Kings vs. Coyotes Game Day Open Forum – Gain A Doughty, Lose A Gagne

Damn it.

Simon Gagne is out. He is injured. The injury is undisclosed. He is day-to-day. Color me annoyed.

The LA Kings may skate, as reported, like this:


I have no opinion on those lines. I am sure we could play mad scientist and move names around but none of it means much if the boys pick up Gagne’s slack and everyone steps up, especially in funneling the puck down low and getting it to the high percentage scoring areas.

Simon’s strength is stick handling and puck possession. He and Justin Williams play a similar game on the offensive end of the ice, which is why I want to see Dustin Penner with his ass planted in front of the goalie, ready to pick up those rebounds and use the soft hands we keep hearing about but of which we have yet to see any evidence.

As for the Coyotes, well, they are the Coyotes. Very well coached, aggressive, expect quick, crisp passing and active defensemen. On defense, they are just as assertive and, unlike the Dallas Stars, will not collapse down low. Their defensive style is to take the point shot and lanes away, which means the LA Kings will have to ensure they funnel (there is that word again) the puck down low without taking haphazard shots on net that will just hit skates, shins and will result in a change of possession. In other words, screw the shot mentality unless a lane accompanies said shot. Something tells me tonight will come down to the transition game and turnovers.

Oh and Drew Doughty is back. Yay. Slava Voynov is heading to Manchester although I still haven’t read the official report (update: It’s official). *sniff*

Let’s chat.

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  1. I’m gonna go out on a limb and say penner gets bumped down to third in second and TM puts cliff on 1st

    • Now, that’s a daring prediction. “Dewey beats Truman” it ain’t.

      You really think it’ll take a full period before that happens?

      • I wanted to see the “new” Penner on the 1st line.

        After tonight the last Penner “what if” will be off my list.

        By the way, does Penner remind anyone else of a brontosaurus?

  2. If Penner gets bumped it will be Parse or Richardson moving up. My moneey is on Richardson.

  3. Gonna miss Voynov and that sweet game he had! Still over Doughty, apparently when you make my shit list you stay on for quite some time.

    GO KINGS GO!!!

  4. And so, the official “Will this be the beginning of the Gagne suffers a series of meaningful boo-boos?” watching starts.

  5. I want V.V. back. Can you please reiterate that Greene wont be the one moved. I see posts in which people are calling for either waiving or trading Greene. For how many years now has Murray featured a stay at home D-man (Scuderi, Mitchell, Greene) and a puck moving D-man (DD, JJ, DD2, AM and now V.V.)? Not to mention that is how Deano has repeatedly stated that this is how he wants his team constructed.

    • Waiving Greene is absurd. Trading Greene is not though I would be surprised if it happens, partly because he is the A and partly because he is overpaid for a number 5/6 guy. His contract won’t be that easy to move if we are looking for a quality return. With that said, unless he lays an egg this season or in the playoffs, I don’t see him going anywhere.

    • Can you please reiterate that Greene wont be the one moved. I see posts in which people are calling for either waiving or trading Greene.

      … Greene has done nothing that would warrant being waived or traded away from the Kings, and there’s no reason why Greene AND Voynov can’t dress, even with the return of Doughty.

      But, apparently, Voynov was sent down so that the Kings could give Trent Hunter more minutes, because apparently, you can never have enough worthless forwards in the lineup.

  6. Why is Murray out to destroy our forwards? Did some forward in his past miss an assignment leaving our coach and exD-man Terry Murray tragically exposed and now subconsciously embittered? Why else would he put them in defensive stopper roles and ask them to pot 30? Why do so many thrive when out of his reach and cleansed of his message?

  7. … Four minutes of PP time for the Kings, and one shot to show for it.

  8. That was a case of trying too hard. It happens. Kings playing well. Like this game’s pace

  9. … I’m digging Parse in this game. I think he’s ready to be in there on a regular basis. He’s constantly making smart, simple plays that lead to opportunities. He doesn’t put a lot of flash and flair with it, but he’s efficient.

    And that was a beautiful breakout pass by Greene to get the rush going on Kopitar’s tying goal. That isn’t the first time Greene has done this during the season, either. Well played.

  10. Drew Doughty back, Jack Johnson -3. Yes, the world is back to normal.

  11. Should have won this game. No post game till tomorrow. At Halloween party engaging in alcohol and debauchery. May not remember game so I expect Tuan Jim to do a recap.


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