the team’s efforts to win games, which Martinez isn’t.

            The problem as I see it is that although Martinez has played alright by my view, the fact of the matter is that Martinez is one of the few players on this team with zero points and he has the worst plus/minus on the team to go along with it. Realistically, what are you going to get for him? Certainly not anywhere near what he’s potentially worth. He’s better off on the roster and continuing to play until he can get on the board and have a few of the bounces go his way.

            There are many ways to distribute minutes to the defensemen. At times, it doesn’t hurt to play three defensemen in a 5-on-5 setting or three defensemen on a penalty kill from time to time. There’s also a possibility to plays a few shifts with two puck moving defensemen paired together, just to see what might develop from it. Throwing the opponent a different look, a new wrinkle, might lead to something good or at the very least you’re putting a new thought in the opposition’s mind. God forbid the coaching staff tries something unconventional and creative; God forbid they make the best use of the talent available to them and try to put that talent in positions to succeed.

  3. I always considered primary scoring as your 1st two lines and/or your PP guys. You count on these guys to average .5 PPG or better. Everybody else is secondary scoring. Penner _should_ be primary scoring, based upon his skillset and salary.
    Hunter is replacing Gagne as a dressed player, while Penner takes Gagne’s spot in the line-up as a primary scorer.

    • That does not work if the third line is the shut down line placed against the other team’s top lines.

      • I don’t see why not. If your 3rd line’s primary responsibility is to shutdown the other teams top offensive players, then even if they accumulate more TOI than your 2nd line, they are still primarily a defensive unit and scoring is secondary.
        Road game anyway and Tippet gets the last change. He likes to put his #1 line out there against ours.

  4. Any of you know where I can watch this game streaming?

    For some reason, the past week DIRECTV has said I don’t own FSW whenever the Kings game comes on, even though before and after the game it works…

  5. 4.5 min into game = more Parse. He’s lookin great!!!

  6. So Fox just said Gagne mid upper body injury..
    Think that happened when he got taken and held down in front of Lehtonen in in Dallas?

    And in case I missed the thread..how about Greener?
    Again that Stud warrior sacrifices his body/head!
    Another gnarley head splitting gash ..he will nred plastic surgery when his career is over.
    Who are the fools who doubt his value..
    GO KINGS GO!!!

  7. Is Doughty waiver exempt?


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