Here is Terry Murray’s post game quotes, courtesy of Rich Hammond.

(on the lack of offense…)

MURRAY: “The blocked a lot of shots out there tonight. In the early going, especially in the first period, we had a lot of opportunities to get pucks to the net. We used our defensemen very well, low to high, and a lot of pucks were directed toward the net. They did block a lot. I don’t know what the total was on the blocks, I didn’t look at it, but there was no problem with the attitude. The second period, obviously, was the period that was the problem for us.’’

They blocked shots? Really, coach? How about a lot of shots were thrown at shins, bodies and sticks. Tonight was your “shot mentality” on full display.

(on how much of the play was “uninspired”…)

MURRAY: “None.’’

When flinging shots at the net resembles a blind monkey flinging poo (“shit” didn’t sound as fun) + no sustained pressure because of your shot mentality (which is its byproduct as a haphazard shot without a lane and traffic = a turnover) + a frustrated bunch of players who looked out of sync = “inspired”, somebody is a moron.

(after a re-asking on the same topic…)

MURRAY: “None.’’


(on Brown saying that the team lacked effort…)

MURRAY: “Did he? Well, we had a couple bad bounces out there. The game in Colorado, we had some bad luck, there were some bad bounces. I look at the first goal here tonight. It goes off Quick’s head. The third goal is a pass that comes from our D and hits Kopitar in the back of the foot and they go in and score. So I look at that as bad bounces, that go through a process over the course of the year, and that’s what I chalk it up to right now.’’

He is your team’s captain, coach. He clearly has no idea what he is talking about. That was an out of body experience tonight. When I saw shot after shot sent to the net without traffic and with 2-3 Oilers in the lane, it was everything I could do to keep the semi from getting dangerous.

(on how to create more scoring chances…)

MURRAY: “We’re talking about it all the time. We’re practicing drills. We’re shooting the puck. We’ve got net presence. We’re just not getting pucks through right now. I’ve got to look at shot attempts. I don’t know what that number was tonight, but I thought the attempts in the early going and in the third period were pretty good. The second period was the period where we didn’t get much going.’’

I am being unfair to Terry Murray. Clearly he was somewhere else during a critical span of 60 minutes.