This is the second game to which we have given away tickets. It is also the second home game the Kings have been shut out, given the fans nothing to cheer for and have, in general, sucked total ass. Or to put it poetically, been more distasteful than giving a rim job on a humid day.

I’m admittedly superstitious in a nonsensical way. I thought the three pennies I got in change for my edemame at Yardhouse were good luck.  Turns out that wasn’t true. However, if the Kings play like this when our reader VagabondJim attempts to enjoy his free tickets on Tuesday against the Predators, I may have to cancel this whole ticket giveaway altogether, for the good of the team.

Or maybe I’ll just start a campaign to banish Terry Murray from Los Angeles.

Right now, both seem like equally reasonable and viable options.

Scribe will write a real post game when he gets home.  For now, you can commence your bitching here.