Terry Murray Wasn’t Present For Tonight’s 3-0 Loss To The Oilers

Here is Terry Murray’s post game quotes, courtesy of Rich Hammond.

(on the lack of offense…)

MURRAY: “The blocked a lot of shots out there tonight. In the early going, especially in the first period, we had a lot of opportunities to get pucks to the net. We used our defensemen very well, low to high, and a lot of pucks were directed toward the net. They did block a lot. I don’t know what the total was on the blocks, I didn’t look at it, but there was no problem with the attitude. The second period, obviously, was the period that was the problem for us.’’

They blocked shots? Really, coach? How about a lot of shots were thrown at shins, bodies and sticks. Tonight was your “shot mentality” on full display.

(on how much of the play was “uninspired”…)

MURRAY: “None.’’

When flinging shots at the net resembles a blind monkey flinging poo (“shit” didn’t sound as fun) + no sustained pressure because of your shot mentality (which is its byproduct as a haphazard shot without a lane and traffic = a turnover) + a frustrated bunch of players who looked out of sync = “inspired”, somebody is a moron.

(after a re-asking on the same topic…)

MURRAY: “None.’’


(on Brown saying that the team lacked effort…)

MURRAY: “Did he? Well, we had a couple bad bounces out there. The game in Colorado, we had some bad luck, there were some bad bounces. I look at the first goal here tonight. It goes off Quick’s head. The third goal is a pass that comes from our D and hits Kopitar in the back of the foot and they go in and score. So I look at that as bad bounces, that go through a process over the course of the year, and that’s what I chalk it up to right now.’’

He is your team’s captain, coach. He clearly has no idea what he is talking about. That was an out of body experience tonight. When I saw shot after shot sent to the net without traffic and with 2-3 Oilers in the lane, it was everything I could do to keep the semi from getting dangerous.

(on how to create more scoring chances…)

MURRAY: “We’re talking about it all the time. We’re practicing drills. We’re shooting the puck. We’ve got net presence. We’re just not getting pucks through right now. I’ve got to look at shot attempts. I don’t know what that number was tonight, but I thought the attempts in the early going and in the third period were pretty good. The second period was the period where we didn’t get much going.’’

I am being unfair to Terry Murray. Clearly he was somewhere else during a critical span of 60 minutes.

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  1. I . . . I cannot take this pain . . .

  2. I’ve got a lot of respect for what Terry Murray has done for the Kings. He has developed our young prospects with incredible effectiveness, and instilled a defensive system that lets them win games even when the scoring is thin. And for that reason I’ve defended him frequently, but I’ve also said that he might be too much of a teaching coach, and we might need a different style of coach to really make the team shine.

    But this is insanity. He just clearly demonstrated his lack of understanding about what is going on in the offensive zone, because he completely failed to understand where the problems were, on a night where they were blatantly on display. I have done quite a bit of defending of Terry Murray, but I will do no such thing tonight.

  3. So a game in which you get shutout and have basically zero quality scoring chances is really just due to two unlucky goals against? I suppose a 1-0 loss is more of a win than losing 3-0….

  4. I am so damn tired of hearing the term “shot mentality”. I am going to start using a new term “better coaching mentality”. So everytime I hear TM, JK or hell, I even heard Ranford say it last night, I’m just going to pretend they said “better coaching mentality”

    I, too, agree that TM has done a tremendous job with our defense, but now I think he needs to shift his focus to generate more offense. With this team of elite players there is no way in hell we should be getting shut out.

    I’ve got to wonder. What the hell is DL thinking to himself right now. He’s got to be saying, SHIT! I’ve put this awesome team together and Terry is Fucking it up.

    Someone out there needs to talk me off of this ledge because I just can’t continue to watch game like that without wanting to jump.

