Matthew Barry is going to boo him. Ok.

I won’t.

You shouldn’t either.

I would prefer we didn’t give a shit.

Look, perhaps all of what Matt wrote is true but I care as much about Edmonton Oilers’ history as I do about that of the Ducks. Once we took Wayne Gretzky from the Oilers and still could not win the damn Cup, Edmonton became dead to me.

I would prefer Ryan Smyth have no points and finish with a -3 on Thursday. I would prefer when he gets the puck along the boards, he be put through it – not because he is Ryan Smyth, but because he is the opponent. I would prefer he persuade Dustin Penner to become home sick and go home in exchange for our 1st and 3rd back…I am partially kidding about the last one. Ryan Smyth left for family reasons. Yeah. Let’s leave that one alone. While he was here, he played hard. I have never questioned his heart. He took away leverage when he demanded a trade but he also saved us $6.25 million so we could pay that, and then some, to Drew Doughty.

We’re playing the Edmonton Oilers tomorrow. There are no subplots and, if there has to be one, I hope it’s Dustin Penner getting his giant derriere into gear and putting up some goals or assists against his former team. Everything else is an unnecessary distraction.

P.S. Did you hear the Oilers have called Colten Teubert who will make his NHL debut on Thursday? I am sure it is total coincidence. Damn you subplots! More on this development tomorrow.