Don’t Boo Ryan Smyth…Just Don’t Care

Matthew Barry is going to boo him. Ok.

I won’t.

You shouldn’t either.

I would prefer we didn’t give a shit.

Look, perhaps all of what Matt wrote is true but I care as much about Edmonton Oilers’ history as I do about that of the Ducks. Once we took Wayne Gretzky from the Oilers and still could not win the damn Cup, Edmonton became dead to me.

I would prefer Ryan Smyth have no points and finish with a -3 on Thursday. I would prefer when he gets the puck along the boards, he be put through it – not because he is Ryan Smyth, but because he is the opponent. I would prefer he persuade Dustin Penner to become home sick and go home in exchange for our 1st and 3rd back…I am partially kidding about the last one. Ryan Smyth left for family reasons. Yeah. Let’s leave that one alone. While he was here, he played hard. I have never questioned his heart. He took away leverage when he demanded a trade but he also saved us $6.25 million so we could pay that, and then some, to Drew Doughty.

We’re playing the Edmonton Oilers tomorrow. There are no subplots and, if there has to be one, I hope it’s Dustin Penner getting his giant derriere into gear and putting up some goals or assists against his former team. Everything else is an unnecessary distraction.

P.S. Did you hear the Oilers have called Colten Teubert who will make his NHL debut on Thursday? I am sure it is total coincidence. Damn you subplots! More on this development tomorrow.

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  1. … Why would I boo Ryan Smyth? Regardless of the consistency in his production, he never gave less than 100% for the Kings – and he did the Kings a huge favor with his trade request.

    I don’t understand how the loyal, dedicated, passionate fans in Edmonton could welcome this guy back after what he did to them and their franchise. Much as I couldn’t understand how Kings fans welcomed back Rob Blake. Both were loved. Both left and broke OUR hearts.

    … Oh, wait. I’m a Kings’ fan – I need to have more of a persecution complex, and I need to believe that every player who leaves us was always out to get us. I need to believe that the NHL has a giant conspiracy at work against my team, as well. Maybe I’m not bitter enough to be a true Kings fan. I’ll have to re-dedicate myself.

    In the meantime, I’ll give Ryan Smyth a nice hand for what he did here, and move on.

  2. I certainly won’t boo, but I’m having a hard time with this one. Smyth was one of my favorite hockey players way before he was a King. I have nothing but respect for this guy, but the way he left still irritates me. I’m so confused regarding my emotions. I could hug him or punch him….

    Clifford will welcome Teubert to the NHL. That should be fun.

  3. I agree with several of his points. I basically just think he’s slimy and hides behind his family man crap. It’s just lame. Go home you whiny baby.

    Plus he was godawful for like half the year.

  4. Is that guy on the rag or something??? Fuggettaboutit…let’s just play some hockey. Edmonton’s off to a great start. I’m more concerned about getting out shot, out hit, out goaled, whatever by this kooky squad.

    You know Greene’s gonna drill him on the boards down low. It’s gonna be entertaining if anything else.

  5. We’re Philly West — fans as well as players.

    First, let’s give Smyttie a hand.

    Then, take his nuts off.

  6. Of everything you said here.. I think the Colten Teubert one hurts the most..I
    sure wanted to keep him! I think he is a trade we will regret.. as have been a couple of others.. oh well can’t have them all can we? ( why the hell not damn it).
    I think we can appreciate R. Symth for the time he gave us because he was a
    good teamate and tried hard for the Kings. I can see him getting into someone’s face tomorrow night.. probably one of our new guys.. cannot see it happened with
    his ex- teamates..
    The BEST thing that could happen tomorrow is for Penner to Play lights out.. that
    would make All Kings Fans Grin from ear to ear.
    GO KINGS GO!!!

  7. who cares about smyth. thanks for your help you fucking turtle. thanks for the cap relief, beat it 6.5 million. i’m more concerned with taylor hall. brings us his head!

  8. by the way, this flyers west thing…what about kings east. lilya, simmonds, schenn. too bad o’donnel still isnt there.

  9. I was glad when we got him, and just as happy to see him go. He was solid enough while he was here, but a liability also. He provided leadership, and then showed everyone on the team how to bail. Indifference is all I really feel at this point. I would never boo any player, but don’t really care if anyone else feels the need in this situation.

    When Norstrom was being honored (might have been Robitaille), I think Kingsfans boo’d Rob Blake. I thought it was tasteless, because the night wasn’t about Blake. Playoffs? understandable. A night honoring another players hard work and dedication? tasteless.

    • Cloutier is an ass, but in a good way. I love that he’s passionate about Edmonton, and trashes the Kings whenever he gets a chance. Last thing you want is some bandwagon fans from Edmonton coming here as soon as their team tanks.

      Let them have their moment in the sun. It won’t last.

    • … That’s some pretty weak trolling, but in looking at it, it does make more sense to me why certain people write for that blog. The whole “I’m going to boo Ryan Smyth” thing up there just looked like a troll through and through; now I know why.

  10. I would hope that any hockey fan is passionate about his team…if he/she is not then don’t call yourself a fan. Call yourself incredibly boring.

    No booing will come from me….change is a part of sports…we might have a list of perfect people who will be on our team forever but no matter what the issue it just ain’t going to happen!!!

  11. Ah WTF
    what the hell is going on?
    Where are our Kings? ?
    come on guys
    GO KINGS GO!!!

    • This is our version of a protest. Its called Occupy Terry Murray and it involves standing on the ice and peacefully doing nothing.

      • Remember that post You know you’re a King’s fan when ..
        I now have a migraine..feel totally defeated ..punched in the gut..
        I just don’t get it…
        saw some energy from Lewis tonight ..
        nope that didn’t help..still depressed..
        Are we a average skating team that can’t kerp up with

      • Remember that post You know you’re a King’s fan when ..
        I now have a migraine..feel totally defeated ..punched in the gut..
        I just don’t get it…
        saw some energy from Lewis tonight ..
        nope that didn’t help..still depressed..
        Are we a average skating team that can’t
        keep up with speed? Do we have no
        muscle to push our way thru on push the other team to the boards?
        no caps tonight
        go kings go

        kerp up with


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