Free Candy From Neighbors & Free Tickets From Us

Final reminder that the contest for the next two Kings ticket giveaways ends tonight. If you haven’t entered, do so here, by creating a slogan for both the Kings and the Ducks.

Also, now that we finally know that the tickets to the November 3 game against Edmonton (that’s this Thursday folks) are in the lower bowl, we will choose the winner for that one from the King slogans. That means that the tickets for November 8 against Nashville will be in the upper bowl and decided by the Duck slogan entries. Kings are due for some wins, so these should be choice games.

Both winners will be announced tomorrow, so check back if you entered to see if you won, although the winners should receive an email as well.

Happy Halloween creeps!

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7 replies

  1. The ducks…from Disney to the dumpster!

  2. My slogans are missing, and I posted it when the contest was first announced…what gives?!

  3. Okay, I found it on the original link to the contest. Is there a reason for both? I’m going to paste mine onto the link that was provided above.

    • The page thing messes it up… its handy and annoying. We want it all on the page, but we have to make a post to let people know the new page is up, some people will use the page like we want, while others will comment on the post. It just means that I have to sift through several posts to aggregate the entries.

  4. The ducks flying v doesn’t seem effective anymore

  5. The duck emilooooo will ferrell voice

  6. The kings
    Stanley cup


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