  5. Murray has always shown he is not a coach that can adapt or make adjustments during the game. If the game plan doesn’t work, just keep sticking to the plan. It’s like banging your head against the wall and hoping the wall will eventually give. There is no creativity on a team that has few creative players. I echo the issues with a shot mentality that have been previously posted. I think a shake up needs to happen here, especially if they get pasted by the Pens on Saturday.

  6. Allow me to simulate the experience of listening to it on the radio for you guys…

    thud “shot, wide”
    “blocked shot”
    thud “shot wide”
    thud “shot wide”
    “blocked shot”
    “blocked shot”
    “blocked shot”
    thud “shot wide”

    Terry Murray’s idea of an offensive adjustment is scratching his crotch in front of a bus full of kids. He refuses to use timeouts, he has no emotion/intensity (on the bench or in post game interviews), and he makes far too many excuses. Is the Kings offensive strategy really to generate rebounds via a “shot mentality” when those shots are coming from 35′ away?! How many blocked shots or shots missed wide tonight? Gee, durrrr, I wonder why…

    And if all that wasn’t enough, he mishandled the goaltending situation twice in 2 weeks and the team hasn’t been the same since. I’m sorry, but Murray needs to go… to his credit, he is terrific at developing talent, but he is absolutely horrendous at coaching teams who are already developed.

  7. As you’ve all said. I’m done. There is no excuse for saying last nights game wasn’t uninspired. That was terrible. I was embarrassed. I’m terrified of walking in to the Shark Tank on Monday now because of the way they’ve been playing and that our coach doesn’t seem to think it’s a problem. We need change and we need it change now. Can we start a petition with reasonable arguments as to why there needs to be a turnaround in ethos or a coaching change? I was hoping we could win despite TM, but now I’m losing that hope, quickly.

    We need to see more understanding from the coaching staff that there is a problem. If we’d lost this game and they saw it like we did instead of in this bubble gum fantasy of “bad bounces” and bullshit, then I’d say let them work on it. But when your captain says “that shit was fucked” and you say “it’s all good, we’ll get there” it’s not ok. This is not the LA Kings of a few years ago where we were lucky to win. We should be a team that people are afraid to play against, not one that everyone has figured out 8 games in to the season that only wins on lucky bounces and when other teams have a bad night.

    Shape up or get out coach.

  8. My fiance, who knows virtually nothing about hockey and cares a little less than that, likes to turn on the game on her ride home from work, mostly so that she knows whether I’ll be in a good or a bad mood when I get home from Staples.

    Last night she called me after the game and said “what the hell is wrong with them? They need to be be more aggressive against such an inexperienced team. Show some heart. They can’t even shoot the puck properly.”

    Sure, she lifted this mostly from what Nick and Darryl said, but just the fact that in 10 minutes of listening to the game she gathered all that, tells me just how painfully obviously our problems were last night. It was a sad, sad moment.

  9. With gear on I could have blocked those shots! Nothing creative..it was like a shooting drill at practice…a Stationary one.
    Murray is delusional ..
    Making excuses instead of taking responcibiily.
    GO KINGS GO!!!

  10. I would love to hear this over the intercom

    Ken Hitchcock, please pick up the white courtesy phone. Ken Hitchcock please, please, please, pick up the white courtesy phone.

  11. Was it you who called in to Nick and Daryl after the game and talked about TM and “shot mentality” with hardly any voice left to do the talking?

    Daryl’s bits about a stretch of too few games causing some rust and feeling good at this point in the season about the team rising to the level of better teams was really just too much. Nick didn’t bite – mentioning that Ed. is (more or less) shitting on our heads at this time in the standings. Before that he compared the game to our effort vs. NJ in badness.

    I get prudent phrasing, and declining to overreact, but saying that there is nothing wrong is good only for our opponents.

    • Yes, that was me with little to no voice. The Charlie Simmer guess and “I suck” if I miss it, which caused Nick to completely crack up and then to shot mentality, etc.

      • Nick wouldn’t bite on the “System” issue, but
        his answer about “home base” defenses around the league making carrying the puck into the zone very difficult in this era is not convincing.


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